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Chapter 116 – Why Did This Happen! Part 2

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2855 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1286 words

Now that I knew that its defense was thick, the previous stone gravels most likely only removed its defense. Then I should make rock-sized bullets… Wait, I felt like the giant kept looking at me from a while ago. Maybe it was wary of me? Or maybe it recognized me as a threat because of my anti-aircraft interception earlier? Wow, don’t think of attacking me, seriously…

Although I was fed up, I approached the giant and immediately started attacking by shooting one meter-sized rock bullets. If the one I used before was ‘stone bullet’, now it has been upgraded into ‘rock canon’. From its appearance, it only looked like a ‘ball’ magic. But this canon wouldn’t explode, though.

Shoot, shoot, shoot, while moving in an arc clockwise. However, I couldn’t see much effect.

Seems like the concentration of its magic barrier was increasing, and I couldn’t break its defense after the first shoot… Then let’s try increasing the bullet speed.

The bullet which had increased in speed, successfully broke through the magic barrier and landed, injuring the giant’s arm. But that made the giant angry since it rampaged.

Staying nearby the giant was dangerous, so the adventurers also took a distance and switched to long-range attacks. Naturally, I also followed suit and continued sniping at a farther distance.

However, the giant wasn’t a fool either. It aimed at me and threw a hail of fist-sized ice blocks to hinder me. Apparently, he was now completely focused on me.

Thanks to Norn, who brilliantly avoided with zig-zag movements, I didn’t suffer a single scratch, but I also couldn’t do any significant damage.

Norn’s violent movement caused my hood to open, my silver hair dancing with the wind.

What should I do? Should I use the burst dagger? I could do significant damage with that, but…

When thinking about my next move while shooting mindlessly, I felt a strong magic power from the giant. I turned my gaze to the giant in a hurry, only to see a tornado of ice and snow around the giant, sweeping its surroundings.

The heck is that!?

The tornado around the giant didn’t show any signs of disappearing, ‌covering the giant.

When I tried to shoot rocks to check the situation, they were blown away. I didn’t think I could break through that unless I shoot something bigger… However; I didn’t think I could shoot huge rocks efficiently.

Then I had no choice but to break through using burst daggers… However, I felt like it would get repelled if I throw it from a long distance. If possible, let’s get closer…

As I thought about the distance to throw the dagger while continuing to shoot the rocks, which was not very effective, I saw the giant raising both hands behind the tornado.

Ah, this is bad.

From what I could see, it was aiming to attack the walls again. Those cracked walls wouldn’t be able to withstand the next attack.

I shot the dagger again into the ice block released from the giant’s hand and exploded it.

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The giant, who was disturbed again, grew angry and threw ice gravels at me.

I should finish this off now, huh?

I drank MP healing potion to recover my MP and MP recovery potion to improve my ability in continuous combat.

Next, I took out ten burst daggers from [Storage] and let it float in the air.

Finally, I raised my concentration with [Mental Tolerance] skill. As a result, my pounding heart calmed down.

After renewing my thoughts, I looked at the giant and took a deep breath. Okay, time to fight!

Norn ran toward the giant while avoiding the ice gravel, stepping left and right. Bell destroyed all the ice gravel that occasionally came to me.

Just like that, Norn ran through, aiming for the giant.

We finally got closer to a considerable distance, but first I had to neutralize the defense of that tornado.

“[Fire Wall]!”

I infused an enormous amount of magic power to generate a huge wall of fire. I increased the power using [Magic Effect Amplification] and surrounded it to the giant, instantly melting the tornado of ice and snow.

I felt dizzy after using too much magic power. I overdid it a little. As I clenched my teeth and endured it, the MP recovery potion’s effect gradually recovered my MP, making me feel better.

I shook my head lightly and raised my gaze, looking at the rampaging giant in flames. Since the sudden development confused it, my plan worked well.

I moved to a blind spot while the giant was distracted.

After moving counterclockwise behind the giant, I could see a gap in its back. I threw the burst dagger there.

The dagger hit the giant’s back, exploded and blasted it… but it didn’t seem to be fatal. Its flesh popped open and I could see its muscle tissue and ribs, but the giant wasn’t dead. Apparently, it had magic power circulating inside its body to protect its torso.

If I shoot a few more shots, I might be able to destroy its heart. However, the giant wasn’t stupid. There’s no way it would expose its back repeatedly.

I should find its weak points… I used [Magic Sensing] to search for places where its defense was the weakest.

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The magic power in its limbs were weak. Its head had thicker magic power than its torso… okay, let’s go with this.

Norn increased her speed, and I looked around the giant, looking for a chance. The giant also turned around on its spot, trying to keep me in its sight.

Of course, the [Fire Wall] was still active and well. The giant plunged its feet into the flames, losing its balance after turning around three times.

Having its legs burning, it jumped a little, giving me many chances to attack. I could aim as much as I wanted. First‌, in order to completely reduce its mobility, I shot a dagger at the back of its right knee and made it explode, making the giant lose everything below its knee.

The giant, who lost a leg, collapsed on the spot and began screaming in extreme pain, crawling on all fours.

The rest was easy. I should just shoot three burst daggers into that wide open mouth.

The giant’s head exploded with a loud blasting sound, leaving only a huge headless corpse behind.

After a brief silence, there was a big cheer behind my back.

… Oh, it’s over… I’m tired.

I’m completely exhausted. I don’t want to move at all. I want to take a bath early and sleep.

When I checked the surroundings while riding on Norn, there were still many demons around me. But I didn’t want to move anymore, so let’s leave the rest to them.

Ah… What should I do with this giant? I could make a lot of things using it as a material, and the A-rank demon magic stone would be very useful for creating a sword. At least I wanted the magic stone…

When I was wondering if I should negotiate before the Lord of Winter’s subjugation team returned so I could get it, I heard an even louder cheer.

And after I raised my face… ugh.

Seriously!? The subjugation team was back! Oh no, I had to run away!

I didn’t think I could find Vector from that crowd of people to rearrange the story. Ahh, the giant’s magic stone… Ahhhhh! Damn it! There’s no choice but to give up!

I gave up a lot of things and left the battlefield like a rabbit. Then I escaped to the forest!

F̲u̲c̲k̲! Even though I suffered that much! Ahhhhhh! Magic stone! My magic stoneeeeee!!!1


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