Chapter 136 – Sometimes We Fail. That’s What It Means to Be Human. Part 1

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2483 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 935 words

The afternoon the next day, we also went on a goblin slaughter tour. Well, we’re currently looking for a nice place to eat lunch.

I wished we could secure a place with a better view, but it’s pretty hard… Ah, I found a camellia! Moreover, it’s bearing fruit! Yay for the oil! …Wait, that shouldn’t be my reaction! Really… what’s with this world? Why were the camellias blooming in this season!? Stop it already!

“Um, Ren… What’s wrong?”
“Ah, no… This tree is just bugging me.”

Lily called me out since I looked very tired, so I decided to explain it. Obviously, this plant was bearing fruit when it was out of season. And it’s not the first time I found this kind of thing.

“Ah, I see… that’s because this is where magic power accumulates.”
“Magic power?”

According to Lily, places where vegetations grow unnaturally had stronger magic power than other lands. You would usually find it in the depths of forests and plains. The growth of a cluster of plants was boosted in places called the ‘Magic Power Pool’.

In addition, it’s possible to build a castle in that kind of place and use a magic circle to create a barrier. Castles in major cities such as the royal capitals and territories around the world mostly got built in such places. I see.

Well, the question that had been plaguing my mind had been unexpectedly answered. While listening to Lily’s commentary, I didn’t forget to collect the camellia fruits. Camellia oil was a luxury item in this era!

By the way, I finished the collection while riding on the magic armor. I installed a sub-arm to work on this kind of detailed labor, so I had to utilize it.

“You have been collecting the fruits from these plants for a while. Can you use them for something?”
“We can get good quality oil from this fruit.”
“We can get oil.”
“………..Eh, really!?”

Yeah, seriously. Rather, why were you so surprised?

…Right, vegetable oil was a super-luxury product that was produced in small quantities for the aristocrats. What’s more, which plant you could get from was a secret. Wait, did I make a mistake again?

“Um… keep this as a secret?”
“Of course I can’t talk about it!! If I do, they will catch me!!”

Ah, right… I’m sorry.

By the way, getting caught didn’t mean we were caught by doing bad things, but we would get taken in by the aristocrats interested in unique things.

Yeah, that would be bad. I couldn’t forgive myself now. We unanimously agreed that we would zip our mouth regarding this matter.

Lily and Arisa also helped me collect the camellia fruits, so we finished in a short time. Should I make the oil after returning to town? Well, I could do it in one shot by using [Creation Magic], so there’s no hassle.

After that, we decided to eat lunch while collecting camellia fruits.

The menu was teriyaki chicken burger. We ate it as we worked so we wouldn’t waste time.

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“The food is delicious, but time is important.”
“Yeah~ I used to eat while walking before. Compared to that, I can still eat slowly, so it’s fine.”

Hmm, both of them were strong-minded.

Ah, that’s it. If plants would get enhanced and their growth would get boosted in place with accumulated magic power, that means I could do the same thing by pouring magic power artificially. …Hmm, let’s try it next time when I had time. That sounds interesting.

And now we finished eating lunch and collecting camellia fruits! We defeated quite a bit stray goblins in the morning. Our plan was to crush their nest again in the afternoon.

The girls didn’t have any objection, so we started moving to search for a nearby goblin nest with Norn’s detection skill. In less than thirty minutes, we found a cave that might be one.

“Now, what should we do?”
“I’ll start by examining the structure of the nest like yesterday.”
“Right… Let’s think about our next action depending on the result.”
“…I’m fine with anything.”

As usual, we had a discussion in the grassland near the nest. And Arisa was the same as usual. My view of her started to become cuter and cuter. Hmm, Lily and Arisa, which one should I… Hey, maybe I could have both? Ah, this is not the time to think about that now. First of all, I had to [Analyze] the nest.

I started moving after getting off the magic armor. Norn didn’t escort me this time, and I went alone.

Hey, they were always being overprotective of me, you know? I’m also an adventurer. I had to gain experience little by little. But for the time being, Norn was on stand by in case something went wrong. How overprotective! Are you my mom! …That doesn’t sound bad, though… Mom, huh…

Ah, not that! I should check the goblin nest now! I’m really easily distracted…

I regained my focus and did [Analysis] after sticking to the entrance of the cave. Okay, done. Then I sneaked back to everyone.

“How was it?”
“For the time being, those goblins haven’t caught anyone. There are fewer goblins if compared to yesterday’s nest, but the leader is a spellcaster. Furthermore, there are another two spellcasters among its followers.”
“…This is hard.”
“I agree.”

Lily muttered, her face complicated. Even if our opponents were goblins, facing a magic user would be hard in a frontal attack. Yes, that was if we went with a frontal attack.

“Haa… Then, what should we do?”


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