Chapter 114 – Don’t You Think Bad Premonition Usually Hit the Mark? Part 2

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3208 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1369 words

First, I should give him the orc leather armor I promised before. However, I sew metal plates on some parts to strengthen the defense.

I prepared a one-handed sword with the highest quality as his weapon. However, I didn’t bestow anything. The specifications were almost the same as Ryuu’s sword. If he wanted to buy this, it would cost dozens of small gold coins, right…? Or maybe a few gold coins…? No, let’s stop thinking.

Next was a shield. I made a round shield with steel, wood, and leather. It would be too heavy for him to lift a large shield. For the time being, the front part was made entirely of metal, so it wouldn’t break easily. When he grew up, he could buy a new large shield completely made of metal. I didn’t bestow this as well.

The leather shield in front of me was for… let’s give it to Ryuu and Cain.

… It’s better than wasting it, anyway.

“Hey, are you sure about this?”
“I’ll be sad if you die.”
“Die… That’s… Well, I understand. But we’ll pay you.”
“You can pay me when you succeed in the world.”
“I’ll work hard.”
“I will work hard to pay you back too!”
“… Ren, I will do my best.”

Um, do your best, guys.

Ah, when they return to the orphanage with updated equipment, everyone else would ‌question it, right? I should think of some excuses now.

Hmm, how about saying that a kind merchant in the royal capital came to see them during his business and lent them equipment because he was worried? Triela had amazing interpersonal communication ability, so it wasn’t impossible… yeah, let’s go with this.

I told Maricle about that, and he nodded in agreement. He said he would tell Triela later.

Now that the excuse was done… I already gave Ryuu equipment before. What’s left was Triela’s spear.

I couldn’t make it if she wasn’t here, could I? I could also make both short and long spears first, though… Oh, and I need to update her armor as well.

While thinking about such things, it’s time to eat dinner. Yup, they naturally would stay overnight here.

After listening to Triela’s team’s stories last time, all three of them wanted to eat stew. So I ‌make cream stew tonight. They liked it a lot since they kept asking for another serving. Hehe!

And then, they took a bath and went to the bed. Their reaction was the same as Triela’s team’s. As for the room allocation, I had Maricle stay in the room Ryuu used before, and let the two girls choose… But Rico and Kuro shared a room. I guess no one liked sleeping alone…

By the way, all the guest rooms had twin beds, so there’s no problem in that area.

The next morning, the three of them didn’t wake ‌until noon. Just as I expected.

After lunch, everyone went home, and I had free time again. What should I do? …Well, I wanted to try making a lot of things. At night, I did my daily routine a little early and went to bed early.

Just like that, I spent my day with such a feeling.

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What was unusual among the things I did during my free time was my research on disguise.

I mean, I might have to go near the town if something really happened, you know? In the worst case, I had to enter the town.

Even though I tightly guarded my face with a hood and muffler, I couldn’t rest assured. But I didn’t want to cut my hair. Then, I thought ‌I should change my hair color.

Vector also did it, right? Then I should be able to do it too!

Then, as the result of trying various things, it’s impossible to disguise with the [Camouflage] skill alone. Apparently, he also changed the color using the light attribute magic.

I tried playing with different hair colors. The one I liked the most was silver hair. I often saw protagonists in reincarnation stories with that hair color, and I feel like it would suit me well.

I also tried changing the color of my eyes, but it kept consuming my MP for some reason. The amount wasn’t much, though.

However, it would be troublesome to maintain this color change for a long time… After changing the hair once, I could maintain it without consuming my MP. Just what’s wrong here?

By the way, I could change the color of other people’s hair, so I tried to play with Norn and Bell. It was fun! I couldn’t help but laugh when they had golden fur. It really hurts my eyes.

Other than that, I made more burst daggers and replenished various consumables. I had a fulfilling day, except that I couldn’t do my daily routine.

And something suddenly happened one afternoon, around ten days after I started staying in this forest.

I already had a strange feeling from the morning on that day. The forest was strangely quiet.

I spent the day wondering why it felt off, and when the lunch was over and I was going to wash Norn’s plates, Norn suddenly raised her head and stared at something.

“… Norn?”

She didn’t move at all, only looking at a space… No, her gaze ‌indicated that something abnormal had occurred.

When I asked Norn, it looked like something terrible had happened. The town of O’Neill was being attacked by a flock of demons.

My [Detection] caught nothing, but Norn learned several upper detection skills. Therefore, she noticed the abnormal situation.

In case the worst thing happened, I should move near the town just in case. I hurriedly stored my house and recovered my barrier tower.

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It’s my fault that I wasn’t good at exercising and didn’t train myself. Even though my body had been corrected with my skills, I still lacked physical strength and immediately lost my breath. My AGI should be high, but my legs didn’t move well, which was frustrating.

When I finally passed through the forest and looked toward the city, I saw a group of people fighting a flock of wolf-type demon beasts…. They were Triela’s team! I rushed out and asked Norn to rescue them.

By the time I reached them, Norn and Bell had finished the demon beasts.

Everyone was panting, but they didn’t seem to be injured. However, there were only the girls here.

During my confusion, Triela came to me, using the spear I gave to her as a cane to steady herself.

“Ren, what a relief… Since you came here, you know that something happened, right?”
“Where’s everyone else?”

I nodded and asked Triela about the situation.

As I had expected, a stampede happened. According to the scout who returned to the town in a hurry, the Master of Winter had more subordinates than their predictions.

The units in the front line were trying to return here, but a powerful monster that could be called the adjutant of the Master of Winter appeared. It led a part of the group and moved to the town. That’s why they need more time to destroy the remaining monsters on the front line.

As a result, not only the city’s reserve force but also adventurers under the age of thirteen years old had to fight. The time-consuming defense battle will need to hold out until the front line unit return.

Under such circumstances, Triela’s team thought ‌my powerful familiars… Norn and Bell could win against these demons, so they tried to inform me.

However, they were attacked by the demons during their move. As they prepared for their annihilation because of the difference in their strength, I rushed in timely.

“That sounds bad… Let’s hurry.”
“Ah, but… is it okay!?”
“I have various plans.”

Yes, I had prepared some measures. And I couldn’t abandon everyone in this situation. Helping everyone was my decision. Let’s think about the rest later on.

“Norn, let me ride you! We have to hurry!”

I hopped onto Norn and hurried to the city. I feel bad for Triela, but I had to go first.

“I’ll go first. Triela, follow me from behind! Norn, Bell, let’s go!”


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