Chapter 135 – Hello, Mister Goblin! Die!! Part 1

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2656 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1059 words

It was a sunny afternoon, a perfect day to have a picnic.

That’s why we decided to have a lunch box outdoors. Today’s lunch was meat rice balls and potato salad. No soup, only water. It couldn’t be helped, okay.

This menu was the result of me getting tired of those grilled rice balls. I wanted to eat meat. As for potato salad, I couldn’t use other potato recipes unless Lily had overcome her weakness, so this was also unavoidable.

Lily was shaking a little, but she ate them normally. She didn’t dislike the taste as well, she just didn’t like the idea of eating one.

Arisa was eating with a very nice smile. She was grinning all the time!

By the way, I used bamboo for the lunch box. It was like cutting them into half and stuffing the rice balls inside. Then I put the other part together and tie it with string. I also made a water bottle from bamboo. But then, I had to dispose of them after using them several times.

Anyway, today’s weather was really nice… The food was delicious!

Eh? What happened to the goblins? We did our best to kill them in the morning. There’s no forgiveness to the goblins, exterminate them with no mercy!

My magic armor also crushed them so many times that it was now dyed red with blood. But thanks to my effort, I could adjust the strength pretty well now. We managed to get fifty goblin magic stones as the result. I hadn’t shattered any today! You can praise me, you know?

Ah, there’s no problem since I washed off the blood in the magic armor using water magic and applying [Washing] after that. I also stored all the goblin corpses in [Storage]. I wonder if they would be useful one day. Well, I could only think of using them as fertilizer… Let’s hold them for the time being.

“Today’s lunch box is delicious! I thought it was a chunk of meat at first, but I like this!”
“Uu, the rice ball is definitely delicious, but the potato salad… It tastes good, but~…”

Arisa wasn’t picky on food, so she could try out many dishes. Lily’s situation was complicated, but she tried her best to eat potatoes after I told her there were many dishes I couldn’t make if she didn’t overcome her dislike. Do your best, Lily! I want to eat croquette soon!

Ah, as I thought, Lily’s dislike of potatoes was caused by having unpleasant memories of them. But I wouldn’t tolerate that!

“Oh, right. Ren, I have decided on the name of the sword.”
“Have you?”

Ohh, she finally decided on the name? She had been thinking about it for days after all… Well, it’s actually because I got too lazy in naming it, so I imposed the duty on Arisa.

“Then, how will you call it?”
“I feel like I can fly when using that sword, so I named it ‘Feather’!”

Hoo. In other words, that sword was Arisa’s wing to fly? Yeah, sounds good.

“I think it’s nice.”
“Then it’s decided! I’ll be under your care, ‘Feather’!”

Since she named it herself, she felt attached to it. I’m glad I made it for her since she was this happy. Seeing her reaction made it worth the trouble.

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Now that we had finished eating, we had to decide what to do in the afternoon.

“We got rid of the goblins pretty well in the morning.”
“Yeah, I got used to it thanks to you… What should we do in the afternoon?”
“I’m fine with anything~”

Yeah, Arisa really didn’t have any opinion. But I really didn’t know what to do…

“You don’t have to think that hard, right? Ren got used to the magic armor faster than expected, so it’s fine to rush into the nest in the afternoon. Right~?”
“That’s certainly true, but…”

The question was, could we reach the goblin’s narrow nest?”

“For now, how about going there to take a look?”
“That’s right… Then we’ll do that. If it looks impossible, we’ll retreat.”
“Okay, then let’s go!”

Well, time for the goblin killing tour!

We found a cave after walking for around forty minutes. It was actually a real goblin nest. I could confirm it using Norn’s and my [Sign Detection], and I had no doubt in Norn and Bell’s nose.

“We found it. What now?”

We started a secret meeting in the midst of the grassland.

“…We need to know how deep the cave is.”
“And we don’t know if the goblins kidnapped someone inside.”

Yeah, that was the biggest problem. Goblins occasionally kidnap people. That said, they didn’t do it to crossbreed or something like that, but they kept humans alive as their food. It’s still kind of dark, though.

…There was basically no cross-mating of monsters and races. But on rare occasions, mutants with special abilities that allow cross-mating might appear.

Hmm, at least we should decide what to do next after making sure whether there was anyone inside or not… Norn, can’t you sense them? My [Sign Detection] is Lv2, but Norn’s is LV7. She should be able to pick up something, right? …Eh? She thinks there’s none, but it smells so bad she can’t make sure of it? She can’t focus? Ah, I’m sorry.

However, guessing in this grassland wouldn’t do anything. And I had a little idea, so let’s try it.

“I’ll take a look.”
“Are you sure?”
“I have Norn with me. Please support me if something goes wrong.”

So Norn, come with me! Be my guard!

While looking at the surrounding, I moved from the grassland and sneaked closer to the nest… By the way, I wasn’t wearing the magic armor now. Riding that would make me stand out.

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As I approached the nest, I leaned on a rock next to the nest and peeked into it… Wah, so stinky! It smells awful! I see, Norn will definitely hate this smell…

Ah, but I have something to do now.

I put my fingers on the rock, touching the wall of the nest… [Analysis].

…Wow. I didn’t expect this to work.

Yeah. How should I say this… What I was doing earlier was analyzing ‘Goblin’s Nest’. It was something I thought of randomly, but I didn’t expect it to work.


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