Chapter 141 – Goblin Legion Strategy Battle (Part 2-1)

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2497 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1020 words

“Ugh, ugh!”
“Arisa, you’re noisy!”
“I’m bored!!!!!”
“Shut up and finish them up!”
“I’m bored!!!!!!!!!!”
“Hey, it doesn’t mean these goblins will never wake up, so let’s stay quiet, okay? …I don’t think I’m supposed to say that since you helped me, though.”
“Look, we’re being scolded, okay!? Stupid Arisa!”

Wah, they sure were energetic.

We were currently inside the abandoned mine, but Arisa started to get lazy after an hour. And we just finished two branches after all of that… How many hours will it take to finish this?

Ah, by the way, I placed golems at the entrance to pour sleep gas periodically so that the goblins wouldn’t wake up. Small fries won’t wake up even if we make a little noise. Maybe.

“Even so, this sword is really amazing… Even if I cut so many necks it doesn’t lose its sharpness at all, I really want it… I don’t have money, though.”

Hehe. It’s a magic sword I made pretty casually, but I also took time to consider the performance. Well, I won’t sell it.

“Look, Arisa. It’s a crossroads. Where should we go, left or right?”
“Ren, what do you think?”
“We’re going to a large room no matter which way we go. There are roughly 20 to 30 goblins each.”
“Then I’ll go right. Bell, let’s go together!”
“Then I’ll head left. Nell, do you mind going with me?”
“I don’t mind, but… what about her?”
“Ren will wait here with Norn. Please be careful.”

Hmm, I want to move ahead. I won’t but… You see, they scolded me for picking the bamboo shoots, so even I have learned a lot.

Ah, but I also don’t want to just sit here not doing anything, so let’s put a ‘barrier tower’ here. I should turn on the lights too.

Yeah, it got brighter. Now that the barrier was activated, the goblins wouldn’t be able to escape.

For the time being, I went through the passage we had passed as I tied magic lanterns around the wall at regular intervals. When I look back, the road is illuminated.

There’s something like this, you know! I mass-produced it! A magical lantern!

…Everyone hadn’t come back yet. Hmm, would killing the goblins be faster if we saved the hostages first? Alright, let’s make a magic spear with [Passing Shower]. Short spear should be easier to handle in an abandoned mine.

Everyone came back when I finished making two magic spears. Perfect timing.

“We’re back. There were two hobs and a general!”
“We encountered some shaman-like goblins there.”
“I’m back… so bright! What is this!? Ah, these will light the road, right?”
“Welcome back. Yes, it’s just as you said.”

Ah, Lily and Arisa had seen it several times so they were used to it, but this should be the first time for Nell. Rather, it’s normal that she’s surprised that the road suddenly became brighter since so much lighting was installed once she came back after a while.

“…Your magic bag fits a lot of items.”
“And you even have three of them… Just where did you obtain that… Sorry, it’s nothing.”

I’m thankful she’s not snooping. Well, in this situation, she’ll be at a disadvantage if she pisses us and gets abandoned.

Ahh, the three more magic bags were my own magic bags that Lily, Arisa, and Nell had with them right now.

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You see, we’re collecting goblins’ corpses now. Having Norn, Bell and I do that alone would be too hard, so I lent them what I had prepared before. I have [Storage] so I’m fine, but it’ll be different for them…

I think I’m fine with giving them to Lily and the others, but I’m also conflicted. By the way, I already gave [Item Box] to Bell. Rather, I experimented with Bell and found that [Item Box] could be copied…

Well, there were various differences between [Storage] and [Item Box]. Basically, their capacity and their preservation were different.

[Storage] had unlimited capacity, and there was no time lapse of stored items. Furthermore, there was no limit to the size of an item.

The capacity of [Item Box] increased depending on the skill level, and the time-lapse slowed down as the level increased. However, even after reaching master level, 10, the time inside the box didn’t completely stop, and there was a limit to the size of an item.

Furthermore, [Item Box]’s user had to touch the object to store them. For [Storage], it’s possible to store them by imagining it visually. The distance increased slightly as I got used to it. In my case, I could store anything up to around 50m radii. If it’s my own item, I could go up to around 200m with some effort.

…By the way, neither [Storage] nor [Item Box[ could contain other people’s belongings. However, it’s still a mystery how they judged the ownerships.

Well, there were still some other performance differences, but I don’t have time to do comparative experiments.

While thinking about that, we walked ahead.

As I hung lanterns on the aisle, we proceeded through the mine shaft. And if we encountered branches and crossroads on the way, I would stay like before and the other four people would split up to clean up, and so on.

The goblin massacre went smoothly as I made spare magic swords and magic spears to kill time as I waited in between.

“It’s very convenient that we know the internal structure in advance. Just what kind of skill you have…?”

Wah, Nell was once again interested in my abilities! I warned her many times already… We were her lifesaver, and we could save the lives of her friends, so I wish she understood we would just walk away and ignore her.

“Nell, you already know the answer, right?”
“…I know. You’re my benefactor.”

Oh, Arisa threatened her with a nice smile. Good job!

“Oh, there are hostages if we go right. Around five people…?

“Five people!? Then my friends should be there! Let’s hurry up!”
“Don’t rush! We need to be careful!”
“Ah, right. Be careful…”


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