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Chapter 85 – Plain Yet Relatively Important Training – First Part

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1880 words

1Good morning everyone, this is Ren. Yeah, it’s been a while since I introduced myself like this.

Yesterday, I went to peep at the smithing workshop across the road, but… they chased me away at the front door. 𝐅𝐮𝐜𝐤 you!

They told me that since I rented a room at Arnold’s workshop, I somehow became a spy? Not to mention, they wouldn’t listen to me and immediately kick me out from their place.

Moreover, they threw salt at me at the end. In the midst of my rage, I was weirdly impressed that there was such a culture in this world.

However, I checked the sword that was displayed in the show window using [Appraisal] and [Analysis]. It was [Non-attribute magic LV 1]. The sword itself was ‘good quality”. It was a lot shabbier than I expected? But maybe they didn’t use the best sword to decorate the shop front? It would be bad if it was stolen. Then I guess they could make one or two levels higher than that? Hmm.

I won’t go to the commercial guild yet. I’m scared. I have to prepare myself to go inside. Yeah.

That’s why today I would finally make a mana sword. But before that, I had to recover my stamina. Since I was hungry, I would make breakfast today! When I explained that I wanted to be energized in my blacksmith training today, they easily lent me the kitchen.

With that, let’s get cooking! Today I will make a pork bowl. Not a beef bowl.

Raised cows were basically for nobles, so ordinary people couldn’t buy them. Beef monster meat was usually a high-class item. Therefore, I’m using a pig as a substitute. So I’m making an orc bowl.

First, I cooked a large amount of rice. Rice was stocked in the kitchen. It seemed like rice wasn’t very popular with the workers because they didn’t know how to cook it deliciously. I’m using my clay pot. I made a lot of them, so using one wouldn’t be a problem.

While watching the temperature and the clay pot, I cooked the meat on the top at the same time. I asked the landlady to chop a large amount of onion. She was watching how I made it from my side, but it would be impossible to reproduce the taste since I was using dashi and mirin. But she could make something similar, maybe.

Plus, pork bowl was very popular.

Now that I had filled my stomach, I should start experimenting with making a mana sword. Experiment! Experiment! It’s a fun experiment time! Yahoo!

…That being said, let’s review the typical magic sword making as a start.

Only some blacksmiths or alchemists could make a magic sword and mana sword. As a blacksmith, I wouldn’t be able to make it since I didn’t inherit a secret technique. Thinking that way, did the alchemist seem to have lower skill acquisition thresholds?

I used my brain a little to think about how to make mana sword as a blacksmith master. Probably, they threw in magic stone or a part of a demon when they smelt the ore? Or maybe they toss ingot when they forge the sword? I guess it’s something like that.

Perhaps the secret was the mix ratio, what kind of material to use, and so on…?

For an alchemist, maybe it was the derivative of [Magic Tool Making] skill? I did it myself when I made a stove before, but I had to fill in a lot of things like the outline of the magic power circuits… I think. These things should be written in alchemy’s grimoire.

I tried to make it, but I couldn’t do either of them. So I forcefully made a magic sword with [Creation Magic]. The material was the sword that I forge on my own and my own magic power. But it would be bad if I failed, so I tried with a throwing dagger first. I had more than 100, and even if I failed, it would be alright. I guess.

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Okay, here I go!

…Yup, it’s done. I succeeded in adding [Non-attribute Magic LV1].

Next, I would try the second one with the skill called [Magic Bestowal]. Apparently, this was a particularly unique skill. In my status, they were in the same line as [Creation Magic].

The unique skill was a rare and powerful skill that a few people or even one person had acquired in the past. My [Creation Magic] was a unique skill no matter how I think about it. Since they were in the same row, [Magic Bestowal] and [Multitasking] were probably also unique skills.

Then the skill that I could pass on with this [Magic Bestowal] skill and [Skill Bestowal] skill was limited to the skill I have, and the level of the skill I could bestow was up to the level of these skills. I had my non-attribute magic in LV8, but I could only bestow it to LV3. Because of that, using these skills with [Creation Skill] should increase the skill experience together.

That being said, here I go again!

…Yeah, this one is also good. [Non-attribute Magic LV3]. I repaired the first one to make it into LV3. After this, I repeated the same thing until there were more similar skills.

…Ah, I learned [Mana Sword Creation] skill on my tenth try. It was faster than I expected, so I was a bit disappointed. By the way, the level was already on LV3. Perhaps it was linked to [Magic Bestowal]? It would be easier to raise the level now, so I’ll take it…

Next, I repeated the same thing with various attribute magics. For the time being, let’s start with [Fire Attribute Magic LV3]… After the tenth try, I got the [Attribute Sword Making]. This was also LV3. As I thought, they were all linked? Usually, they would be different, though… It might be because of [Magic Bestowal]? Would having a higher compatibility skill affect the lower compatibility skill? Well, it’s easier to raise the level anyway, so I’m fine with it.

