Chapter 115 – Actually, I Think This is the First Time I Participated in Actual Battle Part 1

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3096 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1412 words

I used [Hawk’s Eyes] while grasping on Norn’s back to enhance my eyesight. Thanks to that, I could see the area around the castle from a distance.

The eastern gate where we were heading was closed. I could see a few people nearby. They seemed to be soldiers… According to Triela and the girls; the monsters attacked the north side. Then I should turn right from here…

I instructed Norn to change the direction and head to the north gate. With Norn’s speed, we should arrive in less than ten minutes. Let’s disguise myself for now.

I used [Camouflage] Skill that I tried a few days ago to change the color of my hair and eyes into silver.

Next, I changed the color of Norn and Bell’s furs. Both of their furs turned black now. When it came to black wolf demon beasts, ‘Black Demon Wolf’ was known to be extremely vicious. There’s also the famous ‘Devil Wolf King’, who was believed to have destroyed a country a long time ago.

Fenrir, on the other hand, had silver fur. The color was suitable to use as a camouflage… though they could be mistaken as hostile and got attacked.

However, I felt apologetic to make them disguise themselves into something similar to the incarnation of evil. It’s only for a while, so be patient, okay?

But for some reason, Norn and Bell were in a good mood. Why?… I was silver and Norn and Bell were black. They seemed to be happy that our color was the opposite of the usual one.

Hmm. It’s fine as long as they didn’t mind. Turns out they were so happy about such a trivial thing… How lovely.

After a few minutes passed when riding on Norn, I could finally see the north gate.

Apparently, the battle had started. There were many adventurers and knights fighting with a large flock of demons.

A few adventurer-looking people were fighting against several white wolf demons straight in front of us. They were ‌at a disadvantage since the demons ‌surrounded them. Should I help them for now?

I summoned multiple hammer-shaped stone gravel with earth magic, making it float midair around me. Then I shot it.

I did this aerial attack using [Sword Magic]. Even if it’s called [Sword Magic], it didn’t mean that I could only use it for swords. This could be applied widely. In the first place, I learned this skill after shooting a stone, so this was reasonable. Rather, it would be strange if I couldn’t use it like this.

By the way, I used stone gravel so I wouldn’t stand out. Making swords fly would only give me bad publicity. But then, I had no other way to attack. I couldn’t use any offensive magic.

However, throwing stone gravel like this would make everyone who saw me think ‌I was using earth ‘arrow’ magic.

However, I was worried about the attack power since I was just throwing stones. Therefore, I made the shape of the stone gravel into a hammer, increasing the speed and the power even further by spinning it.

… Well, I planned to use the burst dagger in case of emergency, though.

The moment all the stones shot at high speed hit the head of the wolf demons, I made them explode. My sniper skill was LV7, so it’s impossible for me to miss the target at this range.

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It confused the adventurers when the head of the demons suddenly blew in front of them. But when they noticed me, they made a fuss.

“A black wolf demon!? And it’s so big!”
“No way, Black Magic Wolf?”
“F̲u̲c̲k̲, we have to fight it too…?”

… As expected, they mistook Norn and Bell as the enemy’s reinforcement. However, this was within my plan. I slowed Norn’s speed down and approached them.

“… Wait, someone is riding it?”
“Maybe they’re our ally…?”

After they finally noticed me, their alertness dropped tentatively.

“Are you alright?”
“Yeah, somehow… are you on our side?”
“That’s my intention. I was asked to help by an acquaintance.”
“I see. We’re saved… But you’re amazing. Since you have these beasts following you, your rank should be ‌high, right?”
“Well, yeah…”
“Hey. You said you were asked to help by an acquaintance, but who is it? Are you still going to help us after this?”

Ah, what should I do… From this conversation, they seemed to misunderstand me as a high-ranking adventurer. Giving out Triela’s name would be ‌unreasonable… Okay, let’s say that Vector asked me to help. He also used disguise skill, so he should realize that I disguised myself just like him. Let’s believe that he would have guessed the situation and adjusted the story with mine.

“Vector asked me.”
“Vector!? The ‘Red Hair’!? That b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲! He didn’t tell us he has a backup plan!”

Hmm. It would be nice if I could get in touch with Vector. Could I do that… It’s probably impossible. This made me worry.

“Can you tell me what’s the current situation?”
“Oh, sorry. It’s…”

According to what I heard, the situation was worse than I expected. First, the opponent’s boss was the White Fang. It was a large wolf demon with a strong ice attribute. If you’re asking how strong it was, White Fang was strong enough to be the Lord of Winter when it got older.

At first, that demon brought a lot of Ice Wolves to this town. An Ice Wolf was a wolf demon that also had an ice attribute. It was originally not a very strong monster, but it became a few times tougher during winter. And dealing with it would be even harder with the White Fang commanding them.

And then, another demonized beasts appeared while the adventurers and the knights were struggling with the pack of wolves that attacked in cooperation. They were mainly boars and deers.

Of course, they were since they turned into demons with ice magic. They guessed that the reason the demonized beasts had an ice attribute was probably because of the Frost Salamander.

To make things worse, besides the wolves coming together, the number of opponents with the ability to break through due to the rush had increased. Having too much on their plate, the adventurers didn’t expect bear demons to appear. Just like that, the adventurers and the knights got pushed gradually.

Although no one suffered serious injuries and casualties yet, many people were injured. The current situation was so severe that they barely maintained the front line, with the adventurers exchanging places right after getting medical treatment.

The two men I saved seemed to have separated from the line of defense that held back the demons heading to the gates other than north.

“I think we can manage this once the team that went to subjugate the Lord of Winter comes back, but I’m not sure if we can earn enough time for that… But with your familiars, this might be possible! Can you help us?”
“I will do my best.”

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I came here for that, so I planned to do something about this. I only had to earn enough time, so it should be possible, right?

When I tried to move to the front line while still riding Norn, the adventurers I helped came with me. They were thoughtful, wanting to make sure that the people in the front line wouldn’t mistake me as an enemy like before.

I was thankful for that, but I didn’t like how my speed slowed down. But not having to bother with troublesome interaction was definitely better.

I head to the front line, adjusting my speed with the adventurers. I destroyed all the demons that attacked us on the way with stone gravel. I also stored the corpses.

Depending on the situation, I might escape in the middle of the battle. And even if they defended the town, I didn’t intend to stay until the end. However, I also wanted some income since I participated in the battle. That’s why I collected the corpses I killed. Even so, there was a problem with my [Storage]’s recoverable distance, so leakage might occur.

As I did such a thing, I could gradually see the line of defense. There were some simple barriers made of wood… But most of the demons already broke into the barrier. For the time being, I sped up and dash into the front line.

“I’ll head there first!”


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