Chapter 127 – Yay, It’s a Date!… Eh, Is This a Date? Part 2

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2899 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1332 words

… Hundred of years ago. In the beginning, there were several small countries around here, but a black dragon settled in the mountains to the east of here and rampaged, destroying some of those countries.

And a warrior who later became the first king appeared among the troubled survivors, together with a hero who accompanied him on the trip.

… Isn’t it usually the opposite? It’s not a hero with a warrior as his companion?… Huh, I probably shouldn’t think much about it.

Anyway, ‌they challenged the black dragon to save the people.

After discussing many things with the survivors, they went to the northern lake since they heard a legend of a God living there to ask for the God’s help.

They overcame a number of hardships along the way and arrived at the lake safely. There, they met the God of the Wind, received a holy weapon, and used it to defeat the black dragon.

After defeating the black dragon, the people begged the warrior to become their king, and the hero continued his journey to save the people. It ended with a happy ending.

Hmm, I wanted to comment on a lot of things… Could I? No? But, hey; it was a story about the royal family. Criticizing it would be bad, right?

But I found out several things after listening to that story.

The lake north of the royal capital was treated as a sacred place for the royal family because of its founding. And the people of this country believed in the God of the Wind. It made sense.

The king and the hero received the holy spear and the holy sword from the God of the Wind, respectively. The spear was later named after the first king, “Dragon Spear Georgius,” and the holy sword was called “Ascaron.”

The first king named the royal capital after the name of the hero’s sword ‌to pay homage to his comrade and friend. Also, the name of the first king became the surname of the royal family. The royalty surprisingly did as they like, huh?

By the way, the spear was presently in the royal family’s possession as a national treasure. Also, they made an armor using the scales of the black dragon they defeated. It also became a national treasure.

… Huh? Spear and black armor? I feel like I saw it somewhere before…? Hmm… It wouldn’t be anything important if I couldn’t remember it. Whatever.

What piqued my interest more was the whereabouts of the hero and the holy sword. Especially the holy sword. Apparently, it still existed somewhere… I wanted to see the real deal. My [Holy Sword Creation] skill hadn’t improved at all, so it might be helpful.

Well, that concluded the story about the founding of this country.

Eh? How come I didn’t know about the country I lived in? Hey, it’s not like a person of a nation had to know something that happened a long time ago. Not all the Japanese knew about ‘The Chronicles of Japan’ or ‘The Record of Ancient Matters’, okay? Do you think they could explain it to foreigners? Impossible, right? It’s the same for me.

After watching the theater, we hung out until dinner. We had nothing else to do. Buy the groceries, you say? Hey, I was on a long-awaited date. Doing that was a bit… Looking at equipment was also a no for the same reason. In the first place, I could make some myself.

However, three of us were making a living by becoming an adventurer. It’s expected that our conversation got slanted toward that when we didn’t have any other topic left. But thanks to that, we agreed that I would form a party with Lily and Arisa to work together.

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Ah, yeah. I got invited. Lily and Arisa came back to invite me, so I accepted their goodwill.

Plus, since I was scared to do things solo after getting attacked the other day, having them with me would help a lot. To be honest, I also thought about how I should bring up this subject, so having them invite me was a blessing.

After that, it became hard to kill time until ‌the reservation, so we went to the restaurant earlier. No way, window shopping for several hours was impossible for me. Definitely.

Even though we went to the restaurant earlier than the reservation time, we were welcomed warmly and they served us tea until our seats got empty. As expected from a first-class expensive restaurant.

And when it’s time for us to eat in the private room, we enjoyed chatting about a lot of things. And the meals of the leading restaurant in the royal capital were very delicious.

That being said, it wasn’t that different if compared to the territory’s restaurant we went to before. This would offend them a bit, but I feel like they could improve this more. It was really a shame. Well, I probably felt that way since I had my previous life memory and stuff like that, though.

It’s late at night after we finished the meal, so we stayed overnight.… No. We went home to Lily’s house. As expected, I couldn’t muster enough courage to propose having minors stay in a hotel. It was a shame.

Eh? What am I saying after having a terrible experience just someday before? Hey, that’s the reason ‌I want to be healed by cute girls. You wouldn’t understand.

Even so, I would sleep with Lily in the guest room I borrowed. By the way, Arisa would join us today. I had beauties in both my hands.

Oh, and I got a present from them before I went to bed.

“Yes. We saw your bangs sometimes getting in a way when you’re cooking… We guessed you’re keeping your bangs long since you want to hide your face, but you don’t have to be so vigilant from now on since we’re going to work together!”

I see. Lily was cute. Seeing her say such a thing with an embarrassed face was lovely. And cute. There’s no doubt that she was making me fall in love with her.

Leaving that joke aside, I got a total of six hairpins, including the spares. The design was simple and there was no pattern. It was made of magic steel with silver plating on the surface. And when I took a closer look, these hairpins had [Advanced Magic Power Recovery] bestowed. Even if it’s only LV1.

“This has [Advanced Magic Power Recovery] bestowed, right?”
“How could you find out!? You just saw it a bit, right!?”
“Lily, this is Ren, so no need to be so surprised… It won’t be strange if she has [Appraisal]~”

They still talked like I was a big bad guy, huh?

“Yes. I have [Appraisal], and it helps me a lot.”

By the way, they got their acquaintance to bestow this onto the item. Maybe Lily’s aunt had a connection with someone of that profession? Hmm, I want her to introduce me to an alchemist… I want to learn [Alchemy] skills.

Ah, I had to thank them as well. Maybe I should make some equipment with high usability… Accessories would be better, wouldn’t it? Hmm. But Arisa said she wanted a magic sword before… I’d like to include that as an option. But anyway, I’ll make something as I look at the time.

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I went into bed with such a thought, but I couldn’t fall asleep, so I thought about it. I couldn’t afford to use my brain when I was depressed, but now that I had cooled my head, I realized there were many things I had to consider. Actually, I also thought about various things during the rehabilitation date, okay.

That’s how I roughly decided on various reflections, countermeasures, and future plans. Let’s work on the details tomorrow. Hmm, I had so many things to reflect on, and that made me depressed in a different sense…


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