Chapter 100 – You Deceived Me, Huuuuuuhhhhh!!!

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2667 words

Let me see. I was going to stay overnight here today, but first of all, let’s have lunch. Yeah, it’s still before noon.

Since I just taught Arle how to cook rice, our lunch would be rice. I would also prepare two side dishes. Originally, they planned to clean up the house and purchase missing items, so they bought pieces of bread home to eat it immediately. But now they could eat bread at night.

Anyway, let’s start by polishing the rice first.

I think the reason why rice was unpopular in this country was mostly that they didn’t polish it. They also didn’t know how to cook it. Without polishing it, the taste and texture would be affected… But then, the nutritional value for unpolished rice would be higher.

That’s why I prepared a few mortars and wooden pestles to do that. I had some of these in my [Storage]. I made it in bulks when I taught the landlady how to cook rice. I could just polish the rice using a glass bottle? I wouldn’t do something so troublesome. I prioritized the time efficiency when smashing the grain of rice.

The group who would polish the rice was the girl with free time, Maricle, and Ryuu. Cain and Boman didn’t look like they would be useful since they were being too depressed. I didn’t want them to bother me, so I pushed them into their room.

What should I make for the side dish? Since we just talked about it, how about making something from potatoes? Who cares if they just had a dispute over the food stall! What harassment! …No, I admit I wanted to harass him, but that’s not the main reason I wanted to cook it.

I taught this recipe to Arle, not to Boman. If Boman wanted to know the recipe, he had no choice but to help Arle. If he really wanted to open the stall, he should help her out… He should be aware of his mistakes and do something on his own to achieve his dreams.

I realized that I was being a bit too generous on him, but I didn’t care since half of my intention was to harass him. Maybe I should use the potatoes for dinner too.
As I pondered so, a visitor came. It was Gim.

Apparently, he came to give Triela and the others some orc meats to celebrate their move. Hmm, meat… For the ingredients, we had potatoes, some vegetables, plus… onions and carrots. There were some bacon and ham, but I guess we should go with raw meat first?

By the way, this ham and bacon had been processed at the pelt processing shop introduced to them by Gim. It’s great that they checked it out.

Anyhow, what should I make? Ah… How about meat and potato stew? Since we were cooking rice, that dish would be perfect.

This dish didn’t suit the stalls, but who cares. Even if someone forced themselves to do it, the preparations would be troublesome. It’s unlikely that the public would be excited with stalls selling stews. Yeah, let’s just go with this.

I wanted to have soup too, but using too many ingredients would be troublesome. This should be enough.

I wanted to use seasonings like dashi and mirin, but I only used soy sauce as the basic flavoring. After all, those seasonings were hard to obtain. Personally, I wasn’t satisfied with the taste. But the sweetness of the onion and carrot and the taste of the meat was making the stew delicious, so it’s okay. By the way, I didn’t put shirataki. I think it’s only me who could make it anyway.

With Arle’s help, the preparation of the meat and potatoes took almost no time. Still in the pot, I pull it off the heat. This step was important to make sure the broth was absorbed into the meat giving it that extra flavor. Just reheat it again a few minutes before eating.

Next was the rice. Since a large number of people polished it earnestly, the amount of rice was not bad. But then, I planned to cook rice for the dinner, so the rice polishing hell would continue soon. Good luck! They could use the rice-bran that came out after rice polishing as their detergent when washing, or as a body soap when taking a bath. By the way, I didn’t teach them how to make a fermented rice bran bed since it was too troublesome. Well, I admit that it was delicious and nutritious. Rice bran had many other uses, but cramming too much unnecessary information into their heads was not worth it. I’ll only teach them this for now.

Anyway, time to cook the rice. I should cook two servings for each… No, let’s make three servings each just in case. I wouldn’t forget how they continuously kept asking for another serving when I cooked pork rice bowl before… I wonder if the stew would be enough? Oh well. If we ran out of it, I could just make rice balls.

Gim would join our lunch since Maricle asked him to stay here, so how about ten portions including me? I didn’t think we have enough space in the living room… Hmm, just have Cain and Boman eat in their room. They were too gloomy anyway.

