Chapter 50 – Right, Let’s Make a Carriage

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1674 words

 It’s morning~ so time to get up!

 Lily and Arisa were both working today, so I went to the dining hall and ate breakfast. The menu was a hot dog. With sauce. It seems the cook immediately tried making it.

 Nom, nom, nom. Yep, this was completely different. It wasn’t wrong, but what is this? It’s not spicy. It’s like Worcestershire……but something different……I’m not too sure what it is.

 Anyways, I ate in peace for today. In other words, whenever a person tried calling out to me, it seems that the two of them would stop them and drive them away.

 After finishing the meal, I left the inn with Norn and headed towards the gates. I was going to see the children today.

 As I came up to the gates with that in mind, a sudden thought occurred to me. Right, let’s make that. And so I observed that for a bit before heading out of town.
 Hmm, just looking at it from the outside wasn’t enough. It was something like this, or this……I wonder if there’s a skill that would allow me to understand the internal structure.

 As I was observing things by projecting mana through my eyes, I ended up gaining a new skill. The skill was called Analyze. Apparently, it seems to be an upgraded version of Appraisal. It seems another troublesome thing appeared……but I’m going to use it since this was the skill I needed. It’s fine as long as no one finds out!

 I resumed heading out of town after finding out what I wanted to know using my new skill.

 I exited the town and began looking around for the children. But they weren’t there. Usually when they notice me, they would just come over by themselves, hmm.

 Ah, didn’t they say that they would be gathering in the shallow areas of the forest? Did they already go into the forest?
 And so I started moving towards the forest but someone called out to me.

“Big sis Ren! You’re back!”
“Yui, how are you doing?”
“Good! Thanks to big sis.”

 It’s Yui. It appears her cheeks were more plump than before. She seems to be eating properly. Shin was following behind her. The other children were also rushing over here.

“I’m back. I’ll be staying for a bit for now.”
“Are you planning on going somewhere again afterwards?”
“Yes, I’m thinking of traveling to a nearby village since there’s something I want there, but it’s not right away.”
“Is that so…… ”

 Everyone was a bit disappointed, but it couldn’t be helped.

“Are you all going to gather herbs now? Can I go with you all?”
“Of course!”

 Everyone was smiling brightly. Yep, everyone looks energetic. I also smiled and we began moving right away.

 When we arrived in the forest, we decided to head deeper to where we were gathering before. As expected, there wasn’t much to gather in the shallower areas. But the gathering spot we headed to was more sparse than before, so we wouldn’t get as much if we gathered here.

 So in the end, I decided to move a little further than the previous gathering pot. It was for my own convenience. Because there was something I wanted to do.
 When we arrived, the children began gathering. I called Norn over and asked her to be more vigilant than usual, and told her she could attack first instead of defending. I took the children into the depths of the forest for my own convenience, so I prioritized the safety of the children first.

 Now I didn’t have to worry. I took out my tent and began working.
 I was working on making a carriage. I was also going to make the horse to pull it. Golem horse. In other words, I was going to make a carriage that would be pulled by a golem horse.1

 There was a reason why I wanted to make something like this. And that was due to my stamina.
 The memory of me running out of energy on my way back to town after defeating the ogre lord was still fresh. I didn’t have enough stamina.2

 Hence, the carriage. I had the opportunity to ride a carriage several times already. The carriages of Nicole and Roberto.
 Riding on carriages was relaxing. I could travel without walking. However, a person was necessary to steer the horse. But that was where the golem came in.

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 I could already make golems that could perform simple functions. It just had to travel on the roads and watch out for oncoming vehicles. If it was just that much, the golem could handle it. Above all, I didn’t have to control the horse at all. It would be safe for me to just nap on the carriage. Additionally, since I didn’t need to feed it, I only had to worry about repairs and maintenance.

 But the golem would be controlled using mana. If I also had to use mana to bend the joint areas then it would consume even more mana. But it would be fine as long as I made the joint structures. As such, I just had to add the joints.

