Chapter 128 – A One-Man Reflection and Setting Out on a Journey Part 1

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3219 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1483 words

The next day, Lily and Arisa had already gone to work. Humans wouldn’t be able to eat unless they work…! To be honest, I didn’t think they needed to work that hard since we were still staying in Lily’s parents’ house, but they didn’t seem to agree. How diligent.

I was presently taking a small walk in the garden after breakfast. Once I checked whether I could get out of the house with no problems, I returned to the room I borrowed.

Yeah, there’s no problem. With this, I could escape my bad seclusion.

And I planned to have a one-man reflection meeting to solve my biggest problems. First, I sat cross-legged on the bed. I should fold my arms as well. Frowning sounds good as well. I might look serious that way.

… Right, let’s stop joking now. I have to think seriously.

First‌, let’s look back at the incident of me being attacked by thugs last time. To say it bluntly, I didn’t have enough sense of crisis. I believed I could do anything, so I wasn’t being vigilant at all.

I said that it was all Vector’s fault when I was depressed, but I also had to hold myself responsible, or else it would be bad for me in the future.

Well, I’m not saying that I brought this on myself. Of course, Vector also has a part in it. But I should have contacted Vector to ask about the escorts after hearing it from Master. This was completely my mistake.

But my biggest problem was my lacking sense of crisis and vigilance. The cause was… my pride. I knew it.

After regaining the memory of my previous life, I thought I was doing things while putting my ‌safety as my top priority. That way I avoided problems until now. That probably led to me being conceited without me realizing it, and I was steadily getting more and more careless when doing something.

It might be because I had avoided many problems even with my flawed method, or because I never confronted a problem on my own… that led me to fall into a dangerous situation.

However, I avoided the worst situation this time, and I was very grateful that I still reflected on it. Let’s think of it as a merit of injury… I would make sure nothing like this should happen the second time, and I was truly lucky. My LUK was rotten, but I had people saving me on perfect timing.

… By the way, I just confirmed that I finally had a LUK of 1! Damn it!

Let’s pull myself together. Now then, the main premise was to be cautious about my future actions and not to forget this matter. Plus, I shouldn’t act alone.

As for the former, I would like to believe that I would do better after experiencing such a dangerous situation.

As for the latter, I would ‌act with either Norn or Bell in the open air for the time being. This was essential until I found a way to protect myself, which I was currently thinking of.

Regarding my activities in the town, I would form a party with Lily and Arisa, so my safety should be more secure than before. However, I should still bring Bell with me. Norn was too big and we would get unwarranted attention… I glanced at Norn as I apologized. I’m really sorry.

I would use a basic carriage to move on outdoor roads. I should literally use it all the time, even when entering or exiting the town. Let’s not be stingy on the entrance tax. Safety was more important. As for the coachman, I could use golems outside the town, but I would have to ask Arisa and Lily when moving in the town. Let’s give up on the horse golems.

If possible, I’d like to have some reliable companions… How about sounding Triela and the others out about this matter? But they also had it hard for them, and they just started getting better these days… Hmm, let’s not bother them. And I had to check with Lily and Arisa about increasing our companions, so I’ll talk about this later.

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Now let’s decide on what to do once I leave the royal capital. To be honest, I was still scared of places with many people. So I wanted to leave the royal capital and spent some time in the countryside around Harula.

Those were my plans for now. I still had many things I had to decide and be careful about, but let’s leave it at here for now.

Next was one of the various measures; the poison.

Regarding this, the problem was actually getting solved at present. When I looked at my status the day after the incident, I noticed that my poison resistance skill had increased to LV1.

Then I became an insomniac and started using sleep potions when it’s time to sleep, you know? My body apparently counted it as poison… And the skill was now LV3.

Drinking potions my body found harmful while making sure I wouldn’t hurt myself would raise the level naturally. So from now on, I should take poisons while aiming for LV10.

… Even I realized that it sounded crazy.

By the way, liquor was considered poisonous. I liked liquor, but not being able to feel drunk was a bit… But hey, I could drink as much as I wanted, right? But… Hmm.

Apparently, I could consciously weaken the skill effect, so let’s adjust it when needed.

My second countermeasure was avoiding danger. My goal was to acquire and strengthen higher-level skills that could alert me and help me detect things.

… But, I already had new skills for this. I found out when I checked my status the next day, along with the poison resistance.

The new alert skills were [Danger Detection], [Danger Avoidance], both of which were LV1. The detection skills were LV1 [Sign Detection] and LV1 [Sign Block] which was better than [Stealth]. Yeah, you could say that the parts I wanted to improve were improving.

Oh, and I got [Stealth Move], which was the lower-version of [Stealth]. I probably got it as a bonus. It was already LV10 from the start. Since my [Stealth] was already LV10, it’s not strange that the lower skills I learned later on got adjusted appropriately.

Anyway, I acquired all the skills I wanted, so all I had to do was raise the level. Yeah, that’s easy.

By the way, [Danger Detection] was a skill that would pop up immediately when it sensed danger. [Danger Avoidance] made my body move on its own to avoid danger. I felt like I might get taken in the wrong direction and only bring me to another trouble with this skill… Let’s be a bit more careful.

Maybe you could say that [Sign Detection] was a form of [Detection] that specialized in detecting the signs of living creatures? And as a specialized skill, it was very effective. [Sign Block] had the same effect as its name. I could use this when sniping in hidden places.

With this, the number of my auxiliary skills increased.

… Actually, there’s one big problem… The LV of my [Seduction] skill had increased to 2.

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When those thugs saw my face, they were tempted to do unspeakable things to me, and that made me gain experience points… For the time being, I should always wear my glasses bestowed with [Disguise] and [Concealment]… I hope this will help. Ah, let’s add [Sign Block] too, just in case.

Oh right, [Disguise] and [Concealment] had increased by one level each to LV7. I noted this as well.

The third countermeasure was strengthening my combat power. This was important.

First, I should strengthen Norn and Bell. Or I should say strengthening my taming skills. That being said, spending time with them so far made me learn [Familiar Synchronization] and [Familiar Strengthening].

[Familiar Synchronization] was a skill that literally let me synchronize with the five senses of my familiar and borrow their sight and hearing. This was going to be extremely convenient if I needed information from the familiar who went out for reconnaissance.

[Familiar Strengthening] was a powerful skill that raised all status of the familiars who served me. It was LV1 now, so the rate of increase was 10%. Norn and Bell had high status from the beginning, so having a 10% increase would be pretty brutal.

After that, I [Analyze] the residual poison that had adhered to my clothes, only to find out ‌I learned an unsettling skill. [Poison Preparation]. This was a dangerous skill to increase the effect of the poison I created. To be honest, I didn’t know how to use it… But I could also weaken the effect of the poison, so let’s use it to raise the level of my poison resistance.


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