Chapter 133 – A Simple Task of Crushing Goblins After Eating Bamboo Shoots Part 2

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2654 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1153 words

I was free enough that I could even talk to myself in the cockpit.

Arisa was unmatched; she didn’t need my support. And Bell also did her best. After all, she was protecting Arisa behind her.

And Lily? …She attacked the goblin who managed to leave Arisa’s sight with magic water. Lily’s magic also had amazing power and precision… Was that the effect of the ring I gave her? …Maybe I also overdid myself in that ring?

…Well, it’s better than having both of them injured. Just let this slide, the safety of my teammate is more important.

In addition, Norn was so bored that she went somewhere. No, the truth was, she just went to watch the surrounding area in case there were powerful monsters. However, she could only find goblins and kobolds around this forest on the south side of the town. On the east side, there were beasts such as wolves, wild boars, deers, and beast-like monsters such as orcs.

Why did I know that? Because the Adventurer’s Guild had a map of the surrounding monsters and sightings. The staff gave us the past information when we asked, so we used that to predict the monster’s current habitat and our next destination until we got used to this area.


Oh? What?

In the midst of my thought, I heard the sound of hitting metal. When I moved the frame and lowered my view, a goblin was hitting the leg of the magic armor with a club.

Then, another metallic sound echoed, different from this one. Seems like another goblin threw stones from distance.

Hmm, I seriously became less alert. I need to get a hold of myself. Anyway, two goblins, huh? Okay, let’s personally deal with them!

That said, we were currently in the middle of the forest. Although I could move around using the magic armor, swinging a long halberd would be quite tricky with the surrounding trees.

Well, I could still swing it around if I didn’t care about the trees, but I didn’t want to cut them down as I like.

When it came to that, my next means of attack was hitting them with my shield. What about ‘Stone Bullet’, you ask? Don’t you want to try many other things? I rarely had this kind of chance anyway.

The goblin continued to attack me, but it didn’t affect me at all… They literally left no scratch on me. My bestowal sure was flawless! Ah, yeah. I’ll start attacking them now.

The goblins were alert and stepped back a bit when I moved the frame a little to attack. Yeah, perfect. I took a step and slammed the shield vigorously.


…I feel like I heard a pretty distasteful crushing sound. But I’m in the middle of a battle right now, so let’s check it later! I rushed towards another goblin and bashed it with the same strength.


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A very dull sound and the sound of something being crushed… When I checked, ‘something’ got stuck to the tree and popped, and a mysterious piece of meat stuck to the shield.

Ah… Did I overdo it? Turns out my attack power was too much…

“Ren, you’re overdoing it.”
“Uu… I can’t eat for a while…”

Arisa approached me in astonishment. Lily, who followed behind, looked a little pale.

Yeah, sorry.

I guess I should practice controlling my strength. The magic stone shattered to pieces. We wouldn’t be able to use them to confirm our subjugation. How wasteful…

By the way, the reward for subduing one goblin was five to ten bronze coins. Was it many, or few? Kind of complicated.

Following that, after several discussions, I also participated in close combats several times to practice adjusting the power of my magic armor. Even so, I couldn’t control it well every time… The quality of the material drops. Doing it this way would be bad for our appetite as well.

By the time I made another twenty minced meat, Lily had become accustomed to it. When we decided to stop a little early and returned back in the afternoon, she was completely calm. Strong!

By the way, we finished lunch with portable food. Boiling something in the forest would be a bit… No, it’s not impossible, but remembering the mass-produced minced meat made me lose my appetite…

Even after making a party with Lily and Arisa, I still round up early and go home. We might get attacked by monsters once the sky got dark, so this would be safer…. that’s my excuse, but I actually just don’t want to deal with anything troublesome.

We could spend our time comfortably in this forest by taking out my house, but we couldn’t be sure when and who would see us. After the incident where I got attacked during my stay in the royal capital, I kept my own safety in mind. There was no loss of being too careful anyway.

Once we went back to town, reported our subjugation in the Adventurer’s Guild, and waited for the settlement, I felt like we were gathering a little attention?

Ah, even if we were only taking goblin subjugation, bringing in fifty magic stones at once was strange. Actually, we killed around thirty more, but… yeah. I’m sorry, I couldn’t get used to my own strength…

Now that we have finished our work today, let’s move to the Commercial Guild. I was wondering if we could rent a home.

How could I say this… There weren’t many places where we could eat delicious food…? Eating at that slightly expensive restaurant all the time made me feel bad, so we decided to cook for ourselves. Yeah, it’s not me who would make it every time. We take turns properly.

And that’s how we rented this run-down house. The floor plan was quite wide. It had a number of rooms too. Apparently, this used to be a house resided by wealthy people.

But then, the house became vacant with no people living in it, then it decayed over time. Nobody rented it because the rent was high.

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However, we managed to rent it for five bronze coins a day after negotiating! With the perk that we could modify the interior as we like! As long as we stayed on consecutive nights, the rent wouldn’t get more expensive either! We also made various other contracts on favorable terms. In other words, I could do whatever I want!

You see, I remodeled Triela’s house before, right? At that time, I had a lot of ideas, so I wanted to make them come true now… Gehehe.

The reason why there was no price increase on consecutive nights was to prevent the guild staff from raising the price after the renovation. I made sure to detail them in a written contract.

Now then, let’s renovate it so that we can have a good rest starting tonight.


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