Chapter 99 – Continue Apologizing in Hell!

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2607 words

A magnificent fighting scene was currently unfolding right in front of me. How did this happen?

Originally, after Arle and Rico went back home after I finished renovating their house, they praised me to a great extent. Ecstatic, I got conceited. But a short time after that, the boys came back.

At first, the boys’ group was surprised at the dramatic changes. They were also speechless with how only their rooms remained shabby. Not to mention, Cain kept sending me a weird gaze… I’m sure he was having another delusion convenient for him, but the problem was not Cain. It’s Boman.

Boman suddenly said, “Let’s do a food stall.” It was so unexpected that my mind went blank for a while, but here’s the summary of the group’s interaction after that.

Actually, Boman wanted to do business for a long time. In recent years, there had been a food stall sales contest at the harvest festival in the royal capital. The contest was started to popularize the potatoes, meaning the stalls had to use potatoes in their dishes.

The higher the place one won in the contest, the more money they would get. There were chances that they might be able to find a job at a famous store.

Boman had proposed to take part in the contest to everyone before. However, Triela suddenly got tied into a leasing contract for this house at that time, increasing their expenses. They persuaded him that they couldn’t afford it, so he gave up.

Since Triela and the others initially thought that they wouldn’t be able to have enough money for their winter preparations no matter how hard they worked, Boman knew that he couldn’t be selfish here and drew back. But when he went home today, he found out that the renovation that should’ve taken them a considerable sum of money had been resolved.

Meaning, they didn’t have to worry about the renovation costs that would’ve been incurred from now on. That’s why Boman decided to join the contest.

But Maricle had a different opinion. Even though they no longer had to pay the renovation cost, they still had to think of their expenses for the winter. It’s better to have savings in case of an emergency.

Without thinking, the idiotic Cain said that he wanted to support his close friend’s dreams. He didn’t use his head as usual. What a fool. Was he dreaming when he was awake? Follow Ryuu’s example, won’t you?

By the way, Ryuu was unusually silent.

Triela and Maricle kept persuading Boman and Cain kept defending Boman. But personally, I only had one thing I wanted to know.

“Boman, you say that you want to do business, but you’re not good at calculation, right? How are you planning to do that?”

Yeah, Boman was slacking off in the open-air classes and studied irresponsibly. In the end, I wasn’t very sure about his calculation skills. After I pointed that out, Boman made a ridiculous excuse which made Arle angry…

“Eh? I can just leave that to Arle, right? Arle also said she wanted to do business, plus she’s more skilled in calculations than me.”
“Hah!? I refuse! Why do I have to do that!?”

“Eh? But you said you want to do business in the cooking industry, so we can do it together, right?”
“I said that, but that has nothing to do with you! Rather, I absolutely don’t want to work with you! I refuse!”

“Then who is going to do business with you? You don’t have a suitable partner, do you?”
“It doesn’t concern you at all. And it’s not like I want to do it right at this second. Either way, working with you is definitely out of question.”

“Do you hate working with me that much?”
“Of course I hate it! You’re a guy who’s only thinking about how you can slack off. I’d have to do all the work by myself! To be honest, I’m sure you will slack off again!”

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“This is my dream. There’s no way I will slack off!”
“You said that, yet you’re already slacking off!”

“When did I do that!?”
“When Ren was teaching us, you didn’t take it seriously! If you wanted to do business in the future, you should’ve known that reading, writing, and calculation are all important! And yet, you didn’t study properly. I don’t think someone like you can do anything seriously!”

“That’s… I didn’t think this opportunity would come so soon. When I said I wanted to open some stalls, everyone opposed it, right?”
“And what’s with that? Even if you can’t open the stall right now, there are chances that you can do it someday. I want to start such a business in the future, so I did my best to study for my dream! Why didn’t you do that? It’s pretty clear already, right?”

“Uh… Since everyone opposed it, I thought I could just study later…”
“Later? So you’re opposing me because you can’t calculate right now? You suggested it and yet you’re not good at calculation, so don’t talk about it! Don’t force what you can’t do on others!”

