Chapter 129 – In the End, I’m Someone who Likes to Stop By Here and There Part 2

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2992 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1242 words

However, the guild wasn’t stupid. The assessment for clan registration for a small number of people with large age differences and rank differences would be harder, or so I heard…

Eh? Did we manage to register our clan? Of course we did. What?

I have a high contribution to the guild; you know? That made the guild’s evaluation of me quite high, so we didn’t meet any problems. I always did my work seriously, okay…

Then, what was it again? Ah, why did we act separately?

As I just explained, we were at a separate party for convenience, but my other reason was to renew their equipment. I also wanted to make a present to thank them.

There’s too much gap between the level of Lily’s party equipment and mine. But she gave me hairpins when I got into my rehab, remember? That’s why I wanted to make equipment for the two of them as a thank-you gift.

And what I had created was these.

First, Lily’s ring.

I bestowed [All Attribute Strengthening LV5], [Magic Power Consumption Reduction LV 5], [Magic Power Recovery Promotion LV5], [Magic Power Operation LV5], and [Magic Effect Amplification LV3]. Lily had her own cane, and she seemed to like it, so I chose an accessory for her. The name is… Hmm, how about [Amplification Ring] or ‘Magic Ring’?

Next was ‘Mithril Robe’. It used the same Mithril fabric as my clothes. A magical robe you put on your clothes. I bestowed [All Attributes LV5], [Defense Strengthening LV5], [Durability Strengthening LV5], and [Weight Reduction LV5]. The level of the bestowal was slightly lower than my equipment. I watched myself.

And then Arisa’s sword.

It was a one-handed sword made of Mithril. I bestowed [Wind Attribute LV5] [Non-Attribute LV5] [Attack Enhancement LV5] [Durability Enhancement LV5] [Muscle Enhancement LV5] [Agility Enhancement LV5] [Weapon skill: Acceleration].

While increasing Arisa’s strengths, I tried to make up for her weakness. [Muscle Enhancement] and [Attack Enhancement] made up for her light blow, while [Agility Enhancement] and [Wind Attribute] raised her speed. Since a single attribute sword lacked versatility, I chose [Non-attribute].

The weapon skill was a technique that ‘accelerates all actions,’ ‘accelerate attack power,’ and ‘accelerate thinking speed.’ It was a strange abnormal technique that could strengthen anything depending on what the user made it be. Well, it would be hard for her to master it, but Arisa should do her best!

Eh? The name of the sword? The name is… thinking about it was too bothersome, so I’ll leave it to Arisa!

And the last one was the gauntlets. Or maybe something similar to that?

Arisa told me ‌she would rather have both of her hands free so she could flexibly move. That’s why I thought gauntlets would be better than a shield ‌she had to grip all the time.

Apparently, Arisa could maneuver herself depending on the equipment she had in her hands. She could punch using a gauntlet, stabbing the enemy within a gap and parrying using a dagger, and naturally ward off an attack using a shield.

In addition, Arisa also had a dual-wielding skill, so she used her swords in parallel like that before. That would make her have more equipment. However, Arisa told me with a friendly smile that she’d rather have gauntlets than a shield since increasing the weight of her equipment more than this would become a problem.

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And she learned how to fight by experiencing the real battlefield over and over again a long time ago… scary.

Anyway, she made such an order, so I made a Mithril gauntlet for her left hand. I tried to cover her upper arm and attach a slightly larger plate armor to the forearm side so she could use it as a small shield. Choosing a safer way, I bestowed [Non-attribute LV5] [Attack Strengthening LV5] [Defense Strengthening LV5] and [Durability Strengthening LV5]. A gauntlet in the right hand was unnecessary for now. I decided to create it when she needed it.

Hmm, a gauntlet with [Attack Strengthening], huh… It might be interesting. Nn…?

As a bonus, I also bestowed [Non-attribute LV3] to the narrow-bladed sword she originally used. It was made of magic steel, so I could finish it soon.

Lily was watching us with a distant look when I handed over this equipment, but there should be no problem.

Arisa was joyful and said, “I’m finally a magic swordsman!” I think Lily should be happy too!

With that kind of feeling, I renewed their equipment. And practical training was essential for mastering the equipment.

It took me a long time to make them… or that was my excuse to stay in my room for around a week. I actually completed everything in two days.

What was I doing the rest of the time? Of course it’s my daily routine. Don’t make me say it, it’s embarrassing.

Well… I think there shouldn’t be any problem? Perhaps I didn’t notice myself making a mistake, but I didn’t think there was anything in particular.

That being said, I made a bluff that I had a habit to seclude myself when concentrating on making items. That way, no one would bother me.

We were going to be working together from now on, so it would be hard for me to make time to do my daily routine. So it couldn’t be helped.

Eh? Could I do it even if I wasn’t at my house? Well, it wasn’t that simple.

This time, I built a separate work hut for making things. I also set up a bed and told them I would sleep there. Then I dug an underground passage from the work hut, created a large space deep inside the ground, and took out my house there. Even if someone called me during my work, I could say I didn’t reply because I was too focused. My preparations were perfect. Hahaha1!

Ah, by the way, we took turns in the meal duty since all of us had the [Cooking] skill. That was Lily’s suggestion since she didn’t want to burden me alone. In fact, most of the large luggage was carried in my [Storage]. Considering the division of roles of all the members, it’s undeniable that my burden was quite large.

However, Arisa was a little dissatisfied. Arisa’s [Cooking] skill was LV2, so she didn’t want to be compared since her skill was the lowest among us three? By the way, Lily was LV4, the level enough to open a restaurant. Mine was LV10. I had to live quietly to make it inconspicuous! There are also problems with my recipes; how annoying…

Well, that’s why there wasn’t much problem with food, even if I secluded myself for a while.

In addition, I temporarily stored the ingredients and other battle loots they got in their training in Norn’s [Item Box]. When I came out of my room, I moved them to my [Storage]. Besides, as long as they freeze raw meat with ice magic before storing it in Norn’s [Item Box], it would stay good for a long time.

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That being said, most of the monsters that appeared in the area we secluded ourselves in were goblins and kobolds. Orcs appeared seldomly, but we didn’t have to worry too much about it.

Anyway, I updated their equipment as they trained, so now was my equipment’s turn.

Hmm, golem armor… do this and that… oh, this is bad. It’s getting more and more interesting.


  1. Silva: Wow, talk about overkill!

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