Chapter 128 – A One-Man Reflection and Setting Out on a Journey Part 2

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2725 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 0 words

Right, it surprised me that my skills increased at once, but another thing that surprised me was the sudden increase in my magic status. Originally, my maximum MP was 2100, which was over ten times that of Lily’s‌. But now it was 3600. The 1500 sudden increase surprised me. My MGC also increased by 200, becoming 910 now. It would reach four digits soon…

Hmm, the reason ‌my skills had increased was probably because I got out of a crisis‌, but I really didn’t understand the reason for my MP and MGC improvement.

When I got through hard times before, I experienced having my skills increasing and my levels going up at once… But what about this? Uhh… I should keep it in the corner of my mind and examine it later.

My fourth countermeasure was strengthening my equipment. This was the most important point.

I gave up on strengthening my ‌close combat capability. I realized that I didn’t have any motor nerves or fighting sense. So I should make equipment to supplement that area. In short, armor. That should also be armor I could handle.

But as you could see, I was petite and powerless. This was what I thought, but… I think my growth wouldn’t change much from now on, and I was about to give up hoping for a growth spurt. Yeah, I gave up on increasing my height.

Physically, it’s impossible to use heavy armor. Even if I bestowed [Weight Reduction] on the armor, having it hinder my movement would be meaningless. I was agile, so I didn’t really like having armor restricting me.

That didn’t mean I didn’t have armor! I moved up my schedule and made what I originally planned to!

I want a golem armor I could ride. That was also called a humanoid mobile weapon, or a robot.

Yeah, that was the second thing I had always wanted to make since a long time ago.

The first thing I wanted to make was an elaborate, self-supporting android. I think I should be able to make it once I raised my [Automata Creation] skill level.

By the way, I also had the third thing I wanted to make. But that was still a secret.

Eh? Why did I want to make a robot? That’s because it’s related to my work in my previous life. I diverted humanoid robots to weapons. But I wouldn’t go into details.

Want to know more? No way, it’s annoying. I was reborn and became a different person, so what’s the point? I would use the knowledge since it was convenient, though.

So I wanted to make advanced golem armor… Actually, I was planning to make it after having more skills and materials… Since Norn and Bell were my escorts during outdoor activities, having a golem doing all the work might stunt their growth, so I was troubled by that.

Let’s decide the details of the specifications one by one. And these were what I had decided so far.

After reflecting on various things and devising countermeasures, I should take several days to prepare. I would be mainly buying food and various materials. And withdraw money in the Commercial Guild? Yeah, the amount of my money there had increased again…

I also wanted to go to Arnold’s workshop to say goodbye to them and had Master take me to a wholesaler so I could buy a lot of steel materials. When it came to making golem armor, it wouldn’t matter how much steel I had! At the very least, I wanted to make the entire boarding area with mithril. People might get surprised at me buying as many mithril as I could, but it couldn’t be helped. Huh? I said I would make sure not to stand out? But hey, this was a kind of investment too, you know. Maybe.

That was how I got busy with various preparations until the day of departure that came in no time.

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On that day… I mean, I had already gone out of the gate, but… ‌many people were seeing us off.

Triela and the others came even though I had said my goodbyes to them several days ago, together with Sheryl and her sister. Other than that was Gim and his party member… By the way, no one in the workshop came. Of course, they were busy with their work after all.

After saying my goodbyes to those people again, the last person appeared. It was Vector. For him to take time to come here… doesn’t he have too much free time? Do your job properly.

Still, I didn’t talk with Vector’s party members. I wasn’t close with them. It’s a hassle to get entangled with Neil, and I wouldn’t want to get dragged into trouble too, not currying up to them.

“Don’t you think it’s unnecessary to leave the royal capital?”
“No, I thought I wanted to switch the environment for once.”
“I see… Now that you say that, it’s possible for adventurers like us to work elsewhere for a while, huh?”
“Yes… I’m sorry for leaving abruptly after receiving a lot of help from Vector.”

I had reflected on myself, so I decided that I had to deal with Vector to some extent. It was troublesome, though. But I was also at fault here, so it couldn’t be helped.

“No, about that incident, I didn’t contact you beforehand, so it’s my fault… I’m sorry for that…”
“I think the biggest reason is that I didn’t have enough sense of crisis, ‌so please don’t apologize so much.”
“… I guess hearing that makes me feel a bit better.”
“I couldn’t erase my habits when I grew up as an orphan. I have to change too.”

Now then, let’s feel him around here.

“… Are you an orphan?”
“Yes, well… Orphans have it hard too. They have to worry about life and so on.”
“I guess so…”
“Yes… Orphanages are pretty similar, but mine is privately run. How can I say this… We have an investor, so we need to follow their intention… Orphanages owned by the state may be different, though.”
“Following the intention of the investor?… Did something happen?”
“Who knows?”

I concealed it with a smile. He might find something if he suspected my words and investigated it. Even if he solved the problem, I didn’t ask for it, so I didn’t have any debt to him. Nah, I wasn’t being sly, okay? He was also indebted to me, so having this to call it even would save me a lot.

I said little since Triela and the others were here. I wasn’t confident that Vector could solve this matter just because I asked him properly too. I just thought it would be nice if he could investigate it. Who knows, maybe I would get lucky to get some information when I meet him again one day?

Vector was pondering for a while after listening to my meaningful words, but he soon returned to his usual handsome smile. It was the usual shady-looking smile.

“Ren, let’s go soon.”
“Ah, yes.”

Lily called me out at the right time, so I bowed at them lightly for the last time, got into the carriage, and departed.

It’s sunny today, a good day for departure. What would happen in the future, I wonder?



  1. SIlva: The End. ~Fin~

    That’s all folks, this is the last chapter! Hope y’all enjoyed this long journey with us and more so, a big thank you to the translator who stuck around until the end. It’s been a meaningful journey.

    Yeah, no, who am I kidding. This ain’t the last chapter yet. We still have a little more than a dozen chapters to go through, but it just feels so appropriate to end it here.

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