By the way, since I could now make mana swords and attribute swords, let’s try to raise the level of these two skills first. I had 110 throwing daggers and forged 213 swords since I came to this workshop. Let’s bestow all-attribute magic to all of them.

…It took a lot of time as expected. It was almost noon. I took MP recovery potion many times along the way. However, thanks to them, my skill level for [Magic Bestowal], [Mana Sword Creation], and [Attribute Sword Creation] had all reached 5. Yeah, they’re raising really fast.

In addition, there was an unexpected event. The level of my attribute magics had also risen. The darkness and lightning attributes, which had a low level, increased by 3 LV, and all others were increased by 2 LV. Finally, the non-attribute and water attribute became LV10!

And then, the [Magic Sword Creation] skill leveled up… Well, multiple attribute swords were considered as magic swords. So maybe that’s the reason. But this was also LV3 in the beginning. Was this linked to [Skill Grant]? Anyway, now I would be able to bestow ability skills instead of attribute-based ones.

…But before that, I’ll have my lunch. I’m hungry. And my MP is too low. Let’s drink some potions. Gulp gulp.

After I ate my lunch, I resumed my work. But before that, I reattached all of the LV3 All-Attribute Swords I made to LV5. It was important to raise the level! …But in the midst of it my [Mana Sword Creation] became LV6 and I had to redo the whole thing!

But well, it was all good. Next was [Skill Bestowal]. Before that, I should drink MP recovery potion and recover my MP into the full gauge. I didn’t know what would happen after all if I run out of MP.

By the way, what I did was the same test as the mana sword in the morning. For now, I forcefully attached the skill using [Creation Magic]. What I got was [Attack Enhancement LV1]. Just to make sure, I’ll start with the throwing dagger.

That being said, here I go!

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…Hmm, it’s done? Somewhat? Somehow, I feel like the MP consumption was high. But I could make a magic sword. It was fairly easy… I was a bit disappointed again. But I was worried about the large amount of MP consumed.

As an experiment, I tried using [Creation Magic], [Skill Bestowal], and [Magic Sword Creation] together. Right, I decreased the MP consumption considerably. Next, let’s attach [Endurance Enhancement]. It’s a convenient skill since it would make the weapon hard to break and reduce the maintenance work… Yup, I attached it without any problems.

With this, I probably could add other skills I saw in the book. For now, should I gain experience by attaching [Attack Enhancement] and [Endurance Enhancement] to all weapons?

…Although I drank a lot of MP recovery potions along the way, I finished the work without problems. Thanks to that, I’m hungry. In the midst of it, [Magic Sword Creation] went up to 4 and I had to start over, but with this, the power of my sword projection attack with [Sword Control Magic] has improved!

…For some reason, the level of [Blacksmith] also raised by one to LV8. So [Magic Sword Creation] can be classified as a smithing experience in the broad sense of “making a sword”? No, I’m grateful, but… I felt somewhat wrong.

Well, since I could make magic sword and mana sword without any problems, next was… the holy sword and the cursed sword? No, I felt like I could do this, but… well, let’s try it for now. Here I go!

…Oh, this was no good. Impossible. I felt dizzy.

What, just what was missing? Ahh, this was a guess, but maybe my sword creation skill level wasn’t enough? Somehow, I felt like there would be a requirement to increase all the sword creation skills to LV10… It’s scary since I might not necessarily be wrong. However, when I saw my status, I had [Holy Sword Creation] at LV0. Did I learn the foundation? I wonder about that…

Once I checked the [Holy Sword Creation] skill in [Appraisal], it seemed that I could make cursed sword using [Holy Sword Creation] skill. What does that mean…?

Now let’s return to the main subject.

Well, what should I do next? Should I raise the level of my [Blacksmith] for the time being? I wouldn’t be able to gain the experience to raise the level of [Magic Sword Creation] unless I have the sword as a material. I had to ask the master to give me ore again. After that, I would practice blacksmithing again…

Eh? I haven’t used my mithril? Right, I also have that, huh… Well, maybe I should try using them soon?

Oh, it’s already night. Let’s have dinner.

The landlady asked me to teach her how to cook rice and meat after dinner if possible, so I decided to teach her in the future. Eating heavy meals for breakfast made my stomach uncomfortable, so it would be helpful if they could use rice. Rice was a lot cheaper than wheat too…


  1. A note for everyone:

    Mana Sword = A sword with no attribute effects, but is stronger and more durable than ordinary swords since it was infused with mana.

    Magic Sword = A sword that had attribute effects and skill effects.

    (If you notice any discrepancy in this chapter in regards to mana and magic sword, please comment about them respectively since the translator didn’t realize the differences. We might have missed some)
    Robinxen: I did a quick check before scheduling and I think that we got them all? But I only checked by searching Mana and Magic then seeing if the sentence made sense…

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