Chapter 52 – My Plans Have Not Been Decided Yet

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1447 words

 Now that the carriage was complete, I began preparations to leave the inn. As such, I finished the sales at the guild and returned back to the inn to look for Lily.
 I could just tell the receptionist, but since I was most familiar with Lily I decided to tell her.
 Now just where…….found her.

“Ah, Ren. Welcome back.”
“Thanks. Um, Lily. I’m actually thinking about leaving the inn tomorrow morning.”
“Hmm, are you perhaps going somewhere again?”

“Where are you going?”
“A village up north, it’s a village just beyond the river in the west. I’m thinking of buying milk and eggs from there.”
“I see, so is it perhaps…..for cooking reasons?”

“Yes, it’s for cooking reasons.”

 Oh, she got all silent. Was she surprised?

“Um, Lily?”
“Ren, I’m actually planning on taking an extended vacation and returning home for a while. My parents live in the royal capital, so……if you want, would you like to go to the royal capital with me?
“You can just buy milk and eggs at the royal capital, and you’ll be able to buy a lot more than in the areas near Harula. How about it?”
“…….The royal capital.”

 The royal capital. I was planning to go someday, but……I would be able to buy a lot of eggs and milk if I went? In that case, it was earlier than planned but I guess I could go to the royal capital.

“It’s a very attractive proposal, I’d like to go with you if it doesn’t trouble you but…….”
“Um, is there something wrong?”
“I would like to confirm some things first. Is that okay?”
“Sure, no problem.”

“Alright…….first of all, am I the only one going with Lily? Since you’re going back home, I assume Salena is coming along with us?”
“Um, Arisa would also be coming along with us. Big sis had work suddenly pop up……um, something about an ogre lord? She’s got her hands full dealing with the aftermath. Initially, we were discussing postponing the return home, but…….”

“So you’re going back with Arisa, not Salena?”
“Yes, Arisa is also from the royal capital. She’s actually a childhood friend, and we came here together.”
“……..I see. Then, only us three girls would be going? I think that would be a bit dangerous.”

“Ah, it’s alright. Even if we look like this, both Arisa and I are D rank adventurers! I’m quite strong, you know? By the way, Arisa knows how to use a sword. Also, we have a trump card we can use to protect ourselves, so it’ll be okay!”
“A trump card?”

“Yes! But it’s a secret.”
“I see…….also are we perhaps traveling by foot?”
“No, I’m planning on renting a carriage.”

 Hmm, after conducting a light check there didn’t seem to be any problems. But the carriage…….alright then.

“Understood. Please let me join you then.”
“Really!? I’m so happy!”
“Oh, but regarding the carriage, you don’t have to rent one since I have one.”
“Is that so? Then can I leave it to you?”

“Sure, I’ll take care of it. So when are we going?”
“Well, what about the morning after tomorrow?”
“Alright, that’s fine. Ah, then could you please process the cancellation of my remaining nights at the inn the day after tomorrow?”
“Sure thing!”

 Hmm, this sure was a rapid change of plans, right?

 Afterwards, I took a bath and ate dinner as usual before going to bed. The next day, I went to the market in the morning and bought some extra potatoes and vegetables just in case I needed them.

 After that, I went back to the inn and began preparing the dishes. It’s best to be prepared beforehand so you don’t have to worry!
 Even if I made too much, it wouldn’t go bad! All thanks to the almighty Storage!

 And soon the day of departure arrived.

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 All three of us had breakfast at the inn, and waited for my check-out procedure before heading out together. And before we left the town, we went to the guild to give our greetings to Salena.
 Salena asked me to take care of her sister and bowed many times to me. I’ll gladly accept!

 And so we exited the town without any trouble. I already informed the children on the day the carriage was completed, so there were no problems regarding that.

“Um? We exited the town, but is that alright? The carriage……”
“It’s fine, I prepared it. But it’ll stand out a little over here, so let’s walk a bit further away.”
“Huh? Stand out? Um, so we just have to walk a bit further then?”
“Lily, it’ll be impossible to walk all the way to the royal capital from here~”
“I-It’ll be fine! Ren said so too! That’s why, I’m sure it’ll be….yeah.”

 I can hear both of you, you know?

 We exited from the gate and began walking. Norn and Bell were to my left and right. And the sunshine felt nice.
 After walking for a bit, I found a nice and cozy looking forest area. I guess here then?

“Alright, I’ll take out the carriage now.”
“Eh? Take out?”

 I ignored their confusion and proceeded to take out the carriage from Storage. After directing the circle of light to an area on the ground, a carriage appeared there. The circle acted as a range specification and would appear whenever I took out large or many items at once from Storage. Incidentally, if there were any large obstacles in the specified range, I wouldn’t be able to take them out. That was what happened when I tried taking out my house before.

 The carriage that appeared had two horses attached to it. In addition, there was even a coachman sitting on it.
 Yes, the coachman was also a golem. Excuse me. Well, since I would be traveling by myself, I would need it so I could relax inside? And so I made a dummy.

 Incidentally, I realized that it would be easier to leave the controlling of the three golems to another part of my mind. Somehow, I was even able to maintain control of the golems even while I was asleep. But since I didn’t understand why, I couldn’t explain how I did that either.

 I also did a bit of fine-tuning with the appearance of the carriage to disguise it.
 There weren’t any decorations on the exterior like the carriages used by nobles, and it was a practical one-sided design that emphasized sturdiness. I also deliberately added dirt and wind-wear to it too.

 The underside of the carriage, like the suspension, was covered so that it couldn’t be seen from the outside. The other absorber mechanisms underneath were also covered and couldn’t be seen. The wheels were also disguised to look like ordinary wood.

 The golem horses have also been improved to make them look more realistic. I guess their round eyes would be considered cute?
 The coachman had a good-looking face and was a handsome youth type. The straw hat also looked great on it.
 I guess I did quite a perfect job on them? Yes, definitely.

 When I looked back at the other two, they were completely frozen. Right, they would be like that.

“It’s a carriage.”
“Ah, yes.”
“It’s a carriage~”
“Well then, let’s get on.”

“No, no, no, wait, wait! Wait a minute! I’m sorry, but I don’t understand! Eh? What’s going on? A carriage? The storage skill? No, no, it’s too big! It’s way too big! And the horses! Why even horses!? And a coachman? A coachman!? I’m scared!”

 Woah, Lily’s words were a mess.

 Arisa was looking to the distance with a blank look in her eyes. She had completely given up on thinking about it.

“I made it.”
No, no, no, no, made it? Eh? Made? This? Ren did?”

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“The horse.”
“It’s a golem.”
“The coachman.”
“It’s a golem.”
“Why golems?”

“Well, you need to feed and find a resting place for a real horse, so I guess it would be costly and more difficult to keep? But if I use golems, I could just put them away so it wouldn’t be a bother. And I can fix them if they break.”

“The coachman.”

“It’s because I usually travel alone, so I would need it so I can relax inside the carriage? I even went through all the effort to make a box-carriage. As such, I made a dummy.”

“Where should I even start from……..”
“Want to talk about it over a nice meal?”
“……..I’ll do that, please.”

 Lily seems to have also given up. It was my victory.


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