Chapter 140 – Goblin Legion Strategy Battle (Part 1-1)

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3290 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1417 words

The atmosphere made me feel somewhat hard to breathe, but let’s get back to the topic.

“…Lily, if we go back and ask for help, then wait for the forces to gather and subdue the ‘Legion’… we’ll be too late at that time, won’t we?”
“Well, it takes two days to come here from the town, and we will still need a whole day even if we hurry back. Asking a nearby town for support and waiting until they come… Logically, Legion will do the first move without waiting for us and destroy the town before we can ask for help. If Ren rides Norn to a nearby town… Hmm, I don’t think we can endure until the support arrives…”

Nell proposed.

“How about welcoming them in town and having a defensive battle?”
“That’s impossible. I don’t think the number of adventurers working in that town will last for three days against a Legion of at least 300 goblins.”
“I see. Right, I don’t have my equipment either…”

From the discussion, we realized we were in a deadlock more than we expected.

Then we should subdue the Legion with our current strength. Moreover, as soon as possible. Rather, right at this moment.

“…We have no choice but to subdue it. And we have to hurry up.”
“So it comes to that… We’re going to do a surprise attack and approach them from the back door just like how we did it before, right?”
“I don’t think there’s any other way to win. There’s too much difference between our numbers. It’s impossible to attack them head-on.”
“It’s just as I thought—“
“W-wait a minute! Are you saying that we alone will subdue the Legion from now on!? Even if we only have 4 people with us even after including me!? Even if you include your servant beasts, we only have 6 people with us, you know? Don’t be reckless, let’s think of a more realistic way!”

Hmm, it’s true that’s the normal reaction, but…

“Well, we should be able to overcome it somehow, right? …Maybe.”
“What do you mean with ‘maybe’… We’re going to our death with this difference in strength, aren’t we!? This is suicide!”
“Well, even if we go back to town, we’ll lose anyway. Let’s try it for the time being…”
“Yeah, we won’t know unless we go for it—“
“Aren’t you guys a bit too reckless!?”

I think we couldn’t afford to be too careful now, but we’re honestly pretty reckless… Actually, we still have to prepare, so it’ll still take some time.

…And now we came near the abandoned mine where the goblin Legion settled down! Wait, even if I said near, it’s actually pretty far away. We couldn’t see the area around the nest from here, and they also wouldn’t notice us in this distance.

However, we already defeated around ten goblins patrolling around here.

So we were currently hiding in the shade of a tree and had a strategy meeting.

“…How is it, Ren?”
“There are five entrances, each with two guards. I can’t find any other guards nearby.”

Hmm, they were surprisingly a few? That means most of them were inside the nest… This would be easy, but it’s still troublesome.

Eh? I said that the nest was far enough that we couldn’t see it? Well, about that. I had a scout ‘fly’ there.

It was a ‘Drone’, flying scouting golem.

When I made the magic armor, I also made it to scout my surroundings, so this is perfect!

Structurally, the golem flew with the help of rotor and wind magic. By eliminating the rotating sound of the rotor with mind magic and painted the entire aircraft in sky blue, no one would notice it at first glance.

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And I stuck something similar to a camera to the drone. With [Golem Sync] skill, I could see the field of view of the camera as an image in my brain.

There were two fields of view and I might get motion sickness if I didn’t get used to it, but I could make do with it without any problems thanks to the effect of [Multitasking].

The only problem was that the fuel didn’t last long. The drone couldn’t be operated for a long time. The filled MP ran out in around thirty minutes.

I’m doing too much? Yeah, Lily was shocked when I put the golem out. Arisa stopped thinking just as usual. Nell looked at me as if she was seeing something strange. She didn’t say anything, though.

Now, let’s subdue the Goblin Legion next. But first…

“There were 20 goblins patrolling the area. Let’s have Norn and Bell deal with them… Norn, can I leave this to you?”

They nodded silently and ran away without any question… I couldn’t even hear the sound of them stepping on the grass. How scary.

Anyway, with this, the preparation was done.

“Then, we’ll work on the strategy before Norn and Bell come back.”
“Yes… But what we’re doing is the same as usual, right?”
“Well, that’s right… We have a new person here, so I think we should explain it to her.”
“I see— That makes sense—“

Somehow, I feel tired when I talk to Arisa…

“Umm, just like during nest capture, we have to weaken all the goblins inside, then rush in and manually give them the final blow. They won’t attack us back since they can’t even move at that time, but please prepare yourself since it’ll take a long time. Especially since we’re subduing Legion this time, the number reaching three digits.”

“Wait, weaken? What do you mean? Is there a way to weaken all the goblins in the nest!?”

Nell raised her voice there.

“Ah, please quiet down your voice. Although I insulated the sound with wind magic, we’re still pretty near nest… And to answer your question. Regarding the effect, the success rate of this plan is 100% from all the nest subjugation we have done so far.”
“…I see. That’s why you’re called Goblin Slayers. Amazing.”
“Please stop calling us that. For real.”
“Oh, I’m sorry.”

I really want her to stop! I mean, Goblin Slayers isn’t a nickname for a party full of girls!

“But where should we actually go? All our previous methods of weakening the enemies work, but it’s not like it ends without any other problems, right?”
“Yeah. Until now, we made use of fire, water, ice, and thunder, but they end up being too cold, too smelly, or plain unfavorable. Above all, they have hostages inside, so I’m thinking how we can make sure not to hurt them.”
“Ren, I only have bad feelings…”
“It’s okay, I’m very confident this time! The only problems are dealing the final blow and collecting the corpse! It’ll take so long!”
“That’s not okay at all, then…”
“No need to worry whether we’ll get tired or not. I have prepared fatigue recovery potions here. There are ten per person! Please tell me when you run out, I’ll provide more!”

Hey, my measures are perfect! I’m amazing, Lily! So no need to look at me with those eyes, okay?

Meanwhile, Norn and Bell came back. Norn collected the corpse in the [Item Box]. Nice!

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Now, let’s go capture the Goblin Legion’s Nest.

First, we should defeat the guards at the entrances to the abandoned mine. This must be done in an instant with perfect timing so that the goblins inside wouldn’t get alert.

I asked Nell to wait here for now, and Lily, Arisa, Norn, Bell, and I headed to each of the five entrances, killing the guards at the same time.

I gave Lily and Arisa a pocket watch to match the timing. We might use it for something else in the future, so I had them keep it with them for now.

I instructed the timing to Norn and Bell with [Synchronization].

After eliminating the guards, I had Norn hurriedly block the three entrances other than the one I was in charge of. I usually did this on my own with earth magic, but I asked Norn to do it with ice magic this time. I was worried about Bell’s stamina so she was resting for now. And the remaining one would be handled by Lily.

Norn could block the entrances without any problems, and I handed Lily MP recovery potion before this, so she should be fine. With the help of the ring I made for her before, she could somehow block it.


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