“I’m not forcing you to do it! We can share the roles, right!?”
“Sharing the roles? Hee… Then who will cook? I’m the one who’s skilled at cooking, right? So I’ll cook too? Since I do both cooking and billing, what are you doing? Shop assistant? But after you call the customers and take the order, I have to cook the dish and do the bill? I can’t cook after touching money, okay? Aren’t you being unreasonable here!?”

“Since we’re going to sell food, what are we going to make anyway? For potatoes, I only know how to boil them and sprinkle them with salt. You suggested it, so of course, you have something in mind, right?”

“We have Ren, haven’t we? She’s really good at cooking, so she should’ve known the recipe for delicious potatoes.”
“You want to rely on others for the recipes!? Stop it already! You idiot!”

Arle became even angrier. But I’m sure anyone would flip out if they had to deal with this guy. A human who never made an effort and left all of the tasks to others… It’s not fair since Arle had worked so hard…

“I want to open my own store in the future. So I studied hard and I did my best while cooking. I’m in charge of cooking in this party, but I tried to help as much as I can even if that’s not my role. I want to research recipes and I want to gain more experience. But what about you? You say you want to do this and that, and yet you ask for others’ help for literally everything. Have you ever made anything exquisite when you’re in charge of cooking? You haven’t, right? It’s always the skewered meat Ren taught us. And yet you want to open a food stall? You can just ask Ren for the recipe? Don’t behave like a spoilt child!”

When I was still teaching them, Arle asked me a lot of tips and recipes every time we were on break. As a hardworking person, she couldn’t accept anything Boman said.

“I’ve decided! I will never help you with anything involving food stalls! I also won’t teach you the recipes, so think for yourself if you want to join the contest! You also can’t make Ren teach you!”
“I won’t tell him. He’s not even my friend.”

In the first place, Boman said that he could just ask me for the recipe… Of course, I wouldn’t teach him, right? Why should I do that? He’s not even my friend. Naturally, I refuse.


Huh? Why were Arle and Boman so surprised?

“Boman and I aren’t friends, right?”
“Not friends, you say…”

Hmm, I didn’t understand why he was that baffled.

“In the first place, Boman why did you think I would give you the recipe?”
“That’s… If your friends are in trouble, you will naturally help them, right? You have done so much for us too, haven’t you?”
“I see. So you’re saying that it’s natural that I should help my friends if they’re in trouble. That’s definitely right. If Triela and the other are in trouble, I will help them without questions.”

In fact, I pushed a lot of things on to Triela, Arle, Maricle, and Kuro. I like pampering them.

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“Then I’m right?”
“Yes. That’s why I won’t help Boman. You didn’t help me when I was in trouble. We aren’t friends.”

It wasn’t like I was being friends with Triela and the others because I was that calculating, though. Triela and Arle had become my friends before I noticed it, plus Rico and Kuro were cute. Maricle was the one who had protected me from the beginning, I guess? But what about Boman?

“…When were you in trouble?”
“Anytime after Cain bullied me. You never helped me. You were standing next to Cain, just looking at me.”

Yeah, that’s right. This guy just stood still next to Cain. He didn’t look like he felt anything when he watched me cry. Just remembering that made me angry.

Ohh, his face turned pale at once. Hmm, let’s do the final attack.

“You didn’t help me when I was in trouble, but you think I would help you when you are in trouble? Of course I won’t, you’re the worst. But Ryuu who laughed while pointing at me is even worse.”

Ryuu’s complexion also changed. You could say that I dragged him in or he got hit with a stray bullet, but this was a perfect chance to speak my mind clearly.

“But you agreed with Ryuu’s proposal before, right?”

Oh, the cooking proposal?

“That was because Ryuu had grown beyond my imagination. At that time, I said something that would make him angry on purpose. But Ryuu didn’t get angry and listened to me properly. That’s why I decided to interact with him, but that doesn’t mean that Ryuu is my friend.”
“T-Then what about Cain?”

Hmm? Ryuu, you’re wondering what I think about Cain, who actually bullied me, compared to you who laughed at me when I cried? Then I’ll tell you.

“I don’t even think he exists. I want him to stop breathing right at this moment.”
“He’s obsessed with bullying me, so of course he’s not my friend, right? …By the way, Boman, you said that I have done much for you all, right? But I’m not doing it for you fools. I did it for Triela and my friends. The three of you just got the leftovers. In the first place, I wouldn’t even think of involving myself if they didn’t join the team.”

