Chapter 130 – I Finished the Equipment, so It’s Time to Head Out!… Just Kidding Part 2

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2342 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 941 words

Yeah, I should be careful when operating ‘Magic Armor’… By the way, the energy-saving mode with the battery allowed around five hours of usage, but that basically meant I would mostly operate it as my shelter.

When I showed it to Lily and Arisa, Lily looked at me with a distant look as usual. I couldn’t figure out why.

Arisa, on the other hand, was overjoyed. Once my defense became rock solid, she could concentrate on attacking. She told me she didn’t like to think much during battles. Hey, please use your head properly…

Then, I tried a battle test against Arisa and Norn. But I found an unexpected advantage here.

I could use the ‘Magic Armor’ for face-to-face battles!

In the first place, I believe the remote control of the golem was important. The delusional power of modern Japanese otaku was infinite, I also watched robot animes before!

For all these reasons, my melee combat power when using ‘Magic Armor’ was comparable to Arisa and Norn. By using magic and [Sword Magic] together, I could literally overpower them.

The next day, everyone confirmed our formation again. I would move in ‘Magic Armor’ with Norn as my escort, so my protection was perfect. When the vanguard team was in trouble, Norn could help them. The efficiency increased at once. Lily lamented that she would have nothing to do, but I would have it worse, so please be patient.

Once all the preparations were completed, we moved on the next day.

However, I spent too much time creating ‘Magic Armor’ and only had three days to do my daily routine… It’s not like I was addicted, though.

I didn’t hate it, but you could say it was my hobby. Other than that, I also had other hobbies, such as making things, cooking, and eating delicious food. I also like to sleep.

Doing any of them would release my stress. That means I only did what I wanted to do. How stress-free! Amazing!

After I regained my mind, we were about to leave the house early morning the next day when we saw an armed group approaching us.

Did something bad happen!? I thought so, but apparently, the group was a unit of guards led by knights.

Why did knights come to this place? That puzzled me, but the cause was the house I made.

This forest was owned by the state. I cut the trees, made a square, built a house, and settled in without permission. Naturally, that got us into a problem. Oh no, I made a mistake!

Would we get caught like this? I was scared, but they told us they didn’t come to catch us. They could overlook this matter and even gave us money.

The development and maintenance of campsites were the country’s duty, but everything costs money. Spending money to develop the infrastructure was also important in turning the wheel of the economy, but there were many things to consider when making decisions about development plans and scale. It made things difficult to operate.

With such circumstances, they could overlook my mistake on the condition that the house I built would be managed by the country, and I made two more similar houses.

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The knight looked inside the house, and they were surprised that there was a bath. By the way, I connected the drainage ditch to the forest. However, I dug an additional well in the kitchen for ease of use, and they were delighted when they found out about it. The country would prepare the pump to be installed in the well later.

Also, the carriages were usually pulled together and parked in a parallel, but I added a garage where the carriages could be stored together.

And I created two additional houses with the same floor plan.

The knights who received bonuses looked thrilled, and I received an extra reward. Through talking to the Adventurer’s Guild, they would transfer the reward to my guild card, so I didn’t need to return to the royal capital. That’s good.

I wondered if they had ulterior motives, but the knights had a gentle-looking face and a hapless aura, so I didn’t think I needed to be so cautious. Plus, they were muttering about being in trouble with how their captain was being unreasonable.

Yeah, accepting this request shouldn’t be bad, right?

I only made a road wide enough for one carriage to pass from the highway to the open space in the forest, so we completed the expansion work so two carriages would fit.

Later, they told me the original campsite along the highway would be expanded to connect to this place. The usage rate of campsites was high since the monsters in this forest was perfect if someone wanted to train here. So it would be nice to use the accommodation facilities I built as training camps for novice knights and adventurers…

I see… I stayed there for almost two weeks, but I didn’t meet any other adventurers so I didn’t notice that. When I told Lily about this, she told me she had come across many people in the forest.

Why didn’t she say that during dinner? Please share the information properly… That might become a problem in the future, so we decided on a new policy to discuss various things firmly in the future.

By the time all these things were over, it was already past noon. We had no choice but to stay here for another night and shift our departure the next day. I said that our schedule wasn’t clear, but… oh well. This was a leisure trip after all, wasn’t it?


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