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And lunch was completed.

As I thought… the meat had absorbed the taste of the stew, making it delicious. But I wasn’t satisfied with it. Also, everyone kept asking for second servings. The disastrous hell happened again…

In the afternoon, we went out to purchase necessities. Gim took out Cain and Boman with him. Since Gim was knowledgeable, he told them various stories, which motivated the boys.

The girls wondered if they should buy some spare clothes or something like that, but clothes were expensive, even secondhand ones. I decided to give them some of the linen clothes I bought at Harula. Well, my current clothes were made of silk or mithril, so I didn’t wear linen anymore… That’s why I gave them some of the clothes I made back then. Triela refused me again, but I ignored her. The fools had to buy their own clothes!

We returned when it was already evening.

There was no chitter-chatter event with the girls… We only talked about daily necessities when we were shopping. It was a delicate topic. They got a little excited when I brought out the clothes once we returned, but the atmosphere became somewhat complicated when I sized them. Hmm.

We would take a bath after having dinner. My last hope was at the bathing time… For now, let’s prepare the dinner at once.

The staple food for dinner was bread. The side dish was bacon and potato galette. After a brief explanation, I cooked the thinly chopped potatoes and bacon, then baked the surface until it hardened. You didn’t need to use oil since the bacon oil would come out. No, I knew it wouldn’t be enough… If possible, use a small amount of oil in the beginning. But with the poor household, you could say that they either didn’t want to use it or couldn’t use it… The girls could add cheese to make it taste even better, but I only explained that to them. I didn’t actually add any cheese.

I also cooked rice. This was for tomorrow’s breakfast.

I would make the cooked rice into soy sauce-grilled rice balls. I also made some soup. It would taste better if I let it sit overnight. Basically, spices and flavorings were expensive, so they only had a few types of seasonings that I could use right now. Therefore, the only way to improve the taste was by pre-cooking it and leave it for hours to mix the taste well.

The ingredients for the soup were minced orc meat mixed with finely chopped vegetables to make meatballs. Everyone worked together to make the minced meats. They got angry when I took out the meat chopper after all of their hard work, but they should learn how to make it when they had no tools.

I cooked the meatballs on the frying pan and added half of the ready to serve ones to the vegetable soup. I wonder if you could call this meatball pot-au-feu? The other half was for tomorrow morning. They should heat it before eating to enjoy the difference in texture. The girls had taken a bite even before I cooked it, so the portion had decreased a little. Since the meatball tasted delicious to eat raw1, it might be good to let everyone choose how they wanted to eat it.

Cain and Boman were still in their room during dinner. I could hear Boman talking about something from the second floor. It’s most likely about how he could sell the potato galette in the stall… No way, you wouldn’t be able to sell such oily food, okay!

Papers were sold at a reasonable price in this world, and they could use it as the wrapping paper. Even so, it wouldn’t be worth it when thinking about profitability. And it’s easy to have a rough idea on how to make something similar just by looking at the appearance, so many people would copy it immediately. In that sense, it wasn’t suited for sale.

If he wanted to open some stalls, he could make fried potatoes, but it would be hard to prepare a large amount of oil. That’s why fried foods were generally treated as high-class foods. Fried potatoes as a fine dish… what a strange world!

I had seen fried potatoes sold at stalls several times since I came to the royal capital, but the color of the oil was black. That looked really dangerous. I would have a stomach ache if I ate that…

Forget that. It’s the long-awaited bath after dinner!

However, I had to teach them how to use the bath. That’s why I worked the bath alone as all the girls entered the bath one by one.

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I taught them how to use the water heater and how to wash their body using rice bran. For the rice bran, I already made a rice-bran bag before dinner. They could scrub their body with it. But they shouldn’t do it too roughly, so I had to teach them to be gentle. By the way, the rice bran could also be used as a hair conditioner. The girls were happy since their hair became glossy. However, the rice bran couldn’t remove dirt. They had to wash their hair with a lot of soap and then rinse it with the rice bran.

