Chapter 53 – I Won’t be Holding Back, Okay?

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1519 words

 Now that I won, we immediately set off.

“Please place any luggage that you won’t be immediately using in the back. I’ll be opening it up now.”
“Ah, okay. Understood.”
“There’s even space for luggage~”

 Both of them were holding bags in both hands. In addition, Lily was carrying a staff and Arisa had a slender-looking sword. The two of them placed everything but their weapons inside the storage space. Well, if they didn’t have their weapons, they wouldn’t be able to fight when they had to. I also had a sword on me. Although I never use it.

“Alright, let’s get inside the carriage then.”
“…….Right, in that case…”
“Pardon the intrusion~”

 Why were they all excited? There was nothing special inside. At least, from my viewpoint.

 They opened the door and glanced inside. And became flabbergasted. It was improper to have your mouths gaping like that.

“What is this…….”
“It’s a carriage. Or rather, there’s nothing wrong with it, so hurry up and get on.”
“…….I’ll get on first then, so hurry up and get on.”
“Excuse me then.”

 There’s nothing scary you know……..

 Since the two of them were hesitant in getting on, I decided to enter first.

 There were two seats inside. The seat in the back could fit two or three people. There was also a single-person seat on the right side which faced towards it. And there was a door on the left side which led to the coachman’s seat. I sat on the back seat and beckoned towards the two of them. The two people anxiously got on.

 Lily sat next to me and Arisa sat in front of me. As soon as they sat in their chairs, both of them shouted in surprise.

“What is this!? This chair!?”
“It’s so fluffy…….what is this~”
“I did my best.”
“No, no, I don’t understand what you mean by that, Ren.”

 Well, it was just a normal, advanced product. But it was important to me.

“Should we set off then?”
“Ah, right. Please do.”
“Alright, then.”


“Why haven’t we started moving yet?”
“Eh? We’re already moving though?”

“Lily, we’re already moving~ Look out the window~”
“Huh? Really? Eh, but I didn’t feel anything……it felt like it wasn’t even moving at all.”
“Lily, it’s probably just because this carriage is weird~”
“Sheesh, I don’t even know what to say anymore……”
“I did my best.”
““Enough of that already.””

 How mean.

“Or rather, what about the driver!?”
“The golem is handling it.”
“Didn’t you say it was a dummy?”
“I did say it was a dummy, but I didn’t say it couldn’t drive the carriage?”
“…….Enough already.”

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 Ahh, Lily had a blank expression on her face.

 Afterwards, the two accepted it and said nothing more. If anyone were able to travel this comfortably, they wouldn’t complain.

 Additionally, I had my hood down since I was inside the carriage.

 I pulled out the folding table from the wall and placed cups into the holders attached to the wall, then poured the drink into the cups for everyone.

 Yep, the orange juice was a success. 100% fruit juice would be a bit difficult to drink, so I diluted it with water to make it easier to drink. Of course, I also added ice to make it colder and taste better. I acquired ice magic when I had used Creation Magic to turn water into ice.

 I handed everyone their cups. Lily was on the door side, but there weren’t any problems since the cup holders were attached to the wall. Additionally, the cup had a lid so it wouldn’t spill even if there was shaking.

“Drinking from a cup inside of a carriage……and it is designed to prevent spilling too, such a simple thing……”
“If you wanted to drink something inside a carriage, it would usually be water inside of a smelly waterskin.

 Hahaha. So I guess this would also be my win?

“That aside, this is really delicious……”
“It’s the first time I drank something like this~”

 The orange juice was getting favorable reviews. Even though it was diluted with water.

 On a side note, Norn and Bell were to the right and left of the golem in the coach seat. The two of them were acting as lookouts. She was seriously a goddess.

“Ah, that’s right, I don’t know the directions…..which way should we head?
“It’ll be fine as long as you head east along the road. Along the way we’ll have to spend the night in the territory of Mubarro, then we’ll head north along the roads to the royal capital.”
“Understood. Then we’ll just continue on like this.”

 It was easier to get there than I thought.

 We progressed smoothly despite several rest breaks on the way, and arrived at the camping grounds before long. We would be camping here tonight.

“So we’re camping here tonight.”
“Right. Well then, let’s start preparing the meal.”
“Um, are you making it Ren?”
“What about the ingredients……”
“I’ve prepared some beforehand.”
“The money…..”
“It’s fine as long as you appreciate the food later.”
“Sorry about that.”
“Don’t mind it.”

 My goal was to tame them. But don’t worry! Just seeing their cute faces will be enough to satisfy this old man! *Slurping up drool

 Well, enough with the jokes, so what should I make for today? Although, I would actually just be cooking since I had already prepared various ingredients.

 Hm, dumplings? Let’s go with dumplings. Since I already prepared a lot beforehand, I just had to cook them. I also wanted to eat rice.

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 I brought out a stove and immediately began cooking. I already had cooked rice inside of Storage.

 How much would I need to cook? Three people, so 30? ……No, those two would definitely be eating a lot. Let’s go with 60. It might be a bit too much, but I was fine with leftovers.

 Thus, I continued cooking. And then cooked even more. As soon as I finished cooking them, I would place them inside of Storage so that it didn’t cool down. This way, I could just take them out right before we started eating and they would be all nice and fresh.

 The two of them were staring beside me with their stomachs growling. I heard the stomachs of the two, but I gave them a hard look when I saw sudden movement. The cooking smell was probably unbearable.

 I took out a folding table and chairs and then lined up the finished dishes. Rice, dumplings, and dumpling sauce made with soy sauce, chili oil, and vinegar. I also brought out the chicken soup I had made beforehand. It would be easier to eat with soup.

 The two stared at the dishes lined up in front of them. What’s wrong?

“Um, please enjoy?”

 When I called out to them, they began eating. With tremendous momentum. Ah, I see. They weren’t sure if they could begin eating……

 But if I left them alone even my portion would be gone. The two of them ate and ate.

 Eventually, all 60 dumplings were gone. Weren’t the two of them eating a bit too much? Didn’t they know they would get fat like this?

 Additionally, I didn’t prepare any dessert. The two of them were looking at me hungrily, but I pretended not to notice.

“Uhh, I’m so full…….I can’t move~”
“We haven’t even set up the tents yet.”
“We also have to boil some water to wipe our body with.”

 Ah, right there was that too. But there was no need to.


 I used Clean on the two of them. Their bodies glowed dimly for a few seconds. When the light faded, the bodies of the two were now clean and dirt-less. It would have been better to take a bath, but during the trip this was absolutely necessary. Since I wasn’t planning on taking out my house.

“You can use Clean too!?”
“Lily, I’m not even surprised anymore. Rather, I want to thank you instead~ Thank you very much~”
“Don’t mention it, you’re welcome.”
“Uuh, in that case, I have to do my best to set up the tent.”
“Ah, no need to do that.”

 I opened the door to the carriage, then lowered the chairs and pulled them out thus creating a simple bed.

“We can just sleep here. It might be a bit cramped with three people, but I think that it’ll still be fairly comfortable.”
“…….Um, then the night watch.”
“Norn will handle it.”
“This…it shouldn’t have been like this.”

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 Lily, what were you expecting it to be like?

“Thank you very much for everything~”
“Not at all.”

 Apparently, Arisa has given up on even thinking about it. Well, it was convenient this way, so isn’t it alright?

 Additionally, it seems Lily was initially planning on displaying her expertise with long-distance traveling and had wanted to give me various lessons to show off her experience.

 Well, I actually already traveled by myself all the way to the village in the south, right?


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