Chapter 134 – A Lazy Morning. In Other Words, the Usual Morning. Part 1

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2613 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1156 words

Well, for that reason, here was the rough refurbishment for the time being.

I plan to renovate only the interior while leaving the exterior as a rag house. I mean, having a run-down house suddenly turning into a beautiful one in less than half a day would only bring trouble. We would stand out in a bad way. That’s most of the reason.

After that, I had some ideas too.

We were fortunate that we were able to rent it at a fairly low rent thanks to the ridiculously discounted price. Plus, this house had a garden as well. Thanks to that, I could put the carriage and horses there. For the carriage, I made something like a simple tent, install it in the garden, and park them there. Horses would be in the way, so I put them in my [Storage]. I also remade the fence that separated the garden.

Although the appearance of the main building remained the same, having the wind blowing in would be bad for us, so I made sure to remodel the wall inside. I also made a living room where we could have meals, with a kitchen, storeroom, toilet, and bath in the back. The toilet’s water source was drawn from well, but it’s not like we would stay here for a long time, so we had to make compromises here. I could live comfortably with my magic anyway, so I wouldn’t use it.

Fortunately, I could make a private bedroom for each of us. But I wouldn’t do my daily routines here. While saying that, each room was soundproof and had a key. I made it like that so Lily and Arisa could have their private time as well.

I reused the bed that I had in my guest room. We should have a good night’s sleep with this.

By the time we finished it in around an hour, it was already past 5 PM. We started preparing meals as soon as possible.

Since I had to take care of the bamboo shoots with no lye, today’s meal was left to Lily and Arisa. I couldn’t cook all the time, okay?

After dinner, we took a bath. Lily approached me with a smile when we took a break.

“Ren, I have something to say. Please sit there for a moment.”
“Please sit down.”
“Sit straight on the floor.”

I couldn’t defy her pressure. She asked me to sit on the floor… Well, this house had similar specifications as mine, so we took off our shoes inside. Sitting there wouldn’t be a problem too, but she was angry, wasn’t she? I was a bit scared.

I followed her order and sat down, deciding that it would be safer to do as she said here.

“Ren, I didn’t say anything since we had no time in the morning, but… we have decided on many things when we organized the party, right? Ren, you said this at that time. That we shouldn’t do anything dangerous, and not act alone. And yet, why did you go to collect bamboo shoots alone? I admit we’re also at fault for not waking up, but that’s a different story, isn’t it?”
“…Yes, I’m sorry.”
“In the first place, Ren’s sense of crisis is too weak. Listen, okay? In the first place…”

Eh, I got scolded? I know I was a bit too much, but she didn’t need to get so angry… Ah, I’m sorry. It’s nothing.

…This is bad. Lily is very angry.

With this pace, I would get scolded for over an hour. It’s true that I was wrong here, but sitting on the floor for a long time would be too painful…!

“Are you listening to me!”
“I’m sorry.”

When I started to get tired of listening, something heavy was placed on my head. What is this?

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Peeking back, it was Norn. Or to be precise, Norn’s front leg.

Then she began to put her weight on it and gradually pushed my upper body forward. Hey, heavy! What!? Eh? Why!?

…Eh? She scolded me because she was worried about me, so I should listen properly? No, I’m listening… Heavy! You’ll crush me! I’ll vomit!

I waved my hand and tried to resist, but there was no effect. Ugugu, I’ll collapse!

And somehow Norn signaled to Lily to continue the scolding! Stop! I still had some HP, but I almost died!

In the end, Norn curled up and fell asleep on the spot with her front legs still on the top of me after the scolding ended, and I was forced to spend all night in a forced dogeza position.

The next morning, Norn finally moved away before Lily and Arisa woke up, and I was released from that uncomfortable position… But my legs… I-I couldn’t stand up.

In this case, I recovered my energy with a potion. Yeah, I can stand now.

But Lily was scary yesterday… After that, Arisa told me that I shouldn’t go beyond a certain line and anger her. Tell me that sooner…

However, it was just as Norn said. She was worried about me, so I was a little happy. Even I realized that I was being too naive.

I thought about it overnight, and I came to the conclusion that my alertness had become even weaker because I felt more secure thanks to this party. And I was relying too much on the armor’s security when we were hunting goblins in the forest.

In other words, this was all my feelings’ fault. I was being too lenient…

I thought about how to deal with this as well. And I decided to use [Multitasking], always using [Danger Detection], [Danger Avoidance], and [Sign Detection].

I used to apply lower skills and I didn’t use higher skills since I didn’t think I need to be so on guard all the time. But this case left me wide open, so let’s use the harder one.

Eh? Could I do multitasking all the time? It’s actually super easy, though.

Before it became a skill, I used to divide my thinking into a hundred sections, but after it became [Multitasking] skill, the sections increased all at once every time it leveled up. Since it was LV6 now, 6 more 100s were added in addition to the original 100. So that was 700 in total. Usable all the time. Too crazy. By the way, that meant there were seven sections of 100 different thoughts, not 700 in total. It seemed to be similar but slightly different.

Then I divided them and used them as before, indulging in various thoughts while living normally.

…But that’s probably why I got so careless at times… No, I’m going to train from now on!!

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Hm? Why don’t I use various skills all the time then? Hey, see… Using it to its maximum potential would make me go crazy, okay?

Anyway, I’ll improve! I swear!


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