Chapter 130 – I Finished the Equipment, so It’s Time to Head Out!… Just Kidding Part 1

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2404 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 982 words

The long-awaited golem armor (temporary) had been completed!

Well, I couldn’t deny that I got too excited on the way and I did some things without much thinking, which ended pretty badly. But that’s fine! I reflected on it and regret nothing!

And this was the finished golem armor with a total length of around 2.5 meters. The name was, hmm… ‘Magic Armor’? It was armor, and I made it using magic. That made sense, right?

By the way, it looked like a capsule with limbs on it. It looked like a certain legendary samurai called Kageki. Meaning, there was no head.

The capsule part, which was the trunk part, was the cockpit; the front would open up, and that’s how I get in and out.

By the way, there were four legs, and they were ‌big and rough. I tried to make it two, but it kept falling down and couldn’t get up when I used it to walk in the woods… As a result of prioritizing stable walking on rough roads, this happened.

However, caterpillar tracks were attached to the ankles, so roller dashing was possible in open places. Caterpillar was the romance!

There are two arms. However, adding them was also quite difficult. I attached a foldable sub-arm around the legs for delicate work. The installation location was a bit strange, but I didn’t have any other suitable location.

I had a good reason for making it 2.5 meters in total length; this way, I could use it in closed or narrow places. You see, I want to go to the dungeon someday. I also adjusted it since I had a small build.

I planned to make a larger ‘Magic Armor’ in the future, but this was also a kind of prototype. First‌, I focused on small size and practicality; I’ll remodel it later, anyway. And I also wanted to collect operational data, so this might be relatively appropriate.

The boarding area was quite small, so resting there wouldn’t be very good. The driver’s seat was cushioned, so it’s very comfortable to sit in. Long marches might affect my back, I wouldn’t compromise on these things. I attached a belt to the driver’s seat and fixed it around the waist, which meant I had to remove my cloak when boarding.

The driver’s seat was equipped with headgear and a built-in visor, which synchronized with a mono-eye-like object on the front. The headgear visor could also be flipped up. It would be nice to have a big monitor around me, but my skill was still lacking… It’s always painful to realize how I didn’t have basic [Alchemy] skills.

I will omit the details of the technical, structural, and systematic parts, but the area around this seat was the most important part of the magic armor. There was a synchronization mechanism around this seat with the ‘Magic Armor’ itself. Specifically, [Golem Control] and [Golem Synchronization].

The control stick and foot pedal were mostly decorative. I could move the ‘Magic Armor’ as an auxiliary, but the main control was synchronized control by skill. If the pilot didn’t have the skill, the cockpit area itself was a kind of magic tool, so it’s possible to move it without any problems. However, the synergistic effect of the pilot who possessed the skill enabled more advanced maneuvering.

Its power depended on the pilot’s magic power, supplied directly from the seat. However, the fuel efficiency was extremely poor, so only I could move it now. I also had to improve this part. Well, other than me, an otherworldly man with great magic power should be able to operate it.

But I had to prepare for emergencies, so I installed a large magic battery on the back of the ‘Magic Armor’ that was removable. I could synthesize a large number of magic stones that I had accumulated so far using [Creation Magic] to make high-quality magic stones, so I tried to make the battery. I could also use it as auxiliary power, so it gave some flexibility in terms of operation.

I armed the golem with a large shield and halberd. The large shield had a pile bunker, which could steady the unit by hitting it against the ground. Of course, it’s possible to attack the enemy with it. A flexible weapon was important!

I chose a halbert to emphasize reach and versatility. The other reason was because I liked it that way. I even wondered whether I should use a drill at the tip.

I really wanted to add a drill, so I made a separate drill lance. I could replace it in an instant using my [Storage], so it might be interesting to try making various other weapons in my spare time.

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The entirety of the body is made out of mithril, including both the boarding part and the cockpit. I focused on defense. The important thing was that it also functioned as a shelter. The combat power was only a bonus.

For the same reason, I made the limbs using magic steel. It would be damaged and breakdown easily, so I should make it easy to replace. In addition, I could replace the limbs in an instant using [Storage]. [Storage] was seriously too broken.

By the way, while adding various things to it increased the benefits, it’s still considered armor. Moreover, I could also exercise my magic.

As for the moving sound, it’s possible to silence it by making use of the wind. It wouldn’t make a noticeable noise now.

Depending on the combination, I could do various interesting things, so I should research this matter later on. You see, I want to do optical camouflage too…

However, it’s not like the golem armor has no drawbacks. By performing fighter maneuver with all my might, all my MP would run out in around five minutes, including the battery. I would even faint.


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