 Which was why I was observing at the gate earlier.

 There was a lot of traffic during the morning hours at the gate. Especially for the gate where carriages entered. Thus, I had closely observed the horses, or rather, I analyzed them. How the skeletal structure and muscles worked. And the basic structure of the carriage. The Analyze skill I had learned was quite useful.

 As such, I had immediately gone to work. I was making a golem with an endoskeleton structure this time around. It would also serve as practice for the automata that I plan to make in the future.

 The control system would use a mana stone as the power core and operating source.
 I should be able to manage it using Mana Sense and Mana Control, but Creation Magic would be doing most of the work. I would complete this one way or another.

 The children were silent as if they were used to me doing weird stuff. I was a bit sad, it was a complicated feeling.

 I was thinking about using titanium to make the frame and using either wood or unglazed clay for the exterior. I didn’t want it to be too heavy. But I also want enough horsepower so that it could travel on rough roads. And so I used two ogre mana stones for the control system. I also decided to add in the mana stone from the powerful Mad Bull.

 I worked while drinking MP recovery potions.

 And soon it was lunchtime.

 Hmm, I’m at a good pace so I want to continue working on the golem. Should I just make something simple, pasta? Right, let’s go with that.

 I decided to go with the short pasta fusilli I made yesterday along with meat sauce. I still have tomatoes leftover from when I was making ketchup. And I immediately began making minced meat. I also used the bay leaf growing nearby.

 I boiled some hot water and placed the tomatoes inside to boil before transferring them into a bowl to crush. I took out some celery and began chopping it along with some onions and carrots before frying them in a pan. After cooking them for a while, I also dumped in the minced meat. I stirred everything for a while longer, and when the color changed, I added some salt and pepper and a bit of wine. Then lightly stirred everything for a bit longer. After that I let everything simmer.

 Then I moved to the pot and added a pinch of salt. And started boiling the fusilli.

 Afterwards, I transferred an appropriate amount of the boiled fusilli water into the sauce inside the pan. Then I added some bay leaf and let it cook for a while before tasting it. Hmm, about right. If I had either Worcestershire sauce or oyster sauce, I would be able to get a bit more flavor.

 But aside from that, it was ready to be mixed with the boiled fusilli.

 I ended up making quite a lot. I called the children over to eat immediately. The children scarfed down the food wordlessly. But they were chewing properly.

 After finishing with lunch, I continued working on the golem. After the children finished eating the pasta, their eyes seemed a bit sleepy but everyone continued on gathering. Did I feed them a bit too much?

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 In the afternoon, the golem was complete. In the end, I somehow managed to make it. At first glance, it looks like a normal horse. This was due to the various adjustments I made appearance-wise. But upon closer inspection, you would notice several strange areas. But it’ll probably be alright.

 Now time to test it out. Hmm, it seems to work fine. I tested various functions, such as issuing orders while another basic order was being executed. There also weren’t any problems during the light test-run. I guess the golem horse would be completed for now? Afterwards, I guess I just need to have it try pulling the carriage?

I checked my status, and the skill level of Automata Creation, Golem Generation, and Golem Control had all increased a bit. I could probably level them up a bit more, but it would likely be difficult since I lack some prerequisite skills. I would like to have some more alchemy skills…….

 How would I go about learning them? What should I do?

 As I glanced back while thinking of such matters, the children were all looking at me with wide eyes. I guess they’re all surprised?

 Without saying anything, I silently stored the golem horse into Storage and told everyone to prepare to return back to town. I wouldn’t accept any questions.

“Um, big sis Ren, what-…..”
“It’s a secret.”

 Yui had various questions, but I kept silent.
 Anyways, I guess I’ll make the carriage tomorrow?


  1. Silva: Ah… Ren is going to destroy common sense again.
  2. Silva: Ride on Norn, just ride on Norn god dammit. Just what are you thinking? Making a carriage out of all things… Is this what they meant by there is a fine line between a genius and an idiot?

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