Chapter 134 – A Lazy Morning. In Other Words, the Usual Morning. Part 2

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2483 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 9133 words

Both of them woke up when I was preparing rice. Good morning!

By the way, training with Arisa before breakfast had become our new daily routine!

Yes, from the day we set up a party, we started to get up every morning to train our body! I said every day, but actually, we couldn’t really do it every day due to various circumstances such as being sleepy. But leaving everything to Norn would make our body go dull, so Arisa and Lily did their best to move around. What about me, you ask? I did it when I feel like it.

Anyhow, let’s start the training! First of all, stretching! Even though I recovered my body with potions, I moved my body to easen my body that’s forced to sit down all night. After that, time to do a simulated battle against Arisa! And I lose easily!

Damn… Arisa didn’t use any weapon, but I couldn’t win even if I used a wooden sword… Was it even possible to win against her!?

“Hmm, I think you’re getting better. But it’s still no good.”
“I’m sorry…”
“No need to worry about it too much since you’re improving. But at this rate, it’s still a long way for Ren to learn physical strengthening skills.”
“I don’t think that I can learn it.”
“I won’t deny that, but knowing how to move your body will help a lot.”

That’s right.

Yeah, the main reason I started this training in the first place was to improve my overly inflexible body.

I had been doing muscle training on my own until now, but I didn’t have any strength at all. My limit was doing five push-ups if I forced myself. Do I have abs? …Don’t ask!

I didn’t feel tired thanks to the potion, but I was so weak that it started to worry me for real.

So I decided to ask Arisa, a professional swordsman, to teach me! Arisa seemed to know a lot anyway. It would be good if I could learn physical strengthening skills, so we started to train early in the morning.

By the way, physical strengthening skills are skills that strengthen stats such as [Strength] and [Endurance]. Arisa also learned the skill to strengthen agility which was called [Swiftness].

I also learned [Body Enhancement] before, but I couldn’t level it up at all. I only used it when I was blacksmithing.

When I asked her about that, she told me that it was difficult to raise the level of that skill. Rather, I should use it when defeating strong enemies so the level would increase. I see, so I had to gain experience that way? That’s impossible for me.

Furthermore, she told me I shouldn’t rely too much on [Body Enhancement] since it would hinder my original status growth. What!? So that’s the cause!

“Even so, Ren. You sometimes suddenly get confused on how to control your body, don’t you?”

Ohh, I got too absorbed in thinking.

“If you panicked, your center of gravity would tilt. Am I right?”

It’s probably the influence of my previous life’s memory. The center of gravity between men and women was different, so I became confused once they got combined. Yeah, I came up with this idea once I started training with Arisa and she pointed that out to me.

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I unconsciously got influenced by my previous life’s memory in the midst of my panic, shifting my center of gravity and causing my movement to become strange. There were times it happened in normal times, so this was quite serious.

However, I showed signs of improvement since I started training with Arisa, so I would continue to rehabilitate!

After training, I cleaned my body in the bath and had breakfast. I made galette today. The ingredients were bacon and eggs. Mushrooms on cheese. I just baked it, so it’s ready to serve once we get out of the bath. The soup was consomme-based vegetable soup. The rest was salad. This was served with mayonnaise.

“It’s also a blessed morning today…”
“This is delicious! What is this? Delicious!”
“It’s a galette.”
“Galette!? Is it always this gorgeous!?”

I heard that the galettes here were made by wrapping ham in a buckwheat dough. I had never eaten that kind of thing at the orphanage… Ham was a luxury item for me at that time. Rather, I would be happy if I could eat meat once a month.

Now then, we already ate a lot, and I had prepared lunch boxes. Let’s go to work now!

“Ren, what are you going to do today?”
“How about fighting goblins for a couple of days until I got used to this?”
“What’s your plan after you get used to it?”

Why are you asking me that? Who is the leader of this party? Lily is in charge when talking to the guild’s receptionist, so isn’t it Lily? I’m more of a backup and doing chores. Well, leaving that aside…

“Arisa, what about you?”
“Me? Hmm… How about trying to look for their nest after that? It’s one of the commissions, so we should make a lot of money with that.”

Goblin nest… Hmm.

“Then, how about attacking the nest once we hunt goblins for a few more days?”
“Got it. Then let’s go with that.”
“Okay! Let’s go!”

Arisa, you’re too easy-going… Well, it’s fine.

Even so, goblin nest, huh… Sounds troublesome. But we don’t have to fight it head-on, right?


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