Chapter 90 – Messy scene of attending school

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1954 words

Yes, good morning everyone. This is Teacher Ren~
The class starts today. That being said, I’m still eating my breakfast at seven in the morning. I don’t have to hurry, do I? Glomp glomp.

Aside from that, I was surprised with the savings I earned yesterday. It was a bit too much.

However, since the process of rank up and withdrawal of the deposit was carried out in a private room, I didn’t have to worry about leaking my personal information… Hopefully? The Commercial Guild seemed to protect the privacy of others. But I wasn’t really sure how much I could trust them…

That being said, the carry cart I brought there should be able to make a considerable amount of sales. That’s what the staff in charge at that time said to me.

Adventurers could use it to carry their prey when they managed to catch a lot. Merchants could use a big carry cart to transport their goods. This invention was better than the previous pasta machine and meat chopper, so I should get a lot more patent fees. Umm, I’m kind of scared, though?

They even asked me persistently if I have more ideas. I wouldn’t tell them, please stop that! I’m crying, okay!

I drew several variants of the blueprints, such as a large carry cart and wheelbarrow. Please be satisfied with that.

Yesterday, after returning from the Commercial Guild, I asked my master to sell me his mithril. I asked him if he had stocks on any fantasy-ish metal other than mithril, but he told me that metal materials above mithril were so rare that he had never seen them before.

There was metal with lower quality than mithril and higher quality than iron, which was called magic iron or magic steel. Even so, that material was iron produced from a mine in a land with high magic power. A subcategory of iron with a high affinity for magic power.

Refined magic iron was called magic steel. Using that was more convenient since the blacksmith didn’t have to do various initial preparations when forging a magic sword. Not to mention, forging an ordinary sword using this extraordinary material would automatically make a low-ranking magic sword.

After that was a metal called ‘Blue Silver Steel’ which was also known as blue metal.

This material was a bit complicated. Its magic resistance and magic effect would increase by alloying it with other metals. Due to these characteristics, most people wouldn’t use it on its own.

By alloying it with mithril or the likes, it could also be used in bulk with mithril even if just a little. That’s why this was mostly used to make armor or protective accessories. If we wanted to emphasize the magic defense and effect, armor made of mithril alloyed with blue metal had a higher effect than the one made of pure mithril.

Also, the nobles liked to wear accessories made of this material combined with precious metals, such as gold and silver.

Next was Mithril. People also called this ‘Spirit’s Silver’, a whitish and shiny metal.

Not only that this metal had a very high affinity with magic, but it was also harder and lighter than iron. When someone wanted to try making a magic sword for the first time, mithril would be recommended more often than not.

The output was a lot less than iron, but most of the time people could obtain this thanks to the frequent distribution.

Adamantite was rarer than mithril. It was black magic steel. From what the master has told me, it’s a black metal with faint dark green color.

It was harder than mithril but heavier than iron. Its magic affinity was around the same as magic iron. Using adamantine to forge a magic sword was a little difficult. It seemed like the master also hadn’t used it that much.

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By the way, the powerful magic swords found in the dungeon were often said to be made of Adamantite.

The last item was the classic Orichalcum. Revered as ‘God’s steel’, it was very expensive.

It was the best material to make armor since it was as light as mithril with higher magic affinity, and was harder than Adamantite. However, it was extremely rare. The average Orichalcum vein would only hold around a fingertip worth of material.

There were a very few legendary holy swords made by Orichalcum. I wanted to try using one someday…

It seemed like there were other various metals, but those were the ones most typically used. I see…

Leaving that aside.

If I took too much time here, I might end up late. It was also a bit too early, but let’s leave now. I departed while taking Norn and Bell with me. I moved in the main street while pulling the carry cart around. Yeah, not only Norn, but the cart also stood out now.

The number of adventurers passing around the area in front of the branch office of the guild increased, and at the same time, the gaze aimed at my cart also increased. Maybe this was a little bad? But I couldn’t do anything after coming this far, so what should I do?

Ugh! But since no one dares to call me out thanks to Norn, I was also lucky?

Troubles filling my mind, I walked until I found Triela and the others nearby the gate! Let’s meet up with them.

“Ah, Ren? What’s wrong? You’re early.”
“No, I just thought it will be nice to go out early… But if you’re saying that, Triela is also here early, right?”
“Well, I made an unreasonable request to you, so I wondered if it would be better for us to arrive first… It’s useless, though.”

It’s not useless. Thanks to you, I was saved.

“No, it’s not. I was a bit uncomfortable with everyone staring at me…”
“Ah, Ren’s followers stand out, right?”
“Yes, but well…”

Their focus wasn’t only on Norn, I think. Well, I’m not going to clarify everything.

