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Chapter 140 – Goblin Legion Strategy Battle (Part 1-2)

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3139 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count:1195 words

Next, I used [Analysis] to find out the structure of the abandoned mine and the number of goblins inside, in the same way as we do when we subdue a nest.

Oh, they’re really inside.

The number of the small fries goblin is 470. Aside from that are 35 spellcasters and 35 hobgoblins. There are 2 higher-ranking goblin generals, and 1 goblin lord. Moreover, the lord is a warlord specializing in combat command. The worst enemy I can think of in this situation. But no matter what, I have to do something about this.

543 in total. It was almost twice as we expected. How did they secure their food…

The structure of the abandoned mine was more complicated than I expected. It didn’t look like something dug up unplanned, but more like some tunnels leading to a small room.

The deepest one had the largest room, and that was the Goblin Lord room. I could also sense some kind of treasure there.

There were two rooms where the hostages were captured. Around five people inside each room. No, that’s wrong.

One room had five survivors, but the other room had 2 survivors and… 3 corpses… I felt sick. No, calm down. Calm down, calm down…

…Oh, why can I calm down this easily? I feel even worse now. No, that’s not it. I shouldn’t make a mistake now.

Now then, I had the information already. All I had to do was weaken the enemy as usual.

I took out the advanced ‘sleep potion’. It was a super-powerful version of what I used when I became insomniac after that attempted assault.

I opened the lid, vaporized the contents using [Creation Magic], and blew it into the cave using wind magic.

With this, all the goblins inside could be put into a deep sleep.

By the way, this method of poisoning someone with wind magic was probably the same as what those criminals did when they tried to assault me before.

When I looked back on the situation at that time, those guys came from leeward. I was careful about the direction of the wind at that time, yet they said they poisoned me from the windward side. Yet that contradicted the wind direction.

This method was the result of various considerations and trials. It worked well when I tried it, so they probably did this to me.

For me, it was a bad memory, but I wouldn’t hesitate to use it if it’s useful. Yes, I’m recovering from that incident. I’m a strong girl!

I could confirm the effect of the sleep potion by combining [Analysis], [Detection], and [Sign Detection]. I could see the goblins’ condition changing!

All I had to do was pour gas endlessly until all the goblins inside were asleep. Wahh, too easy!

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When I was doing that, Lily and the others, together with Nell, joined me.

“…Arisa, I. have a feeling Ren is doing something unusual again.
“It’s okay Lily, that’s normal!”
“Yeah, she does that all the time… Haa…”

I feel like they’re saying something bad about me!

“Just what are you doing?”
“It’s a secret, but I put all the goblins inside to sleep.”
“Yes, all.”
“Nell, don’t try to understand what she’s doing.”
“Oh… So she’s someone like that… I got it…”

She understood! She understood me!

“Now we’re going to give a final blow to the sleeping goblins together, right? I don’t have any weapons…”

Ah, right.

Then I’ll lend you something.

“If so, I’ll lend you this. Please use it. Lily, Arisa, you should take this too.”

I took out three swords from [Storage], pretending to take them out of the bag. There’s Nell with us, so I have to be careful just in case.

“Huh? I understand if you give this to Lily, but why me too?”
“You don’t want to dirty ‘Feather’ just to stab on some sleeping goblins, right?”
“Ah— Makes sense.”
“And that sword wouldn’t lose its sharpness, so no need to worry about the blood.”

Yes, these three swords were magic swords imbued with water magic. It’s not an attribute sword.

Specifically, it had [Water Attribute LV2] [Wind Attribute LV1] [Ice Attribute LV1] [Attack Enhancement LV2] [Durability Enhancement LV5], and a weapon skill [Passing Shower] that was activated all the time. The effect of [Passing Shower] was that the blade was always moist, preventing blood to reduce its sharpness. Killing goblins when we were subduing a goblin nest was always a pain, so I made this for exclusive use. I made 4 swords including the spares, so this was helpful.

“Also, cover your mouth with this cloth.”

And this was the last one. Scarf with [Poison Resistant LV5]. By covering our mouth with this, it weakened the effect of sleeping gas so we could move around inside the abandoned mine. Actually, it would already work just by tying it somewhere on the body, but covering the mouth would be more effective.

Eh? Norn and Bell? It’s fine! They already have [Poison Resistance]! Or rather, I bestowed the skill to them using the [Skill Grant] skill!

…Well, when I was making the magic armor, I thought that I could do something so Norn and Bell could resist poison and made an anti-poison scarf similar to this mask, but Norn and Bell didn’t want to wear it.

They disliked it so much I kind of exploded… Even though I’m doing this for them!

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Then I used [Skill Grant] to Norn and Bell in the middle of that heat. They obtained [Poison Resistance] without any problems.

I was stunned.

So when it said, “give your own skills to any target”, I could also do it to living beings!?

As expected of a unique skill. [Creation Magic] was just out of the world so I always forgot, but both [Skill Grant] and [Magic Grant] had the same rarity as [Creation Magic]. Maybe I got the effect without noticing it…

Yeah, this is the second thing that would be bad if someone found out!

However, this skill was certainly very useful, so I copied all my magic control skills to Norn and Bell for now.

It would be bad if Bell wasn’t compatible with some skills, so I granted her low level skills. Norn immediately got used to them. My Goddess sure was amazing.

By the way, it’s impossible to copy unique skills like [Creation Magic]. I couldn’t copy [Storage] as well. But [Item Box] worked. In other words, [Storage] was [Item Box] that evolved in some way? Then could I mass-produce what’s inside the [Item Box]…? Isn’t this skill too dangerous…?

Alright, let’s keep this a secret from Lily and the others! Definitely! I firmly vowed that day…

Ah, I got distracted again.

“What is this sword… Magic sword?”

Oops, this is bad. I have to warn Nell as well.

“How I get them is a secret.”
“I see… I understand. By the way, could you give this to me…?”
“Can you pay for it?”
“…I can’t. …Ahh! They’re here!”

I don’t plan to sell them. Anyhow, all the goblins inside this mine had already fallen asleep.

Well, let’s subdue this Goblin Legion!


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