Chapter 135 – Hello, Mister Goblin! Die!! Part 2

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2620 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1071 words

Don’t you think [Analysis] was too overpowered? Thanks to it, I could know everything about this goblin’s nest, be it the structure to the number of goblins inside. This was a bit too much. Anyhow, I should use it again in the future since it makes my work easier.

Yeah, I’m having a little headache over something unrelated, but I knew everything I wanted to know. Let’s return to the girls.

“How was it?”
“It smells bad.”
“…Is that so? Then what should we do?”
“I have an idea, so let’s give that a try. If that works well, we can avoid fighting there.”

Actually, I had thought about this from this morning.

“Sure, but…what should we do if someone is kidnapped?”
“Oh, no need to worry about that. There are only goblins inside. I also know the structures of the nest.”
“Umm, I have a skill that lets me do that. It’s pretty convenient.”
“Ahh, you already have that skill before, but you just came up with a way to apply it now. And when you tried it, it worked?”

Arisa is sharp!

“That happens sometimes, right?”
“…I don’t really get it, but I see. Let’s try Ren’s strategy. Can you explain it to us?”

Don’t look like you’re having a headache! This is just an idea, okay!

“I think it’s faster if we go have a look. How about that?”
“…Won’t it be dangerous?”
“I’ll be in armor this time, so it’s fine.”
“I understand. Then let’s go.”

…I got on the magic armor and started to move. A huge figure approached the nest… Lily was following behind the shield, and Arisa was clinging to the right arm. The halberd would be a hindrance, so I kept it in the [Storage].

When we reached the nest, I erected a wall with earth magic, covering around ⅔ of the entrance. This was to prevent them from escaping. Then I poured magic water into the nest. However, my plan wasn’t to suffocate them. I had a lot of MP, but filling the nest with water would waste a considerable amount of it.

I could hear the cry of goblins from the nest. Apparently, they were surprised, starting to panic about the water that suddenly flowed in.

…Now then, after pouring water up to my knees and the goblins’ waist, the next step was to freeze the water using ice magic. This would reduce my MP consumption if compared to making ice from nothing.

A large amount of water froze, making a popping noise.


Ohh, the cry turned into a scream. Fuhahaha! You should die!

I had been using ice magic for thirty minutes. All the water in the nest should have frozen, but I hadn’t stopped using ice magic yet. I continued for a while until all the goblins inside froze to death. I’m not using it at full power, but slowly and surely.

In the meantime, the response of the goblins when using [Sign Detection] had decreased. An hour had passed since I started using ice magic.

“…The cry has stopped. It should be fine to stop now, right?”
“…Ren, isn’t this a bit too much?”
“Rather, this method kind of disgusts me…1

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Eh!? But this is easier than rushing into the nest, right!?

In any case, I decided to crush the clay wall that was blocking the entrance and started rushing into the nest.

Ahh, I did a little mistake here. Since the ground was covered with thick ice, I could barely enter with the magic armor now that the height to the ceiling got narrowed. But I didn’t care and forcefully entered.

While holding the girls with the magic armor’s arms, I went into the nest… Oh, the weight of the armor cracked the ice under my feet. It wasn’t that bad from what I expected.

On the way into the cave, I moved the goblin corpses we found in [Storage]. The lower half of their body got buried in ice, but I could store them without having to dig them up. Easy, easy!

“All of them look desperate before their death…”
“I don’t want to die like this.”

Arisa murmured, pointing at the goblins that got stuck in a strange pose. She looked disgusted. I agree, what’s with this meaningless pose? I also don’t want to die like this.

“Everything is too one-sided…”
“It’s easier for us, but it makes me a little uncomfortable. Right?”
“Same… Ah, this is the 25th one, isn’t it?”
“Yes. Ah, there’s a hall ahead. We should find the leading hobgoblin and its five followers.”
“Ren has been right up until now so I don’t doubt her, but it makes me wonder how far Ren’s convenience will go.”
“I have stopped thinking about it since a long while ago.”
“I’ll also do that~”

Their evaluation of me was going down! Hey! I made it easier for us, so isn’t it fine2!?

“…The hobgoblin is still alive.”

I guess hobgoblin had a strong vitality thanks to its species. And it was a lot bigger than a normal goblin. But the size was around the same as me, so I could easily beat it since its knees were buried in ice. It looked weakened, quivering and groaning with no voice.

It’s time to deal the final blow then! Arisa was fast! She slashed its neck with a single blow!


She looked super motivated. Maybe it’s because she didn’t have the opportunity to show her ability today? Well, it’s fine.

Hmm, its followers were all dead. Then let’s store everything and withdraw!

“By the way, will we get a reward for cleaning up the nest?”
“Yes. However, it will take some time since the guild will need to confirm the nest after our report.”
“We don’t have to go to pick them up since they will transfer it to our guild card.”

I see. The guild sure has it rough.

“…But… How will they react when they see this frozen cave…”

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…I didn’t think of that. Oops, teehee☆

Anyways, the girls told me that I shouldn’t use this method often when cleaning up monsters’ nests since the corpse recovery and guild confirmation would take twice as long thanks to the extreme coldness. I didn’t notice since the inside of my magic armor was fully equipped with an air conditioner.

Well, let’s think of another way next time.


  1. Silva: So you prefer getting up close and personal and get all bloody? ok… that’s very not disgusting alright…
    Robinxen: Eh I sort of get it, it’s like cheating and sniping enemies in a game from a place their pathing can’t reach. It feels immoral. Which is exactly why I exploit!
  2. Silva: Let’s disband the party, they are not the party member you’ll want.

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