Soap was expensive, so the girls could wash their hair once in a few days and rinse it with rice bran every day. Well, I used shampoo and conditioner every day, so what?

The bathtub could fit two people if they held their knees and glued with each other. That’s why I had two of the girls entered each time to make it more efficient to clean and remove the dirt. So there were three people in the bathroom, including myself. Too narrow.

First, I put Triela in the bathtub and have her soak in the boiled water for a while. After that, Rico came into the bathroom and enter in the bathtub.

I washed Triela’s hair and body while Rico was soaking in the water. And when I was done, I had Triela enter the bathtub again for a while. When her body got a little warm, Triela finished her bath. She got out of the bathroom and called Arle next. When Arle came in, I asked Rico to get out of the bathtub… We repeated the same process several times. I had to change the hot water in the bathtub frequently. Yeah, it’s full of dirt… Uh.

By the way, I was inwardly delighted when feeling the squishy skin when washing the first girl… I got bored midway of the second girl.

When all of the girls had washed their hair, my hands were wrinkled… I felt like I was washing vegetables even though I was giving a bath to the girls.

Yeah, I enjoyed it a lot more when I took a bath with Lily… She was as old as me, and her chest was flat, which was exactly my type. If I think about it, I could see her very thoroughly until a year ago…

In the end, this was a disappointing bath experience. Damn it.

The boys? I only verbally explained it to Maricle and Ryuu. So what?

Now it’s time to sleep with everyone! We’re going to have a lot of fun gossiping! …Huh? But we had shared a room with the girls when I was in the orphanage, so nothing really changed from that time…?

No, no. It should be a little different! I pulled myself together and moved to the girls’ room. Since there were only two bunk beds, I would sleep on the floor. But before I could spread out a mat on the floor… the girls started a fierce competition to sleep with me! It was only rock-paper-scissors, though. By the way, the winner was Kuro.

…Apparently it’s only me who had noticed this, but Kuro was waiting to see the other girls’ move before doing anything. Using her great dynamic vision and reaction speed, she made sure no one would notice a thing… I only noticed it because I had [Hawk Eyes]. Kuro, what a scary child…!

After that, we talked about various things.

For example, they couldn’t meet Kuro’s big brother even after coming to the royal capital.

Kuro’s older brother was a lot older than her. He left the orphanage to become an adventurer many years ago. In the beginning, he sent her letters once in a while, but he stopped doing that in the last few years.

His name was Raven. He was a black cat, but his name was Raven… and his sister’s name was Kuro, so I didn’t think their parents’ have a good naming sense. By the way, Raven was a chuunibyou.

That being said, one of Raven’s eyes was actually a magical eye, so it wasn’t that painful to watch him… not really. He looked really pathetic…

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Other than that, Triela said that she wanted to send some money to the orphanage.

She wanted to buy the right of management of the orphanage if possible, but that’s not realistic. However, even if she knew that she couldn’t do it with her current situation, she was studying whether she could do something to make it achievable…

And then, we talked about everyone’s future dreams.

Arle wanted to become successful in the cuisine industry. She wanted to make a restaurant or something like that.

Kuro said that she hadn’t really thought of it, but she wanted to follow me when she had become a little bit more skillful… How cute!

Rico wanted to improve her magic, but she also wanted to stay with Triela or me. For the time being, her goal was to train her magic and make herself known as an adventurer.

Triela seemed to be at a loss. She had some thoughts about her future, but it’s still hard for her to say it. Hmm, everyone was thinking a lot…

Me? I had three things I wanted to make, so my current primary goal was to make them.

It would be impossible to make any of them without trial and error, learning various skills, and above all, preparing tons of materials.

For now, I would focus on raising my skill level and collect the materials. Part of that was buying a large amount of mithril from the master.

I’m not in a hurry, so it’s okay to do it slowly.

As we talked about such things, before we knew it, everyone fell asleep. They had been busy from the morning… So they were tired… Uhh.


  1. Silva: huh… you can eat raw meatballs? Disgusting…
    Lilith: I mean you can eat anything raw, you just risk your body kicking your *** for it later

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