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Chapter 68 – It Isn’t Finished Until You Return Home, Right?

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 986 words

 The next morning, I awoke feeling very refreshed. I felt refreshed in various ways.

 Yesterday, everyone went to bed immediately after getting out of the bath. The other two instantly fell asleep due to eating their fill and the relaxing bath.

 Me? I had to…well do that.1 I did my daily routine for the first time in about a month. But as expected, I couldn’t really enjoy it because there were other people in the house.

 Well, it was fine since all the rooms were soundproof. The door also has a lock, I’m rather prepared, right?

 As such, I was in great shape right now. Let’s do our best for today! Although, I’m actually just heading back.

“Ren, you’re in a good mood. Somehow, your skin’s all shiny.”
“We also feel rather energetic, but somehow, it feels different for Ren~?”

 The reason these two felt energetic was probably because of yesterday’s food. Me? I guess it would be due to various other things.

“I used cockatrice meat and eggs for dinner yesterday, so I guess that would be the reason?”

 I believe cockatrice eggs are really nutritious or something?

“Cockatrice eggs!?”
“That’s a high-class ingredient! Eh, yesterday? So it was what we ate?! Wouldn’t you usually sell it?! How much would it even…….”

 Even if you say that~

“It would be quite problematic if an E rank like me were to bring a monster of that level in, and isn’t it normal to want to try out such a high-class ingredient? It was really delicious after all.”
“No, I get that, I really do understand, but…….”
“It really was delicious, but it’s a bit scary when you consider how expensive yesterday’s food was, right~?

 But it was already eaten, so there was nothing that could be done now that it was gone.

“As such, we should do our best for what we ate!”
“But we’re just going back……”
“Let’s do our best~”

 In truth, there were still 5 eggs left. So most of the eggs are still here……and the eggs are really big too. I would have to use a pot just to beat the eggs……

 Cockatrice? There’s actually another one besides the first. Rather, even if minus what we ate yesterday, most of the first one still remained. I wonder what I should make with it? Herb chicken would be nice…… The cockatrice bones would be good for chicken soup? And then, the internal organs…… Ah, not good, not good, I’m drooling.

 Oh, right. Aside from food, I could make a feather quilt using the feathers. Let’s do that.

 And so we prepared to head back. After finishing preparations, we exited the house.

“I was so surprised that I forgot, but the level of Ren’s Storage skill must be quite high.”
“When you think about it, a house of this size, and then there’s the carriage and horses too, right? Plus, there’s also the cockatrice from yesterday inside, when you consider the storage size, wouldn’t the skill be about level 10~?”

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 During the trip, I had told the other two about my storage skill. Rather, it was already out of the bag when I took out my carriage.

“……Arisa, let’s definitely keep this a secret.”

 Even though I didn’t tell them to keep it a secret, they decided to do so themselves……! What good kids! Come here, let me give you all a hug.

“Lily, you have a gross look on your face~”
“Arisa, it’s because-”

 …….I didn’t expect this reaction. Oh, maybe these two are quite suited for each other? Hm~……..I see~

 Even back then, Lily was always like that, and Arisa was also the same……I see!

 After that, we set off from the forest as if nothing had happened. We encountered three orcs along the way, but Lily and Arisa defeated them easily.

“There’s exactly three, enough for each of us.”
“I didn’t do anything though?”
“It’s fine~”

 Then I’ll gratefully accept it. Meat stock replenished.
 Speaking of which, Arisa was the one that noticed the orcs approaching……..?

“Arisa, you noticed the orcs coming, did you perhaps learn Alert?”
“That’s right~ When I checked my status, I saw that I learned it.”
“Nice going, Arisa!”
“Yep, and I also learned Detection.”
“Two at once!? That’s amazing, Arisa!”
“Thanks~ But isn’t Lily’s magic somehow stronger too?”
“Is that so? Hmm……huh?”
“What’s wrong~?”
“Somehow……several of my skills leveled up……”

 Even if you look at me like that…..No, I really don’t know how, so please stop.

“Um, even if you look at me like that, I didn’t do anything?”
“……..You really didn’t do anything?”

 I really didn’t do anything!

 After that, we returned back to the royal capital without any incidents and went straight to the Adventurer’s Guild in the second division. It was just in the afternoon, so I thought that there wouldn’t be that many people, but there were a lot of people as usual. The capital is really different huh……..ah, cat ears. Beastfolk are cute.

“Ren, please stop escaping reality.”
“We’re really being stared at~”

 Well, all I did was take out the gathered herbs, right? Ah, I did properly pretend to take it out from my bag, okay? Just that the amount was…….

“Ren, are you even aware of what you’re doing?”
“I’m sorry……”

 Incidentally, we didn’t take out the orcs. Although the price for orc materials was known to be high. The three of us decided to take them home to eat.

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“If you don’t want to stand out, please be a little more responsible.2
“I completely agree~”

 No, but we just finished a rather tiring request, right? Wouldn’t it be better to make as much money as possible? Isn’t that the case?

“You’re not reflecting, are you?”
“Sorry, I’ll reflect on it.”

 Sorry. But the angry Lily is also rather cute.


 No, I’m really sorry.3


  1. Silva: Oh you naughty…
  2. Silva: Whoa… someone finally pointed it out~
  3. Silva: They make a cute couple
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