Chapter 133 – A Simple Task of Crushing Goblins After Eating Bamboo Shoots Part 1

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2286 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 978 words

We were currently in a battle against the highly acclaimed goblins right now.

After a short break, I boarded into the magic armor and we proceeded into the forest, keeping our guard. After thirty minutes, we encountered a flock of goblins and decided to fight them immediately.

Even so, I was just standing behind them while riding the magic armor. It was just as we originally planned, but still…

Hmm, I had nothing to do… Well, in some cases, I would have to support them by shooting stone bullets when needed. But hey, wasn’t I unnecessary here?

I mean… Arisa was amazing. I think Lily’s [Strengthening Magic] also played a part here, but she was very fast. Even if I was watching from behind, she was honestly so fast that I couldn’t be sure what she was doing… Just in case, I improved my eyesight with [Hawk’s Eyes].

In the first place, her movement was strange. She ran around like a free bird that I almost thought she was flying, decapitating the goblins swiftly. Watching that was pretty amusing.

Just like that, she completely annihilated ten goblins in less than five minutes after our encounter.

“…Lily, Arisa, are you always this strong? Your movement is a bit more humanly during the training…”
“Ah, that’s… How can I explain this…”

Yeah. To be clear, their movement was impossible for a human. A year ago, they were more skilled than most people. Considering their age, I could say that they were quite the expert before, but still not that absurd…

“It’s not me that’s amazing. It’s thanks to the sword Ren gave me.”
“My sword?”
“Yeah. This sword’s skill is [Acceleration], right? That’s really cool!”

Ahh, now that she said that, I granted a pretty crazy skill in that sword, huh? Rather, Arisa could move like that after mastering the sword? Seriously? I didn’t find that skill very efficient at first, though.

When I asked for the details, she told me that she activated the skill momentarily on a part of her body during a key point of a movement. And she used [Acceleration] to maintain her posture in the air to make that flying movements possible… I’m sorry, I don’t understand what she’s saying.

“I’m glad we have time to train before. Thanks to that, I’ve been able to use it like this… Oh, dangerous.”

Arisa disappeared from my eyes in the middle of the conversation. She literally disappeared. And I heard a metallic sound behind me the next moment.

Looking back, I saw Arisa swinging a sword. After a pause, an arrow fell down a little further away from us, and Bell jumped into the grassland.

“Enemy’s reinforcement. Maybe those goblins have a skill to hide themselves. Fits their character; how cheeky. I feel bad making Bell do everything, so I’ll go look for them for a bit.”

Eh, a surprise attack? Did I get too absorbed in talking…? I should reflect. No matter how perfect my defense was with this magic armor, I might get used to acting less alert thanks to the sense of security. That would lead to bad things happening when I wasn’t in this armor. I had to be careful.

Wait, that’s not important now. What was that!? Even if she was fast, wasn’t that a bit too much!?

But then, it made sense. I made that sword, but I never thought it would be so crazy. Did I make a mistake…?

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According to what I heard after this, the moment Arisa heard the movement of the wind changing, she accelerated her thinking and dynamic visual acuity, at the same time accelerating her running motion, then she slashed at once while drawing her sword. I didn’t get it. She told me that I could do that kind of thing, but… I was more scared of Arisa, who could use the sword’s abilities so quickly more than the sword’s performance itself1.

“Arisa, are you making that move with Lily’s buff applied?”
“Yeah. I think Ren should be able to see me without the buff. You have [Hawk’s Eyes], right?”
“I have it… It’s LV8 now, you know? Not being able to see your movement is a bit abnormal already.”

In the first place, even if Arisa moved at visible speed, it was an overkill when battling against goblins, wasn’t it?

“Lily, don’t you think we’re unneeded here?”

Lily silently averted her eyes. Reply me, Lily!

“It’s over~”

So fast! She’s already done dealing with the hiding goblins!?

“There were only five goblins over there. Let’s go to the next place~”

While saying so, Arisa swung her sword to brush off the blood. And that movement was barely visible…

What the heck is this? Arisa scares me. Let’s not make her angry…

It was troublesome to deal with the defeated goblins on the spot, so I put all of the corpses in my [Storage] and sorted the magic stones.

Apparently, the confirmation of the subjugation completion was by submitting the magic stone to the guild’s receptionist and passing it through a special magic tool, so it was essential to collect their magic stone. Due to such circumstances, it wasn’t recommended to defeat monsters by destroying the magic stones. They could be used in many things too.

By the way, it seemed that the magic stone that had been submitted was processed when it passed through the magic tool. If someone used the same magic stones to resubmit it, the tool would be able to know that it had been checked before. So submitting repeatedly wouldn’t be possible. I see…

We encountered the next goblin as I thought of such things. This time, it was a flock of twenty goblins. Aren’t the goblins a little too many in this forest…?

Oh well. Let’s get rid of them quickly.

“Hmm, I think Arisa can do this alone.”


  1. Silva: Arisa is actually the real protagonist, and you are but a messenger send down by heavens to support her.
    Robinxen: I actually really like stories using that premise. That’s why the second web novel I tried writing was built around the concept of “What if the protagonists little sister was actually the Hero instead?”

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