Chapter 98 – If You’re Going to Call Me, Do it at the Back of the School Building or the Rooftop!

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 4489 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2304 words

A few days after the open-air classroom, I spent my day forging swords and meticulously making clothes before I went to bed at night.

By the way, I made a cherry boy killer1… I mean, a corset skirt2 before, but now I tried to make it more fashionable by attaching laces on it. I also made the blouse frilly. Since I’m on it anyway, how about making some clothes for my everyday wear? Although it’s not a corset skirt, bodice kind of clothes were common in this world. Wearing that kind of outfit shouldn’t have made me look that out of place.

As for the magic sword, I decided that I should accumulate a little more material and then work on it all at once. With that, I was still steadily forging regular swords. After this, should I try to make a spear?

After a few days passed, Triela called me out early in the morning. Or rather, she took me out. The harvest festival hasn’t started yet, so what’s the matter? Norn and Bell leisurely followed us from behind… Seeing their behavior, it shouldn’t be something dangerous.

For the destination, she brought me to the end of a typical district. We arrived in a detached house. But there’s a guard station nearby, so the security shouldn’t be that bad.

Wow, what’s with this abandoned building? It didn’t look like a place humans could live… Eh? This place was the house Triela and the others rented? Seriously? Ah… Yeah, so that’s it…

Ehh… Why did you rent such a house?

After I asked her the reason, I was finally convinced. The rent was cheap. The building was so shabby that I even mistook it as an abandoned building, but the location wasn’t bad. The market and the branch office of the Adventurer Guild wasn’t too far away from here. Although this location was closer to the edge of the town, the third district was a reasonably nice place.

The building was worn-out, but they could repair it as they pleased. And even after they finished repairing it, the rent remained unchanged3. You could say that the house was rented at a low price on the assumption that they would repair the house. I see, the terms didn’t look that bad, if they could fix it.

It seemed that the reason Triela called me was to show me this house they finally managed to rent. They started renting it in the latter half of my classes. They finally finished cleaning the house and immediately moved in yesterday.

Well, since they had a base now, I understand why she would be happy. But is the pillar of this house safe?

Kuro was waiting alone in front of the house and guided me in with Triela. Rico and Arle went shopping for food.

Anyway, let’s enter the house. How should I put it, the front door was already dangerous. It looked like they would fall off any time soon. Is this okay…

I pulled myself together and entered the house again. Norn and Bell waited at the front door. To be honest, I think the floor would break if it had to support Norn’s weight. Anyway, as soon as I entered, I was greeted with the living room. There’s also a kitchen. I was anxious about the large hole in the wall. It looked like someone would be able to go in and out from that hole easily…

There were two small rooms at the back of the living room. There was no door on either side, probably because the doors had fallen off. One of the rooms would be their warehouse. The other one was their bathroom? However, it only had a drain hole. There was no bathtub at all. They used this space to wipe their body with hot water. Hmm…

They guided me to a small room under the stairs, but… This place was the toilet? It looked like a Japanese-style urinal. Fortunately, they covered the urinal with a lid, so it didn’t smell that much. But since this room didn’t have a door as well, the living room was a little smelly. Oh, there were traces of a door being installed here… Mmm.

I looked around the living room without much thought, noticing two pillars that seemed to be the central pillar of this building. I checked them with [Analysis]. They didn’t look like they would crumble, so it should be okay?

The stairs by the wall led to the second floor, but several planks of the stairs had been missing. Triela explained that they had taken off the broken planks. Stepping on a crumbling one would be dangerous, so they made a good decision.

There were two rooms on the second floor. Both were considerably wide. They used those rooms as the bedrooms, separating the boys and the girls. Since they didn’t have any beds, a few tattered sheets were folded in the corner of the room in the girls’ room. …The sheets in the boys’ room were rolled up and scattered. Maricle’s should be the only one whose sheets were folded.

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And they also had a balcony. But they couldn’t use it because it didn’t have a foothold.

…It’s nice that the rent was cheap, but repairing all of this would cost a lot of money.

“You’re right, don’t you think it’s a bargain in the long run? The rent is still going to be cheap even after we repaired it.”

Hmm… I agree, but…

“Do you plan to fix it all on your own?”
“Yeah, that’s the plan. It’ll be expensive if we hire a carpenter, right?”

Looking at them only made me feel anxious. If they didn’t fix the big hole in the wall or the front door as fast as they could, someone would steal their things… Anyway, the boys weren’t here. Did they go to buy woods or something? After checking, it turns out they went to buy some boards. For the time being, they wanted to do something with the front door and the holes in the wall.

Yeah, I couldn’t take this anymore. Too terrible.

That’s why, here’s Ren’s renovation service! Complete with her dramatic makeover

I pushed Triela and Kuro outside the house and told them to wait there, then I returned to the house alone. It would be dangerous for them to stay here while I remodeled this place.

First, let’s do something to the hole in the wall. I used earth magic to change the outer wall into a stone wall and strengthen it. I also filled the hole in the wall. However, they would feel cold in the winter if the inner wall was also made of stone, so I covered it in wood.

Next was the kitchen… haa, it looked pretty good? Since the fireplace and stove were somewhat broken, I reinforced it with earth magic. Then I strengthen the central pillars with stone.

I upgraded the toilet, changing it to a Western-style one. Toilet seat made of stone would be too cold in the winter, so I used wood5. It’s a pity that they didn’t have flushing. I also attached a door and an internal lock. I couldn’t let them bump into someone taking a piss by accident.

