Chapter 51 – Since I’m Meticulous

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1144 words

 The second day of carriage making.

 But it was actually easier than yesterday. Since I knew the basic structure of a carriage. Now I just needed to figure out how to keep the carriage from shaking too much.
 To be honest, the shaking from the carriages I had ridden before were quite dreadful.

 The roads weren’t always smooth, and there were times where I would doze off only to be jostled by a sudden bump and nearly bite my tongue. There were also various times where I bumped my head.

 As such, I wanted to make a carriage that wouldn’t shake around.
 A suspension system would be necessary. I tried testing various things out to see what would be best for ensuring the carriage ride was smooth. And before I realized, it was already evening. Oh, right. What about the designs?

 In the end, it took about a week to finish the designs. Yeah, I know. I really do know, hahaha. It’s because I was rather meticulous in my previous life so…….it couldn’t be helped.

 However, while I was coming up with the designs, I also made some lightweight materials such as duralumin and titanium, so the carriage ended up being much lighter than I initially planned. I would have to replace the frame parts of the golem horse later.

 The metal ores were apparently from deep within the ground. The deep layers of the ground were rich with ores. Which would explain the high MP cost when I created them.

 And so the design plans were completed and I began to make the carriage.
 I would need Creation Magic to make the parts just like with the golem, but this time I decided to take it slow and not use recovery potions.
 Since it had taken me quite a while to complete the design plans, I guess there really isn’t a need to rush anymore?

 Thus, I worked slowly without rushing myself for about another week. And finally, the carriage was completed.

 Ah, even when I was working on the carriage, I still sold the herbs from Storage. It was helpful to the guild in various ways and I still have a huge stockpile left.

 Anyways, moving on.

 The completed carriage was a box-shaped carriage. With an emphasis on safety and comfort.
 Well, it would make sense for me to sleep inside the carriage when camping, right? To begin with, all my luggage was inside of Storage.

 The carriage was designed so that you would enter from behind the coach seat. Through a door. There was also a small space behind the seats where luggage could be stored.

 The door to enter inside the carriage was on the left side when facing frontward. I also made a space to store luggage in the back of the carriage and also made a door for it. Additionally, all the doors have locks.

 The inside was furnished with a sofa which faced forward. Naturally, it was soft and had pocket coils. Since it was a foldable type, it could also be pulled out and made into a bed. I think around four people should be able to sleep on it if they tried?

 There was a foldable table attached to the wall. I also added holsters to hold drinks. There were even windows on the front and right side.
 What about the wheels? What else would I use besides rubber? An inner tube? Of course!

 To be honest, I overdid it a little. But I didn’t regret it. There’s no helping it if it’s all for living a comfortable life.

 But since I went a little crazy, it might be difficult to pull the carriage using one golem horse.
 I might have to give up and make another golem horse. But considering the weight of the carriage, it might still be manageable with one horse. The frame looked rather light.

 As such, I first tried test-running it with one horse. And from there I made modifications as necessary.
 There was no shaking even inside a forest that had no paved roads. I had made something quite amazing.
 Although, I would have to sit in the coach seat when I use it on the roads.

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 But the golem horse was slightly underpowered. As expected, it would be difficult like this, so I gave up and decided to make a second one. Tomorrow.
 As such, I ended up making a second golem horse the next day.

 But I took it easy unlike the last one where I rushed to complete it in a single day. I also remodeled the first one too.
 I knew where the stress was applied due to the few trial runs, so I reinforced those areas.

 As I was making various modifications to the golems, the children happily reported that they managed to kill a horned rabbit.

 Horned rabbits were large rabbits with horns and were the most accessible form of meat to the common household. And for adventurers, it was one of the few monsters that wasn’t restricted by the subjugation age limit.

 In the first place, even ordinary people could defeat horned rabbits as long as they were careful, so it was unlikely that subjugation requests for them would be made. But leaving them be would result in them growing more and more. Apparently, they were as fertile as goblins. And they were pests that would destroy fields. Thus for those reasons, the subjugation age limit was removed.

 Adventurers under the age of 13 were often orphans. Naturally, food wasn’t guaranteed. Or they were children from normal families and were working as adventurers as a part-time job, some might have even become adventurers to learn self-defense skills. In these cases, the children would often hunt to add more food to the dining table.

 But even if the horned rabbits were weak, they were still monsters. Even an adult would be gouged through the stomach if they weren’t careful. As such, I warned the children not to hunt too aggressively. I didn’t want them to die.

 Since the children also prioritized their own safety, they usually didn’t hunt for horned rabbits.
 But due to the recent increase in their income, they became able to buy weapons and armor. As such, since everyone had equipment now, and quite possibly also due to their improved diet allowing them to move better. They started hunting horned rabbits. I was happy to see their growth.

 But I was also scared of them getting injured. So after praising them, I also made sure to tell them not to overdo it. I didn’t want them to push on even after knowing it would be dangerous.

 And so several days passed on like that. The second golem horse was completed and the carriage was also finally completed.

 It took longer than expected, but now I could finally go shopping~


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