Chapter 54 – From the Window of the Carriage

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1661 words

 Trip to the royal capital, the morning of the second day. It was sunny outside. The weather was good today.

 I got out of the carriage and lightly stretched my body. Then I washed my face and brushed my teeth. That said, it was all done in one go with “Clean”. I wanted to comb my hair, but since I wasn’t the only one at the camping grounds, I had to refrain. I didn’t want to take off my hood, so I decided to leave it for later when the carriage was moving. My appearance wasn’t something to brag about right now since it was rather messy. I wanted to cry a bit.

 Speaking of which, the gazes were quite intense when we had dinner last night. It might have been due to the smell of the dumplings, but since it was for the sake of delicious food I couldn’t help myself.

 I was playing with Bell while thinking of such matters, but I suppose I should prepare breakfast before the other two wake up.
 I didn’t want to eat anything heavy in the morning, so I decided to make a risotto using chicken soup.
 Chicken thighs, mushrooms, onions, butter and a bit of white wine. I wanted to add cheese to top it off, but since I didn’t have any, there was no helping it. I finished it off by seasoning it with salt and pepper.

 The other two woke up due to the alluring smell of chicken.

“Good morning.”
“G-ood mor-ning~.”
“Good mor-, fwaa -ning.”

 Looks like the two of them were still sleepy. I gave them their toiletries and the two began grooming themselves behind the carriage. But they also snuck glances over here as they did so. It wasn’t like the food was going to disappear or anything, I also wasn’t planning on starting without them so they didn’t have to worry about it.

 On a side note, large camping grounds like this one were maintained by the country, so there were usually wells. Therefore, depending on the camping grounds, it might be easier to draw water for washing or preparing food.

 However, it was quite expensive to build a camping ground and also to dig a well, so not every camping ground had a well.

 After the two finished grooming themselves, we began eating breakfast. The two of them were quietly scarfing their food down as usual. However, they had rather amazing smiles.

 But how about we talk a bit more? To be frank, I was feeling kinda lonely.

“To be able to eat such delicious food right in the morning……I’m so happy,”
“Is it even possible to have such a comfortable trip? But I’ll gladly participate in it if it exists. Having delicious food is the best~”

 Just when I thought the two of them were about to start talking, they immediately went back to eating…….somehow, I felt bad.

 After breakfast, we prepared for departure. We folded the chairs and the table together and got the carriage ready.

“Ren said it was just a simple bed, but it was the first time I slept in something so comfortable.”
“I know. I don’t feel like sleeping in my own bed anymore after I get back home~.

 Since we were sleeping all cramped up together, I would have liked to sleep a bit more comfortably, but it seems it was different for them. But I kept quiet. Since it was my carriage.

 We headed out after finishing preparations. The horses began pulling the carriage forward.

 Arisa had said that the horses didn’t look like horses used for pulling things, but instead looked like fairly high-class warhorses. As such, we attracted a lot of attention due to that. That was strange, it should’ve been…….

 I thought that the power of the golems were a bit weak, but that was apparently by my own standards. By this world’s standards it seemed the horses were even better than cavalry horses. But for the sake of a comfortable trip, it couldn’t be helped.

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 We chatted like that and also took a few restroom breaks along the way.

“Ah, Ren. I have a question I wanted to ask…….”
“What is it?”
“Ren hasn’t gotten off the carriage when we stop for restroom breaks, right? Yesterday you also stayed inside the carriage until we reached the camping grounds during the evening……and you didn’t seem to have gone then either, right? Um…….are you alright?”

 I didn’t go to the restroom because I had used “Clean” on myself, but this usage method was an original of mine.
 Yesterday, I had checked my surroundings at the camping grounds, but I didn’t see anyone using it in the same way.
 Judging from that, it would probably be better to keep this hidden for now just in case. As such, I didn’t give a response back.
 And I decided to just smile quietly instead. It was better not to say anything in this case.

 I smiled back.
 I kept on smiling.