Next was the bathroom. I installed a door and changed the floor texture to a rough one so that they wouldn’t slip here. Then I installed a bathtub made of stone, or maybe close to marble? I also made a wooden plug to close the hole in the bathtub.

Since it would be difficult to boil and carry a large amount of hot water, I took out the magic tool that produced hot water from my [Storage] and installed it. It’s good that I made a few of it as a spare.

The tool was quite large. Around 1m x 60cm x 60cm, not suitable for carrying it around. But it would be quite expensive if they wanted to buy it. Moreover, the commercially available products were a few times larger than those I made. I worked hard on downsizing it.

I installed it next to the bathtub. Since it had a faucet, they could easily have hot water by twisting it toward the tub. However, they had to supply magic power to use it. Rico and Triela had to do their best here.

In the space in front of the bathroom, I created a small room separated by a wall to be a dressing room. I installed an internal lock at the door of that room. I definitely wouldn’t allow any lucky perverts here.

The warehouse… Let’s hang cloth and divide it. They also stored their foods here… Well, they should be more than capable of deciding the penalties for stealing or something like that.

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Next was the stairs. Having no handrail was dangerous, so I attached the handrail first. Then I reinstalled the foothold board before moving to the second floor.

After renovating all the floorboards of the hallway on the second floor, I went to the boys’ room.

I’ll just do it randomly here. Fix the floorboard, fix the wallboard, and done. Door, you ask? Those guys didn’t need such a luxurious thing. They could buy cloth on their own and hang them. The windows were also the original worn-out wooden windows. Maricle ended up having to suffer as well, but he would definitely forgive me!

And after that was the most important room; the girls’ room. I renovated the wall and floor nicely and installed a heat-insulating material inside the walls. By the way, it’s cellulose fiber.

I was going to use glass for the window, but the glass was known as a luxury item. I stopped myself and made the common wooden window. The original one was broken, so I made a new one.

Next, I set up two bunk beds. Unfortunately, I didn’t install my quality mattress. I used the common thick sheets. In addition, I prepared several extra sheets as their quilts. And pillows. It was wood covered with cloth, but it should be better than nothing.

I also wanted to install the air conditioning magic tool, but I managed to stop myself. I never heard of something like it being used in this world, so let’s not be careless here.

At last, I installed a door. I firmly attached the hinge to the wall and installed an inner lock. I also made four keys to open it from the outside. These were for the girls. I’ll give this to Triela later.

When I finished renovating the girls’ room, I went to the balcony. I made a foothold using a board and attached a handrail. They could dry their laundry and sheets here.

It took me around forty minutes to renovate everything. I’d remodeled my house many times, so I was already used to this.

Since I had finished the second floor, let’s do the front door now. I need to make a lock here, so I call Triela.

“Do you have the key to the front door?”
“What? Eh? Ah, yeah. I have it.”
“Please lend it to me.”

I borrowed the key and made the front door. I also improved the keys and duplicated it. Triela told me that they only got one. If they lost it, they had to go to the landlord. The duplicated key could be their spare. I’ll give them to Triela and Maricle.

Hmm, let’s go with this for now. There were still a lot of places I wanted to add, but let’s have Triela and the others do the rest.

“I’ll stop here for now… Triela, this is the key. These four are the keys to the girls’ room, so please give it to everyone later.”
“What? Eh? Just what happened here…?”

Hmm? Did I overdo it? Triela looked speechless after she saw me renovate the house in a twinkle before her eyes. Kuro’s eyes also widened and she didn’t move for a while.

“This is my congratulatory gift for your moving.”
“No no no! This is strange! Too strange!”
“But if you’re going to repair the house, will you be able to make it for your winter preparations?”

Firewood was usually expensive… And I didn’t think they wouldn’t have enough money to stockpile food to survive winter. Their group had a lot of members.

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“I remember that it’s tough when I was in the orphanage. Especially the drafts in the winter…”
“…Ah, really! I’ll stop thinking! I don’t really get it, but I know that Ren is amazing! Thank you, really!”

Hmm, I couldn’t allow Triela and the girls to suffer. I was too giving? I was spoiling them? That’s fine, though. What’s wrong with being partial to the kids I like? But well, I feel a little uncomfortable with the three fools receiving the leftovers.

I explained the tools to Triela. She was surprised to hear that they could take a bath every day as long as they had magic power. It’s easy to supply magic power if they have [Magic Processing] skill, so they should think of this as a practice and do their best. I also told her that they could sell the water heater’s magic tool if they decided to move. The price would be considerably lower, but I guess they had to give that up.

…Maybe the merchants would buy it at a very low price. The world was really not kind…

“Our room has a lock too. As expected from Ren, you’re really frank.”
“I’m really delighted with your compliment.”

Bwahahaha, you can praise me more! I’m someone who will grow after getting compliments! Eh? She’s not praising me?

There, I heard the noise of something dropped outside the house.

“What is this….!!!???”

Ah, Arle had returned home?


  1. Silva: Could this be the famous virgin killer?
    Lilith: Jesus
  2. Lilith: Someone go ask a woman what this is and get back to me
  3. Lilith: Glare
  4. Silva: Oh boy
  5. Lilith: Perfect for splinters when using the toilet
    Silva: well, if it’s a polished wood, it should be fine…

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