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Chapter 131 – Lazing Around in the Next Base Part 1

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2520 words

Now then, we departed from the campsite and stayed in a village for around three days, but nothing happened at all so we decided to move to the next village.

Hmm, how could I say this… this happened often in villages pretty far from big cities, but they made light of adventurers, or even disdained them…

In this kind of rural area, adventurers were considered to be the bottom profession the third son or younger children did once they got expelled from their own house. That made the adventurers who happened to stop by to be looked down upon unreasonably.

Honestly, they shouldn’t act like that to the adventurers who took a request to exterminate goblins in this village.

If the adventurers didn’t get rid of the goblins, they would die, okay? Don’t they understand that? But they didn’t seem to notice.

As a result, the adventurers who took the request completed their task while feeling uncomfortable. Then they reported how they got tested after returning to the city where the guild branch was based, causing no one to accept the request from this village anymore once the news spread. Apparently, the village we stopped was that kind of village.

After all, this kind of village often beat the reward down after the adventurer fulfilled the request.

And what made us uncomfortable was that they mistook us to be adventurers who took their request for some reason and unreasonably told us to defeat the goblins. They even called us useless. When they knew we weren’t taking their request, they scolded us for not helping them, and that we wouldn’t make any money without taking their request.

Depending on the flow, I might feel like taking the subjugation request, but I was very discouraged… Well, we decided to move out without staying for even an hour, though our initial plan was half a day,

And the damage caused by the goblins in this village was quite bad… The village wouldn’t be able to handle it if this kept going on and had to break up. I wanted to tell them that, but they should realize it on their own. I didn’t care about what’s going to happen to them.

However, having people hating adventurers didn’t only happen in these villages, but also in big cities. Even so, that wasn’t very frequent.

Yet these people did accept heroes and heroic adventurers they heard in saga and bard songs. Why? Didn’t they think those heroic beings could be the ones standing in front of them? To be fair, I wasn’t some kind of hero, though.

“That was a terrible village…”
“We won’t stop by that kind of place often. Don’t worry.”
“Those terrible places aren’t that many~”
“Let’s go somewhere a little bigger next time.”
“You’re right.”

And for a few days, we rushed past several villages and stayed in a place that was more like a small town than a village. There were no walls protecting it, but the fences were stronger than in most villages. There were also empty moats, inns, and blacksmiths, complete with Adventurer’s Guild’s branch.

By the way, you normally wouldn’t find guild branches or branch offices in a village. Sometimes it happened to be there, but they were the minority.

After arriving in the town, we first looked for an inn. There were three inns in this town, one of which had a cafeteria and bar and the second floor was an inn. That would make it noisy at night. One of the remaining two inns was cheap and the last one was the most solid, so we decided on the last one. By the way, the fee was also the highest. But then, we could only park our carriages in the last place or the inn with a bar, so we basically had no choice.

After booking the inn, we immediately took a walk. By the way, Norn had to guard our room. Sorry.

This place seemed to be a small town with a lot of people coming and going along the roads around here, and I saw quite a few travelers, merchants, and adventurers.

Hmm, the townspeople were doing pretty well, so it might be a good idea to make a base as an adventurer here for a while.

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There were many places to have a meal in the town, such as a bar and dining room with inn service, or other restaurants that serve a light meal. Other than that was stalls that sell vegetables and junk-food-looking meals managed by uncles, aunts, boys, and young men.

As we were purchasing items from an open stall aunt who sells vegetables, we asked her about a delicious restaurant here. Just as I expected, she told us that restaurants with inns usually didn’t serve delicious food.

Adventurers who stayed for a long time usually chose cheap inns or inns with taverns, and that caused problems such as noise and fights… It’s unfortunate, but let’s not go there.

And the most delicious restaurant here was a dining room. We probably would go there often, then. If I could rent the inn’s kitchen, I could also cook for myself. But I didn’t want to make trouble again… how annoying.

After having a late lunch at the delicious dining room we heard about, we decided to take a peek at the Adventurer’s Guild and walk around on foot.

“The restaurant is pretty good.”
“Is that so? I’m used to Ren’s cooking, so I don’t think it’s that delicious.”
“Me too~”
“Nah, I think it was delicious since the soup has a lot of vegetables, you see? That’s nutritious and good for the body.”
“Ah~ That makes sense.”
“Muu. Arisa, you traitor!”

The main sauteed horned rabbit meat was quite bland, but the bread was surprisingly white! It was soft and easy to eat, so it got nice points for the girls. Well, it’s still inferior to my own yeast.

But that thing would be pretty complicated for adventurers… Munching black bread gave its own kind of satisfaction, but you wouldn’t be able to eat white bread regularly, especially during an expedition. If anything, I think people went to that dining room to celebrate something or have a little luxurious dining out. Did they have visitors coming in? Was it profitable doing that kind of business…?


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