Chapter 116 – Why Did This Happen! Part 1

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2856 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1252 words

… What kind of joke is this?

Giants. They were in the same rank as the sub-dragon species. No, even more dangerous if we were unlucky. However, they originally lived in the mountains and rarely appeared in remote areas.

The giant that just appeared looked like it was ten meters tall… I didn’t feel like I could win even if I fought properly. Did I do something wrong? Just what kind of punishment game is this?

While I was escaping from reality for a moment, the giant walked through the forest. And numerous goblins and orcs also emerged from the forest, following suit.

Not only do we have to face a giant, but also many goblins and orcs.

Immediately after thinking we had won the disadvantageous defense battle, the reinforcement of the enemy drastically increased. Rather, those were the main forces, right?

Apparently, the adventurers of the defense force were also stunned by the situation. They were all completely frozen, looking up at the giant.

Not caring about everyone’s attention on the battlefield, the giant raised its arms and a chunk of ice appeared between his hands. It gradually grew bigger, eventually big enough to be carried by the giant.

Then… the giant swung it full force and threw it.

As it roared, the huge ice block hit the town wall. After it reached the target and shattered, a huge crack appeared in the wall which should have been sturdy enough.

Everyone in the field, including the defense force, came back to their senses right after the ice blocks crashed.

Everyone started to run around while raising a clamor and shooting arrows at the giant… it didn’t seem very effective, but they couldn’t just stand still doing nothing.

I also had to do something… but first.

“TrieLa, take everyone back to the town. It’s dangerous here.”
“That’s… I see. Okay, I understand! Everyone, follow me!”
“Wait, Triela! Are you leaving Ren like this!?”
“We’ll get in the way if we stay here!”
“…! …Okay, I’ll go.”

I feel bad for Rico, but I couldn’t say anything since it’s just as Triela said. There’s no way I could protect everyone while fighting against something like that. Rather, how could I deal with that monster? This is no longer an impossible game, but a f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g troll game.

Shortly after Triela and the girls ran towards the gate, the giant threw another block of ice.

No matter how sturdy the walls were, they wouldn’t be able to withstand that attack forever. I also wasn’t stupid enough to silently watch that happening. I shot dozens of stone gravel into the huge ice blocks to ‌destroy it.

The way I shot it continuously was like a Gatling gun, but it wasn’t very effective since it mostly only scraped the surface of the ice block a little. In the end, the second ice block also hit the wall. The cracks became even bigger and the upper part of the wall slightly collapsed.

The wall wouldn’t be able to take the third crash… I didn’t have time to think about what to do. The giant already made the third ice block.

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The defense force wasn’t stupid enough to allow the third attack. They went to attack the giant in a crowd, but the goblins, the orcs, and the remaining ice wolves blocked them, causing them unable to approach the giant.

As the defense force gathered, not knowing how to handle the situation, the ice block increased in size and was released from the giant’s hands.

Isn’t this a bit too overkill? Could that giant stop already?

I threw my burst daggers without hesitation, activating ‘final strike’. The sound of the explosion was louder than when the ice block hit the wall, shattering the block into pieces.

… I used this since shooting a ton of stone gravel wouldn’t work no matter what, but the destructive power was beyond my imagination! It also surprised me!

When I was getting scared of the destructive power, even if I used it myself, my surroundings became dark. What? Looking up, the giant was about to raise its arm and throw his fist down.

… Ah, I’m dead.

The melody of a Scottish folk song ran in my head, and I closed my eyes in front of the approaching giant fist.

I could hear a roaring sound as that fist landed on me.

This was an unfortunate ending… But it’s good that it didn’t hurt.

Perhaps because I was crushed by such an enormous fist, I immediately turned flat, not having time to feel any pain. It’s good that it didn’t hurt, but I felt ‌unfortunate that my corpse became a brutally pressed flower.

Even though I was reborn, it was a short life… As I looked back on my life; I felt a cold wind hitting my face.

I fearfully opened my eyes, only to see the scenery flowing at high speed.

“Huh? Norn?”

When I turned my head to check the situation, Norn was sprinting while biting on my collar… seems like Norn jumped in and rescued me at the last moment.

After I got over my admiration toward Norn, I felt the cold wind hitting my face, and my body trembled in fear.

No no no no no no! Impossible, no way! No way! I will die! It’s impossible to fight against that monster!

My body kept shivering, and I felt like peeing, my teeth chattering. After running for a while, Norn suddenly stopped and dropped me on the ground. I crouched on that spot, held my knees, and curled up with a tremble.

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Staying like that for a while made me calm down at an unnatural speed… Oh, this was [Mental Tolerance], right? It’s convenient, but also tasteless… I could even afford to think about such a silly thing.

I stood up and took a deep breath… Yeah, I’ve calmed down.

“I’m sorry, Norn, I’m fine now… And thank you for saving me.”

Norn licked my cheeks. Maybe she was comforting me? I’m sorry for making a mistake, Norn. But… Hmm, life-threatening battle did not suit my personality… I thought I’d wet myself. Fortunately, I didn’t pee just now. But doing a battle at a close distance was impossible for me. As a loser, shooting the opponent from afar suited me more…

Now that I had regained my calm, and I felt a little better, I checked my surroundings again. I could see the giant at a reasonable distance.

At the feet of the giant were the adventurers… hm? Is that Bell? Bell was trying to hinder its movement… Hmm, they didn’t seem to make any effective damage just by attacking its feet. Rather, Bell’s offensive magic was better than any of theirs.

Since they were attacking from below, why didn’t they aim at its vital points? Like its rod or balls1?

Let’s stop thinking about useless things and participate too! I didn’t want Bell to be injured. I got on Norn and returned to the front line!

Then, while moving toward the battlefield, I observed the giant using various skills.

Looking at how the giant used magic with an ice attribute, this giant wasn’t just a giant, but a ‘Frost Giant’. It could manifest a huge chunk of ice to deal considerable damage on the walls, so it had high offensive power, was good at ice magic, and had high intelligence.

Also, the giant was clad in ice magic power to increase its defense power… [Analysis] sure was convenient.


  1. Silva: Oof, brutal!

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