Chapter 18 – Since it Has Become Dangerous, I Will Run Away

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1112 words

Well now, since I’ve already decided on it, I should start making preparations to escape at night.

 ……But to be honest, I didn’t need to make any preparations. All my belongings were basically just stored in Storage. There was actually one last thing, but that can be left for last.

 It was currently evening. The groups of people have also returned to their villages. It seems there wasn’t anyone hiding about, and Detection wasn’t picking up anything.

 I braided my hair to prevent it from getting in the way and changed into clothes that were easier to move in. I also changed from my skirt into trousers. The hem of the skirt was long and it would be troublesome if I got injured because of it. At home, I usually wear culottes or skirt pants, but those weren’t suitable for walking in the mountains. The top was also made of durable fabric. I put on a leather breastplate and strapped my short sword to my waist. And the final touch, I wore my cloak with the hood up. Perfect.

 Norn was curled up in front of the fireplace, but had now risen and was looking at me.

 …..What should I do? It would be very reassuring if Norn and Bell were to come with me.

 Norn was silently looking at me.

“Norn, I have decided to leave this forest.”


“So what will you do, Norn? Will the two of you remain in this forest? Or……will you two come with me?”


 It seems the two would come with me. I was happy, or rather, very happy.

 ……Also, this wasn’t a conclusion I came up with for my own convenience. When the level of Life Magic went up, I became able to understand what Norn was saying. But Bell was still too young so her words weren’t too clear, I couldn’t understand it very well. It’s not like I’m being desperate or anything, okay?

 Well since everything was settled, I should head out immediately. After waking up the sleeping Bell, we headed outside the house.

 I had lived in this house for quite a long time.

 ……I thought back on the days spent here. I have to leave this forest. But I still didn’t want to leave this house behind.


 I placed the house into Storage.

 All that was left was the drainage.

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 Eh? You thought I was going to leave the house behind?1 Or burn it? That’s just stupid. I worked hard to build this house so I’m not going to do any of that. In the first place, Storage has an unlimited storage capacity, so I should be able to store any item regardless of the size. Furthermore, when I expanded the house I also built a stone wall around it. So the entire house was within the boundaries of the stone wall. As such, if I stored the entire stone wall there shouldn’t be any problems. I would even be able to bring along the garden. A transportable house along with a garden. How wonderful.

 I didn’t want people going into my bedroom, so I never planned on leaving the house behind.

 It’s been a while, but I again realized just how cheat-like the Storage skill was. The sun was already setting and it was getting darker outside. Let’s take advantage of the dark night and escape now!

 …….After walking for about five hours, I decided to take a short break. To be honest, I actually didn’t have to take a break. Sleepiness, stamina, fatigue recovery. I have potions for all of them. But I didn’t want to overdo it.

 Norn and I were both alright, but Bell was still a child and lacked stamina. Also, I would be troubled if I used potions and became misled about the extent of my own limits.

 I was currently traveling eastward. If I remember correctly, in this direction beyond all the villages there should be a town called Harula. I’ve heard that it’s fairly safe town and has a guild. The village where Coco lives in was towards the southeast, so if I head this far I shouldn’t encounter any of them again.

 On a side note, the baron who governs this area lives in a town called Neizan, towards the south of the forest. The toad-faced merchant was also there. So I will never go there.

 I watched Bell while eating a light meal, she appeared to be rather energetic so she probably thought we were on an outing or hunting at night. But we’re actually pulling off a night escape, alright?

 Since Norn told me she would be on the lookout, I took a nap for about an hour before continuing on. In terms of distance, I believe we should exit the forest around tomorrow afternoon?

 We traveled through the forest without any problems, but I did kill a few orcs and goblins by sniping them along the way.

 I examined our surroundings. It seems there weren’t any pursuers following us. Nothing on the front, the back, the right, and the left! Everyone was alright, I’m also alright! All clear!

 Let’s exit the forest and start heading towards the roads!

 I thought about the future while walking on the grassland alongside Norn and Bell.

 There weren’t many people who knew what I look like. To be precise, there should only be two. One of them was Neil. He was able to see my face due to my own carelessness. I wished he would forget about it, but that wasn’t going to happen. The other person was Coco. Since she’s shorter than me, she was always looking up at me. So my face should have been almost completely visible even with my hood on. But if I go to Harula, there shouldn’t be any problems. Both of them were living in a village in the forest. There were also the children who I lived with in the orphanage before.2  But it has been over a year, so my hair has grown and become longer. Furthermore, I think my face has changed quite a lot since I was now healthier and less skinnier due to eating a balanced diet. As such, they shouldn’t be able to recognize me on first sight. Or at least I think so. The toad-faced merchant has only seen me from a distance a few times, so I should also be alright there.

 When I think about it like this, aren’t I better off than I thought?

 Yes, as long as I be careful everything, it will be alright!

 After walking for about two days, I finally reached the roads.


  1. Silva: Nope, I never thought of that. In fact, I even suggested that you move away along with the house and all before all this happened. Then everyone will just think it’s a “dream” or an “illusion” and the “witch” never really existed.
  2. Silva: But the Fenrir… people should have seen the Fenrir… if you bring them with you, it’ll definitely attract attention. Even without that, Fenrir should be a rare creature by all rights, so you would still attract attention regardless…

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