Chapter 55 – Even If the Opponent is a Villager, I Won’t Show Mercy!

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1288 words

 And so I was going to participate in a cooking contest so that I could buy eggs.

 After the villagers who had informed me of the contest left, I checked my surroundings. No one around, right? I stored my carriage. Then I went towards the square along with Norn and Bell. Eggs! Eggs!

 When I arrived at the plaza, it was filled with people.

 In the middle of the square, there were five simple stoves lined side by side, and on the opposite side was a table and chair.

 And there was a stubborn looking person sitting in the chair. The person had some gray hair settling in, but his physique still looked quite solid. I guess that person would be the village chief?

 It seems that some people had already started cooking at their stoves. What kind of dish were they making?

 As I watched the situation, one person stepped forth. The person enthusiastically brought a plate over to the village chief.

“What is this! Do you think this will be enough to convince me!”

 But the person was met with great rage. Additionally, the dish that he brought forth was scrambled eggs. What to say…..
Despite that, the village chief still brought a bite to his mouth. Yep, it looked like there was perhaps a bit too much seasoning……

“All you did was cook it! And there’s too much salt on it! Rejected! Leave!”

 Just cooking that…..just what was he thinking.
 Then the next person went up. There were fried eggs on the plate.

“Are you making fun of me! All you did was put salt on it!”

 I was already thinking this with the previous person. But at least cook some ham or bacon and serve it with some chopped cabbage.
 Next was a boiled egg. Ah, sheesh…..

 The results were terrible. I couldn’t bear to watch anymore.

“Are there anymore people who wish to take on the challenge!?”

 It was honestly quite difficult to go out in this sort of atmosphere. Never mind, let’s just go.

“I’m not a merchant, so will that be alright?”
“Huh!? What are you going on about!? If you want eggs, just participate! It doesn’t matter if you’re a merchant or not!”

 He was a very lively old man. But that was fine, I didn’t dislike that.

“Then I’ll join.”
“Hey, wait a minute. Take that hood off before that.”
“Can’t I just join like this?’
“What kind of person hides their face when in a contest! If you don’t take it off, you won’t be allowed to participate!”

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 There was no helping it, so I gave up.
 I removed my hood.

 Eh? I didn’t give up on participating? Wasn’t I trying not to attract attention? Eggs are more important right now! It’ll be fine! I’m wearing my glasses!

 When I lowered my hood, the surroundings became momentarily quiet. But then it started to get loud immediately. The glasses were useless! But ignore, just ignore it!

 Hm, but what’s this? Somehow, Norn also seems a bit unhappy? Eh? Did she also not like standing out? No, but the eggs? The eggs! If I can buy them, we’ll be able to eat egg dishes! Okay?

 After taking care of Norn’s mood, I headed to the stove. There was a cooking stand and various cooking utensils.

“Eggs don’t have to be the main ingredient, right?”
“I don’t care. However, that doesn’t mean you can just use it! It has to be used to complement the eggs!”

 I took out a bottle from Storage from under my cloak and placed it on the cooking stand. This bottle contained the other main ingredients.
 At first I was thinking of making omurice. But due to what happened at the inn, I didn’t want it to follow the same troublesome pattern of my cooking method being copied.

“Hey! What is that!?”
“………Onions? That black-looking thing?”

 And it wasn’t black, it was a yellowish-brown color.

 Additionally, I was planning on making onion soup this time. I would be using onions and eggs. It was better to use simpler ingredients for this sort of thing.

 I placed hot water inside of a pot and began heating it. Since the water was already very hot, it started boiling really soon. I scooped some of the yellowish-brown substance from the bottle with a spoon and placed it into the pot.

 The identity of the yellowish-brown substance was fried onions.

 The recipe was very simple. I just had to add oil to a frying pan and fry sliced onions over low heat without burning them until the color turned yellowish-brown. However, the cooking process took about an hour.

 It took a bit of time, but this was the only way to cook it. But this would also allow for a surprisingly delicious soup to be made. And I only had to melt the substance in hot water.

 In short, this allowed me to make instant onion soup.

 But I also added some changes this time around. I added a bit of salt and pepper to adjust the taste, add freshly sliced onions to change the texture. Then I cooked them over low heat so that the crunchiness wouldn’t disappear.

 When the onion was finished cooking, I turned off the heat and poured a beaten egg into it, then I closed the lid and let the egg cook from the residual heat. Since the eggs wouldn’t become fluffy if I had kept the fire on.

 After a while, I removed the lid and began stirring slowly. Yep, all fluffy.

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 I took the soup dish to the village chief.

“……That was quick.”
“So you also added in that black-looking thing? Will this be alright?”
“You don’t have to force yourself to eat it, or you can just reject it. If you’re worried, I can eat it first to show you.”
“No, I saw you taste it earlier, so I know it’s alright. And this smell…….I can’t help but try it out. I’ll eat it!”

 Right, the smell was quite intense. It had spread around the square and everyone was looking over here with a hungry-looking face.

 After giving a brief glance to his surroundings, the village chief brought a spoon to his mouth and then froze. But he started moving immediately and brought a second spoon to his mouth. And then a third.

“……What is this.”

 Yes, just what could this be~

“It’s frightfully good. It’s my first time eating something like this. This rich taste…….this is an onion? The taste of onions. But this is the first time I’ve eaten one with such strong flavors. And the eggs. This egg is very nice. It’s fluffy, but not overwhelmingly so, and also makes the soup even more delicious…….these are my eggs…….”

 The gourmet report was positive but was this a pass or fail?

“Did I pass?”
“You passed, I have no complaints!”


“Ren! What are you doing!?”

 As I was celebrating, Lily and Arisa ran through the crowd and came up to me.

“Everyone’s looking at you, sheesh! Ahh, you have to hide your face……”

 Lily pulled on my hood. Ah, I totally forgot.

“Um, if I made a dish and it passed, I would be able to buy eggs……”
“That doesn’t mean you have to show your face in this place!! I thought you didn’t want to stand out, Ren? Aren’t your danger senses a bit weak? And it’s also a delicious dish that even we haven’t eaten yet…….”
“Um, I’m sorry?”
“I don’t accept it!”

 The relentless Lily was also cute. I wanted to kiss her.

“Lily, isn’t this person not reflecting at all~?”

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