Chapter 66 – Norn is Really Amazing

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1136 words

 We continued on gathering herbs until it was near the evening.

“We managed to gather quite a bit.”
“I don’t think it’s enough.”
“Lily, give it up. Our common sense doesn’t apply to Ren.”

 Their evaluation of me was terrible as usual. Be nicer! But, yes. I had been gathering quite relentlessly until now. It would be troublesome to come again, right? And it would make sense to want enough to make a reasonable income even after dividing it up between three people, right?

 According to the contents of the request, we should have enough for about 5 gold coins per person, so we’re all good already! But not to worry! I can still keep on using Appraisal.

 Norn and Bell have also returned. I was relieved since they weren’t holding anything, but then they dropped monster corpses out from empty space. Huh~?1

 …….Somehow, they can now use the Item Box skill. And so they ended up filling it to the limit of their storage capacity. Right, where should I start……rather, what’s this huge bird? Isn’t this even bigger than me? Eh? Cockatrice? And there are even eggs too?

 Cockatrice was a B rank monster. So in order to defeat it, you would need a skilled party of C ranks or higher?

 …….I’m probably also the same, but Norn is quite terrible. Lily and Arisa had both frozen up too. For now, l decided to place the huge bird inside of Storage. I could eat the meat and eggs to destroy the evidence. As for the other materials, I guess I will either sell them or use them for something……

 I managed to get Lily and Arisa back to senses, and we began preparing camp and food. Or rather, I decided to use my house.2 We have become quite close friends, so I believe the two would keep quiet about it even if I showed them.

 Above all, I had taken a liking to them, so I felt it was inevitable that I would tell them anyway. And the result of taking out my house?

“What is this~?
“I don’t understand what’s happening.”
“It’s my house.”
“I did my best.”
“Ah, okay.”
“I see.”

 You can act more surprised, you know? As with the case of the carriage, they were scared and didn’t want to enter. So I had to enter the house first and invited them in, before they finally entered.

“Ah, take off your shoes and put them on the shelf. Please wear these slippers inside.”

 I instructed them to put their shoes on the shoe rack, then pointed to some slippers and instructed them to wear them. For the record, those slippers are made by me. I was a Japanese person on the inside, so I felt restless when wearing shoes indoors.

 I would like to make an eastern-style room with tatami, but I haven’t been able to do so since I couldn’t find any common rush.3 It was likely growing somewhere near a water source.

“Did you make this?”

 Both of them were looking around the living and dining room. There were a table and chairs in the center. A sofa was placed near the back wall, the kitchen and stove were on the left side facing the entrance, and there was even a furnace. Ah, I have to replace the AC magic tool inside the furnace soon.

“For now, please sleep in this room for tonight. There are two beds.”
“Where will Ren be sleeping?”
“My room is on the second floor, so I will be sleeping there.”

 I opened a door to a room to the right of the living room and led them inside. The room had two beds and a small table and chairs. There were hangers on the wall, so I taught them how to hang their jacket and cloak on them.

 We returned back to the living room, and the two were exhausted by the time I showed them the bath and toilet in the back. I don’t hold back when it involves living a comfortable life.

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 The toilet in this house was a Western-style toilet. In this world, the eastern style were the general ones, so I had to teach them how to use it. The toilet seat had a cover so it wouldn’t be cold during the winter, which earned approvals from the other two.

 I had no plans to show them the second floor. There’s no point in showing them my bedroom! But for some reason they insist on seeing it!

“Oh right, Lily, sorry.”
“Huh? What’s wrong?”
“You even prepared a camp and……”
“Please don’t worry about it! This house is way more comfortable!”

 Lily had set up a tent for everyone by herself when we were making preparations for camp. I apologized to her since she went through all that effort for naught. It was something I had to do.

 How about I go a bit all out today with dinner as an apology? I would like to make oyakodon with the freshly caught cockatrice. The ingredients were perfect since there were also cockatrice eggs. I was planning on making a typical oyakodon without any changes.

 I poured broth and sliced onions into a frying pan and began cooking. The broth was made using bonito and kelp. I obtained both of them from the southern village. Next, I dumped the bite-sized chicken pieces…..or I guess cockatrice pieces? Well, they’re both meat anyway. I dumped all the meat into the pan and cooked them. Finally, I added a beaten egg, covered it and cooked it until it was half-cooked. Ah, and I did properly adjust the heat for each process, okay? I then served it with rice in a bowl with mitsuba on top and garnished it with nappa cabbage and yuzu pickles. Simple and plain.

 I brought Norn and Bell their portions first, before preparing the others. Then I called the other two over.

“It’s ready~”
“Arisa, that’s bad manners!”
“But Lily also looks really loose.”

 Alright now, don’t fight.

“Enjoy then~.”
““Thanks for the meal!””

 And so we began eating immediately. I was using chopsticks, the other two were using forks and spoons. They could both use chopsticks, but they weren’t really good at it.

 I took a bite of the meat, but wow, what is this…….it’s really delicious. The fat on it had an amazing taste. The chicken was soft and juicy. The eggs were also easy to eat, despite their rich flavor. I couldn’t stop my chopsticks.

 And so I’ve finished eating in no time! Cockatrices sure are dangerous. Magical. I must have more of them. I should ask Norn for help later. To be able to get something so delicious, Norn sure is really amazing. As expected, she’s my goddess……!



  1. Silva: Wow… Norn learned item box skill!
  2. Silva: Uh oh, common sense 101 has crashed
  4. Robinxen: Just reading Silva’s comments while scheduling this made me question reality.

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