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Chapter 141 – Goblin Legion Strategy Battle (Part 2-2)

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2434 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 910 words

Hmm, Arisa was doing a very good job keeping Nell in check. My impression towards her was someone who never used her brain all the time, but she was really reliable in these small details. I like that side of her. But if possible, I hope she can use her head a little more.

Along the way, we stabbed the necks of the sleeping goblins and proceeded along the road until we saw a door at the dead end. I glanced at Nell while stabbing two sleeping goblins on the left and right side of the door.

“Oh! I’m familiar with this door…! There’s no doubt they’re here!”

So we hit bingo.

“There are no goblins inside, but let’s be vigilant.”
“I know…!”

Nell slowly opened the door. She was probably careful of traps. That said, I knew there were no traps.

I could also check if there were traps with [Analysis]. My skills were really cheating. Even if I go to the dungeon in the future, capturing it would be too easy…

“…Everyone, are you safe!? We come to help!”

Uh, the hostages were asleep, so we had to wake them up. For now, we decided to wake up the hostages first.

Ah, but would they fall asleep again when we took them outside? Is this fine?

One person woke up when I was thinking about that.

“..Nell? You came…? You are pretty fast…”
“Yes, I’m lucky I got helped by these people…”
“Let’s talk about that later and go outside first.”
“Yes! I’ll lend you a hand, can you stand up?”

Nell lent her shoulders to the man who woke up. The four women remained asleep…

“Lily and I will carry them out.”

Arisa carried a woman who seemed to be Nell’s companion while saying so. Lily also lends her shoulders to raise their body up. Apparently, both of them had returned their consciousness though they couldn’t move yet.

Hmm, the remaining one was a woman and a boy. From their clothes, they should be villagers? Should I ask Norn and Bell to carry them? I am… well, powerless…

Once we went out with the hostages, we looked after their condition. Norn and Bell left us to check if the goblins who were on the lookout had returned.

…Those kids are so attentive. I’m really grateful. Love.

Now then. I made a simple rest area using earth magic. Simple hut with a simple sleeper inside. Then I laid them down, had them drink water and eat portable food slowly.

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Since the hygiene wasn’t good, Nell used [Cleanse] for everyone before I could do it.

Hmm, Nell could use [Cleanse]… She’s good.

Moreover, the effect was high. She cleaned them well. Be it dirt, dirt on clothes, and filth. Maybe she experimented with many things like me?

I also did a lot of research before. As a result, defining what to specify as stains made it possible to remove them well.

If I didn’t specify the area properly, I could only make it look like it’s clean when it’s actually not. There were other areas where the range of effect depended on my imagination. The rest was the amount of MP used.

I came up with various other applications, so I allocated them to [Multitasking]. Specifically, I made sure my body always kept clean. Even if I sweat, it becomes clean immediately. There’s also hair growth treatment and many other things. It’s really convenient.

I recently noticed that this skill could also nullify poison… Although it was one of the basic [Life Magic], the versatility made me laugh a little.

When I was thinking about that, Lily and Arisa muttered with a hint of surprise.

“The effect is close to Ren’s…”
“Maybe there’s a trick…”

Ah, well. It’s rare. Someone who can use [Cleanse] effectively.

In the meantime, we completed treating the hostages, and they were finally ready to talk.

“Sorry. You saved us…”
“I’m glad everyone is safe…!”

From there, it’s time to check the situation and share information. Even so, I’m just watching. It’s mostly Nell talking and Lily supporting her. Well, Lily is actually registered as the master of the party. We kind of forced her to be one since being one was annoying, though.

Seriously, I also wanted someone to stop me from playing around. Her preaching when I went to pick bamboo shoots was also a responsibility and duty as a party leader.

Well, Lily, who was doing her best with a serious face, was cute. It made me feel relaxed. Eh? I should be more serious? I’m always serious, okay?

“I see, you are the infamous Goblin…”

…I accidentally showed that side of me. Oops.

“Cough. That’s just a name people gave to us without our permission. Please stop that.”
“I’m really sorry…”
“It’s fine as long as you’re careful. Yes, be careful about that.”
“…I understand. So about participating in subduing the Legion, or more like cleaning up and dealing the final bow to goblins… can we help? We don’t need a share of the reward. Please let us help.”
“I don’t mind… are you sure?”
“Yes. Or else I won’t settle down.”
“I see… What do you think, Ren?”
“Sure… But what are you going to do since you have no weapons?”
“…Shall I lend you one?”
“…Can we please?”

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They’re not very firm. Well, I made magic spears to lend just in case, so it’s fine…


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