“Lily, I understand now. So that really was true~”
“Eh? Did you figure out something?
“When we were still living at the royal capital, do you remember how there was a neighborhood boy who would always say ridiculous things?”
“Eh? Which one? I think there were various ones like that.”

“The one that said: A truly beautiful girl never goes to the restroom.”
“Oh, that one?”
“Yep. And here we have actual proof. In other words, that really was true~”
“Ehh!? No, but something so stupid.”
“But there’s one actually in front of us right now~”

 That’s your reasoning!? But I kept on smiling.

“……..No, no, since it’s Ren, I’m guessing it’s probably through some other insane method.”
“I think so too. But as long as we don’t know how she’s doing it, we can’t deny that possibility~”
“Ah! But when you were living at the inn, didn’t you use the restroom before!?”
“That was probably just a front~”

 After acquiring the Muscle Control skill, I didn’t have to worry about muscle weakness, so I stopped using the restroom at the inn.


 Both of them became silent. It seems the two of them have given up on thinking about it. I guess that was for the best? I kept on smiling.

 We stop to make camp to eat later on that day. The two of them also seemed to have become accustomed to the food I cooked, and were now spending more time talking instead of just eating.

 Additionally, we were eating udon. The previous one was chicken soup-based, but this time I tried doing it Kansai-style using a kelp stock. But I think I could get used to this light flavor…….

“The soup I had before was really good, but this one’s a different one. I think I understand the flavor of the noodles better with this one……the wheat flavor is really delicious.”
“It’s not fair that Lily ate this before. You should apologize to me~”
“Eh? Why!?”

 The taste of udon was a deep concept…….I guess I should try bonito for the next one. Ah, but I also want to eat soba too. Since I went through the effort of making it and all.

 We continued on riding the carriage with that sort of feeling, and we arrived at a village the next day. This was the village that raised chickens that Nicole had told me about.

 I didn’t really have anything to do here, but I suppose I could check it out? I would like to buy some eggs if I could.

 As such, I was sitting in the coachman seat and observing the village. Before I entered the village, I had hidden the golem driver and moved here.

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 If you looked closely at it, you would be able to tell that it was a golem. And if we were to stay at an inn, we wouldn’t be able to disguise the number of people. I didn’t want to attract attention.

 Additionally, Lily and Arisa were checking to see if there were any inns available. Which I was grateful for.

 I looked around with Bell lying down next to me on her back. It seems there’s people gathered in the square? Are they doing something? ……A festival? I would like to go check it out, but I can’t move until the other two return……

 Ah, there were people walking from the plaza. I decided to listen in on what they were saying.

“Um, the square looks rather lively, is there something going on?”
“Hm? Are you possibly a traveler? The noises are probably because of the merchants participating in the cooking contest.”
“Cooking contest? The merchants?”

“Yeah. A little while ago, various things happened, so the amount of eggs available for sale will be decreasing. And so the village chief, who is in charge of selling the eggs in the village, decided to have the merchants make egg dishes to decide who the eggs get sold to. He was saying stuff like: I’m not selling eggs to those who don’t know about eggs! and such.”

“Ah, I see…… ”
“It might seem ridiculous, but we understand what the village chief is getting at. If we’re going to sell them, it’s better to sell them to people who know about them.”


“Um, so then you can’t participate unless you’re a merchant?”
“Huh? Are you planning on participating? Well, I don’t think there was a decision like that, so it should be fine.”
“I see…….ah, and you said that participants have to cook using eggs, but is it alright if eggs aren’t the main ingredient?”
“No, it’s okay if you use something other than eggs. But it might be difficult if it’s not something that complements the eggs. Or are you perhaps showing off a new dish?”

 I see, then I have some room to work off of. In that case, let’s go check it out.


  1. Silva: Ren will knock everyone’s socks off! Food Pom incoming!
    Robinxen: I have a rabbit called PomPom but he’s like dying of old age.

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