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Chapter 57 – This Isn’t a Different World Reincarnation Story About Cooking, Probably

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1328 words

1 After buying the eggs, we ended up camping outside the village for today.

 We didn’t move to the designated camping area because there wasn’t really enough time. The village chief had said we could stay at his house, but I declined.

 Or rather, Lily and Arisa were being selfish and saying they prefer the bed inside the carriage……personally, I think it would have been better to sleep inside of a house than a small carriage. I just needed to change it into a bed.

 Anyways, since it had gotten rather late, I decided to prepare a meal.

 I managed to get eggs today, so I was going to make an assortment of things. Such as a Katsudon for instance.

 I think the two were familiar with tonkatsu since they both worked at the inn at Harula. But this one was going to be even better.

 First, I began frying the cutlet. Ssssh

“No way, is it that meat dish!?”
“The original of that one dish that only Lily has ever eaten……!”

 Unfortunately, no,
 I was making katsudon for today. I began picking up the pace.

 I prepared the frying pan again while letting the other cutlet rest. I didn’t have any special cooking utensils, and since it was troublesome, I decided to make all three at once.

 I spread the sliced onions and add seasoning. It was quite hot. After cooking them, I turned off the fire and let them sit.

 In the meantime, I began cutting the cutlets and placed them back into the frying pan. I cracked a few eggs onto some mitsuba parsley. I was going for a soft-boiled egg.

 I filled the bowls with rice and served everything else on top of it. Yep, it smelled amazing. My stomach was growling.

 I served it alongside the onion soup I made earlier during noon. Since the other two were very persistent about wanting to try it……I wanted to make miso soup. If there had also been some pickled vegetables on the side it would have been perfect, but it couldn’t be helped since I didn’t have any. But I would like to make it next time.

 After I arranged the prepared dishes on the table, the two looked at the dishes with widened eyes.

“What? This one……isn’t the one that was sandwiched between breads……?
“Anything is fine, it smells really good~ I can’t stand it! Can we eat already~?
“I don’t mind. Then please enjoy.”
““Let’s eat!””

 Both of them scooped up a bite of the katsudon using a spoon. I was using chopsticks.

“This is amazing~! The meat, the eggs……!”
“It goes great with rice too! I can’t stop eating!”
“Lily ate something so delicious before, unfair! I demand an apology!”
“The one I ate before was just meat sandwiched inside of bread, this is also my first time eating this!? So it doesn’t count!”

 The two of you sure were energetic~ Nom nom! Yep, delicious.

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“This soup is also very delicious! I can see why the village chief praised it so much!”

 The katsudon had onions and eggs, and although the onion soup also had the same ingredients it wasn’t bad……the flavor was stronger like this. However, on the flip side, if you preferred something more refreshing after eating a flavorful katsudon, then miso soup would be better.

 Both of them were finished eating in no time. They were staring at me hungrily, but I didn’t give them any since it was mine. There were also no seconds. The leftovers all went to Norn and Bell. Well, Norn was a bit unhappy during noon……no, it’s not like I’m trying to appease her! Ah, but there’s still more, so please eat up! Please feel better too!

 Anyways, moving on.

 ……Rather, Lily and Arisa sure ate a lot, I think? I think the two eat about 1.5x as much as me? Weren’t they perhaps eating a bit too much these past few days? You two will really get fat, you know?

 After I told them so, the two of them became a bit flustered. But this was your own fault, you know? So don’t blame me?

“It was really delicious!”
“It was nothing.”
“But I think I understand now.”
Ren is big since she always eats such delicious food.”

 Big? To be honest, even I began to realize lately that I was a bit on the short side. hahaha….haaa.

“……Ah, I see~”

 Arisa was looking at me and nodding. To be exact, a certain part of me. Ah, so that was what she meant.

“If I continue to eat Ren’s cooking like this, then someday I will also be……!

 Lily had her hands on her chest and was muttering something.

 ……No, I think that the growth of that certain area has something to do with genes. There were just some things in the world that couldn’t be achieved through hard work. Incidentally, I didn’t really care for it being this big……rather, I would prefer some growth in my height over my chest.

 It seemed like what I was thinking appeared on my face, as Lily’s expression turned grim upon seeing me.

“…..You wouldn’t understand the feelings of those who don’t have them! As someone who’s swinging around those gigantic things!”

 Lily flew into a rage and violently grabbed my breasts. Wait, stop! This was really bad!

“This! Something like this!”

 Lily began squeezing down on my breasts. Like I said, if you do that!

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“N-ha-…..! N-No, stop…..nnnn!”

 I just let out a weird voice!


 Lily immediately stopped and instantly moved away from me. Saved.

“I-I-I’m so sorry!”
“Haa……ha……no, it’s fine.”
“Are you alright……..”

 I was embarrassed that I let out such a weird voice in front of other people. This body was very sensitive, so please don’t do that. Additionally, it wasn’t due to the daily routine. It was like that from the very beginning.

“Please don’t do that again.”
“I’m really sorry. I won’t do it again. But, that’s, Ren……?”
“What is it?”
“Well, you might get mad at this, but if you glare at me with a blushing face like that, it’s going to have the opposite effect……I’m starting to have strange feelings, so please stop.”

 I quickly pulled on my hood. Eh, what kind of face did I have on!?

 I glanced at them from under my hood and through my hands, both of them were bright red and had complicated expressions on their faces. When our eyes met, they turned away from me and looked off into the distances.

 Uwah……I also have to sleep together with these two afterwards…..? I feel like I’m in danger…….or rather, we were several days into the trip, so we were becoming used to sleeping together. But if someone were to roll over into my chest tonight under the guise of sleeping, I might actually get attacked in that situation. As for me, I would rather not be attacked by either of them.

 But my worries were for nothing, as fortunately I wasn’t attacked inside of the carriage and I managed to wake up safely. However, everyone looked like they weren’t able to sleep very well.

 Additionally, when I checked my status somehow while everyone was sleeping, I had gained a strange skill. A skill called Enticement. Just what was this?

 I checked the details using Appraisal…..

 A skill that attracts the surrounding people, regardless of the skill holder’s will. Age and gender doesn’t matter.

 Scales based on the skill holder’s CHA + (Level x 10).

 Those with this skill will be able to seduce others and is immune to being seduced. Therefore, mental resistance LV10 is granted.

 …..Another troublesome thing has appeared! I’ve done it now!
 Isn’t this really bad!? Why!?


  1. Author has become self aware with this title.
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