The three fools hung their heads in shame like they were in a memorial service. Ahh, I felt a little gratified after spitting out the resentment I had pent up for many years… I hope my words would make them a little mature.

Since these guys had received a lot of favors which were the extra bonus of my gifts to Triela and the others, they had probably misunderstood… Anyway, even if I said all of that, I wouldn’t stop spoiling Triela and my friends!

“I…! Ren, I’m so—“If you want to apologize, stop it. I don’t need it anymore.1”—ry… Eh?”
“I don’t need your apology. It’s too late for you to apologize now.”
“Why, you ask? I think I already gave you a lot of chances to do that in the open-air class, right? In the end, you didn’t say anything. It’s already too late. I don’t need an apology anymore. I have no intention to accept it.”
“If so, how can you forgive me…?”
“Forgive you? It’s already too late for that.”

His time to apologize had ended. Cain sure didn’t have enough awareness and cognizance. If he still wanted to apologize, then he had to demonstrate it with his behavior and attitude from now on. But I wouldn’t say it.

After Cain finally understood the situation, the three fools looked even grimmer. Even so, I had one thing I would like to mention.

“Ryuu, listen.”
“…What is it?”

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Yeah, I had something to say to Ryuu.

“Ryuu. The people around you look at your daily conduct more than you think. When you have something, and when you want to do something. Whether you lend them a hand, or whether you try to do something for them. That’s the standard of the judgment of your daily conduct.… You saw that just now, right?”
“… Yes.”

Ryuu nodded. About how Boman was yelled by Arle. About how Cain was rejected by me. Ryuu saw it all.

“Do you remember what I said to Boman just now? You laughed at me when I was bullied and crying.”
“That’s… Um, I’m sorry…”
“Yes. But I’m not angry about that right now. Boman talked about this before, but I noticed this when you came up with the suggestion for cooking. At that time, I deliberately said something hurtful to make you angry. I was testing you. But you didn’t get angry. Why?”
“…I said it at that time, but everyone had told me a lot of things, so I thought I should think about it a little… I’m still doing foolish things, though…”
“That’s great. Boman and Cain haven’t changed, but you have. You worked hard to change. Since you’re aware of your mistakes, you may be a little clever than I thought. Even so, what you’re doing is not foolish at all. You can change.”

In the open-air classroom, Ryuu actually never made a ruckus during the class. And he stopped saying thoughtless words after the cooking proposal. He could act a little imprudent sometimes, though.

He went for it and renewed his attitude… I guess I wanted to cheer him a bit. Well, it might be his starting point was too low that made him look like he had grown so much…

“I’m sure Ryuu can change more. Please do your best.”
“I… I, I will do my best!”

Yeah, do your best.

Wait, don’t you think I looked like I had a condescending attitude by looking down on him like this!? Even though I had thoroughly done whatever I please every day! Ahahaha! Haa… I loathe myself sometimes.

Anyway, that’s how it was. With Ryuu looking downward and crying, I turned around and spoke to Arle.

“Arle, I’ll teach you a recipe, so please be prepared.”
“Heh? Eh, right now? With this flow, you’re suddenly saying that!?”
“That is that, and this is this. You said you bought rice, right? I’ll teach you how to cook it.”
“Ahh~… I’m grateful for that, but we’re doing it in this atmosphere?”

Arle glanced at Cain and the other fools. She looked worried. She didn’t have to mind them, okay? Just leave them alone.

“You can just lock them in the room, right?”

Especially Cain. He had been making various facial expressions since I talked to Ryuu, his gloominess got on my nerves so much.

“I want to teach you a lot more things. If we don’t hurry, we’ll run out of time.”
“A lot!? We don’t have enough time… Uh~… Ah, then you can stay overnight tonight! Our room also has a lock anyway! Okay?”

Eh, stay overnight…? That sounds like a girls night2, doesn’t it!?

“I’d love to!”

I was too simple, I ended up immediately agreeing without giving it much thought. Anyway, I’m going to stay overnight here today! Yay!

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  1. Silva: Harsh~
  2. Lilith: Sleepover?
    Mii: I think that can work here too!
    Robinxen: I changed it from girls-only gathering to girls night because that’s what they’re called right?

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