Side Story 17 – The Story of a Girl in a Certain Village

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1249 words

 There was currently a disease spreading throughout the village I live in.
 It was a disease that cause intense fevers, body pain, and coughing.

 My mom has this disease and was now sick in bed. Her body was burning hot. The neighboring aunts and uncles, and even the older sisters who once played with me had all died because of this disease.

 ……Would mom be alright?

 We have enough money to buy medicine, but since everyone was buying it, the medicine soon ran out and could no longer be bought.

 A while after the disease had spread about, my older brother and older sister who had left for the towns to become adventurers finally returned. The older sister who lived next door that had went with them also returned. But it seems she also caught the disease and became bedridden.

 My brother and sister had some medicine leftover, but they weren’t really effective.

 If this continued on will everyone end up dying? I didn’t want that to happen, so I decided to go into the forest to search for medical herbs.

 I’ve heard that there have been fewer monster in the deeper regions of the forest lately. That’s why I should be fine going alone.

 I went through the forest by following the river next to the village.
 The medical herbs were located fairly deep within the forest.

 I finally reached the inner depths of the forest. But my feet really hurts.

 According to what I’ve heard from the hunter uncle there should be medical herbs growing around this area, so I left the riverside and headed into the forest. After walking for a bit, I found medical herbs growing within an area. The medical herbs had the same appearance as the ones I got with my dad from before, so these should be the right ones.

 I worked hard to gather the medical herbs. I managed to gather a lot.

 ……This should be about enough, with these mom will be alright. I was happy and I let the tension escape from my body. But at that moment, I heard a nasty cry from behind.

 I turned around and I saw goblins. Three of them.

 I tried escaping, but my legs were trembling and I couldn’t move. Is this where I would die? The goblin standing in front of me raised the sword in its hand.


 I didn’t want to die. Tears started coming out from my eyes.

 As these thoughts flashed through my mind, I heard a loud noise and suddenly the head of a goblin disappeared. Immediate after that, a large wolf appeared and jumped towards the leftmost goblin in the back.

 As the goblin next to it followed the wolf’s movement and turned its head around, a person suddenly leapt forward and landed a kick onto the goblin’s head.

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 The goblin whose head was kicked seems to have died. Am I saved?

 The person who kicked the goblin was wearing a hood and looked back towards me.

“Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?”


 I tried to say something, but then I saw the wolf devouring the goblins behind the person’s back. Was it going to eat me too?

 When I thought that, I became so scared that my vision began darkening, then my mind went blank and I lost consciousness.

 When I woke up, I was inside of a house.

 I glanced around, it appears to be a very nice house. A lot nicer than my house. But where was I?

“You’re awake? How are you feeling?”

 A voice called out to me. It was the person from before.

“Where is here? Where am I?”

“This is my house. You were attacked by goblins. Do you remember?”


 I suddenly remembered what had transpired before. I was attacked by goblins. My body began to tremble.

 But I was saved right? But what about the wolf?

“It’s alright now. There aren’t anymore goblins.”

“There was also a wolf…..wolf! …..Will it eat me?”

“It won’t eat you. If you’re talking about that wolf, it’s currently sleeping outside. Do you want to see?”

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 Although I was told it was alright I still felt uneasy. Above all, a large wolf like that was scary no matter what.

 As I fell into silence, the person wearing the hood brought over a drink and gave it to me. It looked like some sort of brewed beverage and it was very warm. But was it alright for me to drink it?

 When I was at a loss of what to do, the hooded person took a sip from her own cup that had the same liquid. ……It seems like it’s safe to drink. I decided to also drink.

 When I took a sip, I could taste honey and a sweet flavor spread throughout my mouth.


 I felt a sensation of relief swept through my body, and then the person started speaking to me.

“Anyways, what were you doing in that sort of place? Isn’t the deeper parts of the forest dangerous since there are various monsters about?”

 This person didn’t seem like a bad person. So was it perhaps alright to talk about my situation?

“…..My mom….she’s sick.”

 As I explained the situation, the hooded person became lost in thought.

 She stayed like that for a while, then took something out of her pocket and began explaining it to me. Although it was in a strange looking container, it looked like some sort of medicine.

“Have your mother drink this.”

“What is it?”

“Medicine for the illness. After drinking this, make sure to have a good meal and sleep well, then she should be cured.”

 It was a bit different looking than the medicine I knew about, I made a mental note to remember it just in case.

“Medicine? Is it a medical herb?”

“It’s not a medical herb, but it is medicine.”

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“……Is big sister a witch?”


 She lived alone in the deep forest by herself and she could make medicine like this, I could only think of her as a witch. And she had been wearing a hood this entire time. So she even looks like a witch. No matter how I looked, I could only see a witch.

“I’m not a witch. I just live here.”

“Really? But…I don’t have any money for the medicine……”

“I don’t need any money. But stay here for tonight since it’s already late.”

 ……She said she’s not a witch, but she’s definitely lying. But this person was a good witch.

 The dinner that night consisted of food I had never seen before, but it was surprisingly delicious when I took a bite, and before long I ate enough to fill my stomach. Big-sis witch watched me with a smile on her face.

 The bed in the room where I was allowed to sleep in was very fluffy and surprisingly comfortable, I ended up falling asleep immediately.

 The next morning big-sis witch gave me another medicine when I was about to return home. It was inside a bottle, a drinkable type.

 After getting sick, the body would become weakened, but apparently this was a medicine that could rejuvenate the body. I knew it, this person was a good witch.

 With this mom would definitely get better. I was happy and quickly ran back to the village.

 But at that time, I didn’t know what was to come because of the medicine I received.


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