By the way, only the girls were with Triela. The other four boys would come here later. It seemed like they would come after buying everyone’s bread.

Ah, Kuro looked sleepy. Rather, she was half-asleep, wasn’t she? Rico was pulling her hand, but was this okay?

“Good morning, Ren! What are you pulling?”
“Good morning, Arle. This is what we’re going to use for studying today.”
“Hee… By the way, Ren is pulling a stand? It looks amazing! Isn’t it convenient?”
“Yeah. I think it’s convenient when there are a lot of things I have to carry when harvesting or hunting.”

…Once I answered her casually, the atmosphere around me changed. The adventurers looked at us with eyes full of surprise. I also heard, “I see,” or “If we have that, we can take the orcs back with us.” Ugh, I did it now!

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“I’m sorry, but I’m a bit worried about the way they’re looking at me. Let’s go quickly.”
“Ah, yeah. Got it.”

They seemed to have read between my lines. Thankfully.

I was finally released from their stares once we got out of the gate. Or so I believed, but a stranger suddenly greeted me. He was short, bearded, muscular, and holding a large and rough axe… a dwarf?

“Ah, sorry for interrupting you, young lady. I’d like to ask something. Where did you buy that? Can you tell me if possible?”
“Ahh, well, I just thought that it looks convenient to carry items around. The magic bag is too expensive and I can’t afford to buy it. But this thing looks possible to make, and it’s convenient since I can carry things around easily. I want to have it… Can you tell me?”
“I see, so that’s what you mean. I commissioned a place and made this myself. You can go to the commercial guild to see the blueprints.”

The way I said that could be interpreted in a lot of ways, so he probably didn’t think I personally drew the blueprint… I think.

“This is already patented? It’s amazing that you noticed this practical item. It’s important for an adventurer to be tactful, so do your best, young lady! I’ll also take a look on my way home!”
“No. Please do your best too.”

Oh, I managed to deceive him? It seemed like the conversation ended without anything troublesome. The dwarf-like man who called me out left and several other adventurers who gathered around this place looked like they were listening to us. Yeah, it’s better if they didn’t approach me. Please do your best.

“…Ren, it looks like you can make friends no matter where you go.”
“That’s not true. I was nervous even now.”
“You don’t look like that at all, you know?”

No, really. I’m scared of strangers.

Just like that, we arrived at our destination after walking in groups for a while. It was the foot of a large tree.

It was late August, and the sunlight was still strong. The shade of this tree should make the air cooler, right?

Now then, let’s start preparing for now. I created chairs and desks according to the number of people using earth magic. Next, I made a teaching table and a stand for the blackboard. I unpacked and assembled the blackboard, put the mini blackboard, chalk, and rag on each desk. With this, everything was done. All we had to do was to wait for Maricle and the three fools to come.

I wouldn’t forgive them for being late on the first day, okay? It’s not the time to start the lesson yet though. But then, they didn’t really know what time it was now, right? Hmm.

“Triela, I’ll give you this, so please make sure you won’t be late.”
“Eh? This is… a clock!? I can’t accept such an expensive item!”
“I personally made this, so it’s not particularly expensive. But since you’re going to be uncomfortable even if I tell you it’s okay… Just pay for the material. It’s three small silver coins.”

What I took out was the pocket watch I made before, with the same design as the one hanging around my waist right now. By the way, it was incorporated with a triple-axis tourbillon. Ah, I also attached a chain on it. I made around ten in a batch, so giving one or two of them didn’t really matter.

But now that she said it, pocket watches were luxury items. Probably, the price of this item at a store would be a couple of small gold coins. The broken ones would even cost three small coins.

“Three small silver coins… No, that is still quite tough for us.”
“You can pay it once you have settled.”
“Uhhh…! I will definitely pay you! Wait for me, okay!?”
“…How nice. It’s unfair that only Triela got it.”
“Arle, if you want it, I will sell it at the same price. I made a lot, so you can take it.”
“Is that okay!? Ah, you don’t have to give it to me now! I’ll save up the money, so just wait!”
“Are you fine with that?”
“Yeah. Since Triela has it, it won’t hurt if I don’t have it.”

Arle also started to think about various things. Was it because everyone was supporting each other? That’s cute, now that she’s no longer acting aloof, she’s pretty clingy.

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“Uu, I also want it… Uhmm.”
“Me too.”
“Kuro, let’s do our best to save money!”
“Work hard!”

Rico and Kuro too… Did they want three more clocks? What a greedy team! …No, I was just joking, I just wanted to try saying that for once. Well, work hard, everyone~


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