Chapter 142 – Goblin Legion Strategy Battle (Part 3-1)

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3444 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1391 words

We continue subduing the Legion when Nell’s friends we saved could move to some extent.

By the way, the village girl and the boy we rescued together were children who lived in the nearby village. The goblins attacked a place where kids play alone, and they kidnapped several of them who were late to escape. The other children who were kidnapped together were probably in another room. …But there were some hostages in the other room who were already dead… Will we be fine?

The two women who were Nell’s friends would protect these children, and the only one man would help us finish off the goblins.

That’s why I lent him a spear and he started stabbing some necks here and there…

“…How can I say this… This is just like farm work.”
“That’s right… The sharpness of this weapon is so great that I don’t really feel like I’m killing goblins.”
“They’re sleeping quite deeply, there’s no sign of them waking up at all… But we’re not affected and can hunt them like this so one-sidedly… Well, I’m sure we don’t feel sleepy thanks to this scarf.”

Please stop glancing at me. I’m your lifesaver, so don’t try to use me, okay?

“Rad, don’t do that, okay?”
“I know, I won’t return a favor with spite… Rather, you should be more careful, you know? You won’t stop once you’re interested in something.”
“I know that. But that’s why I try not to do anything stupid… I won’t be a foolish person who’s driven by greed and throws away my good luck that gives me a chance to make a connection with such wonderful people.”
“That’s right… Ah. I think you’ve heard us, so no need to worry about that.”

Ohh, he found out I was eavesdropping.

Well, of course he would. We were moving together right now.

“But this spear is amazing… I decapitated so many goblins already, but the sharpness won’t drop at all.”
“This sword too…”

I’m pleased to hear those compliments!

Yeah, even I think it’s a pretty great weapon. My values were quite different, though. By the way, there was a good reason why I lent the weapons I made. It’s mainly for efficiency issues.

You see, the goblins we slaughtered so far also had their own weapons, right? That’s why it might be better to use them and throw them away before stabbing another goblin, right? But that’s too ineffective.

In the first place, goblins couldn’t take care of their weapons properly, so the sharpness of their weapons was the worst. Slaughtering them with such a blunt weapon would take more time. Besides, doing it so slowly might wake the goblins up since they felt pain.

That’s where the magic sword and spear with [Pouring Shower] made by me come into play.

With these, we could slice the goblins’ necks without any pain. Moreover, we wouldn’t feel that tired since it’s easy to cut their neck, and goblins would die without having any chance to wake up. They couldn’t even speak out. What about the blood, you ask? Well, that’s the only drawback. Can’t do anything about that.

“Honestly… I really want it. We can buy it, right? But the money… We were caught this time and our weapons were stolen. We would have to buy new equipment once we return back, so our savings are quite tight…”
“Rather, we almost have none left, yeah?”

Hmm, you should’ve noticed this, but it cost money to recover from a quest failure.

…Ownership of equipment stolen by monsters was transferred to other adventurers who rescued them. In this case, after this subjugation was over, their belongings that had been stolen by the goblins would be ours. Of course they had the right to request, buy, or negotiate with us. But it’s up to us to accept it. We could sell it without giving them back and used them as a fund, or we could let them buy it.

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By the way, they helped us do all these work, but we took the offer from them and they said they would take no rewards, it wouldn’t affect the negotiation. In the first place, I lent the weapons to them, so we didn’t have any favors towards them.

But in fact, I had been secretly discussing it with Lily and Arisa. If we got their equipment back, we would give them back.

I told them not to talk about my abilities and belongings and warned them many times, but I also plan to buy their favor. Their personality was quite strong, so the effect should be high.

To be honest, we weren’t in trouble with equipment and we had plenty of money, Even so, it’s not a bad idea to help good adventurers and make connections with them. It’s easy to forget this, but we were still novice adventurers who just started. It’s not good to have a bad reputation.

It’s too late? Ah, right… But unlike the first time I stood out badly when I was solo, I have a party now. So it’s different. Lily and Arisa were also known as skillful adventurers among the beginners too.

Somehow, after starting as adventurers in the royal capital, they quickly reached D rank…? When they worked as waitresses in Harula, I never heard their names, so I didn’t know they were that amazing.

In fact, when I asked Nell and her friends about them, they had heard about Lily and Arisa before. Their ability was much higher than what I had imagined.

Nell also saw Arisa’s ability when she helped her from the goblins, so she thought we would forcefully use our power to fight the Legion before.

However, she knew that Arisa was capable enough to be the real deal. So she thought that the fame of Goblin Slayers was also due to their ability.

…The fame of Goblin Slayers? She’s badmouthing us?

However, when she followed us, what happened exceeded all her imaginations. The weapon I lent to her was a magic sword with ridiculous performance. She was also surprised that we had multiple magic bags with large capacity. Moreover, it’s from the small little girl who was younger than Lily. Don’t call me small!

Just what are the Goblin Slayers…? She started wondering so. The heck was that.

Their hot gaze was glued to me like that. Both magic swords and magic bags were convenient for adventures, but I won’t sell them.

Anyway, we were planning to return their equipment. We wouldn’t tell them until we finished off the Legion so they wouldn’t get ahead of themselves.

While asking such questions, the slaughtering continued, and we arrived at the second hostage room.

I had Lily, Nell, and her friend Rad to check inside. Arisa went to the front of the aisle to kill off some goblins. I’m sure she’s currently chopping them up.

“…This is terrible.”
“We’re too late…”

Yes, the three hostages inside this room had already died. And getting caught by goblins also means becoming their food. In other words, the victims were already bitten, body tattered.

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This was deep inside the abandoned mine, close to the Lord’s room. Those who had already died might become a treat to the Lord…

“It’s good we can still see their face… I want to return them to where they lived…”

That’s right… At least I want to return them to their homeland and bury them properly.

Everyone had the same feelings, and we politely carried the victims outside. I provided the cloth to wrap the body. There is a large amount of cloth left in the [Storage], so there is no problem.

The two surviving boys were a little confused, but they calmed down after a while once we brought them outside the room and took care of them. These two were acquaintances with the kids we saved earlier. They all lived in the same village. Of the three victims, two were from the same village, but the other seems to be unknown. However, we might know something from the leftovers stolen by the goblins, so I decided to put this person on hold.

By the time we finished, a long time had passed and the sun had already begun to set.

“It’s already dark… Should we continue?”
“Right… Ren, what should we do?”


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