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Chapter 6 – Bathing is the Epitome of Culture

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1943 words

 In my search for a water source I have relocated to a nearby river, and it has been two months since then.

 The carriage accident was likely around March, so spring should be about over and making way for summer.

 I was currently living in a small hut near the river. No, even this was a lot better. Truly. I was glad that the current season was warm.

 Initially, I was going for a pit-house like structure. Something like a tent…….with the wood aligned in a cone shape and the roof covered in straw…….but, later that night it was blown away by a strong wind. I cried.

 After repeatedly trying to rebuild it and failing, I started to think about alternatives. And I decided to make MP recovery potions to forcefully recover MP and strengthen the structure of the hut.

 And now it had become a hut that couldn’t be blown down by the wind. One month had passed at that point. I don’t want to think about those dreadful days…..

 The next goal was to improve my diet.

 Ah, but the strengthening of the hut was focused on the walls. So the leaking was quite dreadful whenever it rained.

 Eh? Ah, yes, back to the topic. Right, I was trying to improve my diet.

 First, I decided to check my surroundings for any dangerous animals or easy prey. There wasn’t any dangerous animals nearby, but there also wasn’t any easy prey.

 But I found several trees that produce edible berries and some edible mushrooms. I also confirmed that there weren’t any dangerous monsters nearby. Thinking back, I was quite surprised as it was during that time I had obtained the skills [Alert] and [Detection].

 Alert was a skill that reacted to danger or ambushes. In other words, it could be said as improved intuition….

 Detection was a skill that could sense things in the surrounding area. Apparently, when detection becomes higher leveled it will become able to identify race or threat level.

 However, the meals weren’t always stable or balanced. So, I took nutritional supplements along with rice balls to fill my stomach. Yes, it was easy to create…..and thanks to that I didn’t have to worry about the nutrient balance anymore.

 Sorry… I lied. I wanted to eat delicious foods. Ahhhh! I miss the satisfying days in Japan…..

 As such, I had tried creating an actual meal full of seasoning, but due to the amount of MP cost it couldn’t be done.

 So I tried creating just salt itself, but in exchange for the large MP cost the amount of salt created was too little.

 As for spices, there were peppers and herbs growing naturally within the area. And since I lived by myself in my previous life I had to learn how to cook, so I was able to manage with the ingredients.

 No, a delicious meal is important, so it can’t be helped.

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 That aside, once I manage to secure proper clothing, food, shelter and ensure the safety of the area, I think I will try improving the living environment.

 Yes, which means a bath.

 Hm? Shouldn’t I try improving the house first? No, of course the bath comes first! Bathing in the river is cold! And I don’t want to be led astray by [Clean]. As for fatigue, I have that covered thanks to the recovery potion.

 My current bathing area was created by digging up a part of the riverbed using earth magic. Then a large amount of stones were placed to separate it from the river and the water was replaced with hot water.

 But during rainy days, or when the season becomes winter, I won’t be able to use it.

 As such, I was gathering stone and wood for today. But the current problem was that the amount of MP I had for reinforcing the building materials was too little. Furthermore, there was also quite a lot of things that needed to be reinforced. My maximum MP was now 70. It increased a bit, but I still want more.

“…….I think I need to go at this another way. There’s a limit to how many MP recovery potions I can use.”

 In the first place, making MP recovery potions cost a lot. After experimenting, I realized it was more efficient to forcefully recover MP with the potions and finish everything at once. However, the problem was that there was a limit to the amount that could be made.

“If somehow, I could create a potion that can increase my maximum MP…..”

 I had acquired a skill that could create potions that would temporarily increase my status. So I thought about making a potion that would temporarily boost my MP limit. 

 After considering it, I decided to go with it. Since I could be considered a mad scientist type, the verification of the idea is more important than safety. It’s something that couldn’t really be helped.

 The results were I could make it.

 However, the production rate of the MP boosting potion was laughable. I could only laugh….

 All the potion ingredients and herbs I collected had disappeared. Ahhhhh!!!

 Afterwards, I had to spend a week to gather enough materials to make MP recovery potions to recover my increased mana pool. It took three days to prepare. And the results of working hard every day while taking the potions.

 I was taking a bath inside my house right now.

 Collecting that many materials just to complete this was really depressing, but right now I don’t want to think of unhappy things. I don’t want to think about it. I repeated it because it’s important.

 The bathing room was nice, the epitome of culture.

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 As a result of my hard work and effort, I was able to create a room consisting of two meter walls in the corner of my house. The house had two floors.

 Upon entrance, the kitchen was in view. Then the bathing room and restroom were located towards the back.

 The guestroom and storage room were located on the first floor. While my bedroom and a study was located on the second floor. There was also a basement.

 I had built quite an amazing place. But the furniture would need to be added on a different date. I was completely satisfied. Building the drainage system was quite difficult, but I did my utmost with earth magic.

 I plan on transforming the waste to fertilizer using [Creation Magic], so the drainage system was an accumulative type. But in the bigger towns or the capital city it appears there are sewer systems.

 Well, magic is still useful regardless.

 While thinking these thoughts, I proceeded to create soap using the plant ingredients to wash my body.

 Ah, I could sell something like this too, right? Shampoo would also be good too.

 Hmm….my ambitions rises! But at the same time, I don’t have any plans on leaving the forest right now! On a side note, these are all created using [Creation Magic]. It costs quite a lot of MP, but I suppose it couldn’t be helped. It was a necessary expense.

 As I stared down at my crotch area while washing my body, I felt a complex-sort of feeling.

 I didn’t exactly feel confused and such, but there was still a sense of complexity mixed with naturalness.

 I felt calmer than I had been in the previous few months, but even so my memories from my previous life still had quite an effect on me. As such, my way of thought and values were still quite similar to that of when I was Japanese.

 I still had some consciousness as a man remaining, at least it was to the extent where I found having a male partner revolting.

 No, never mind, it’s better not to overthink it. I might be overwhelmed by all the thoughts. Let’s just leave these sort of thoughts for another time.

 Regardless of everything else, there was no doubt that my previous life’s knowledge was quite useful. It would have a huge role in improving my life from here on out. I would make proper use of what could be used.

 I lightly pondered over these matters as I immersed myself in the bathtub.

 A future course of action was also important. Although I needed to start planning ahead for the future.

 I haven’t really thought about it since the accident, other than wanting to be free. When I left the orphanage, I only felt despair. My future was dark and I was trapped.

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 But now I was free. Free to do anything I wanted. And free to live however I wanted.

 Still……what should I do? To be honest, I didn’t have any goals or purpose for life in this world.

I just simply lived to live. But I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life like that.

 Then what about the past me?

 I think I had quite the arrogant personality. I would always prioritize myself first. As such, if there were things I didn’t want to do, I would simply avoid it, or avoid it as much as possible. And I would pursue anything that interested me. So in other words, I didn’t like dealing with troublesome matters.

 Thus, I would avoid circumstances in which I had to deal with troublesome people or situations. But I didn’t hate the me who had that sort of personality. Due to my meticulous personality, I was alone and had to learn how to cook for myself. As a result, I was quite skilled at cooking. And thanks to that, I wasn’t troubled now.

 Anyways, I became side-tracked.

 Well, if I couldn’t decide what I would like to do based on my current self, I would instead decide on how to proceed based on my past self. We are essentially the same person.

 I dislike being forced to do anything. I dislike troublesome matters. As such, I would escape if it came down to it. So this would be the basic future course of action.

 And for the time being, I would live here. I plan on leaving this forest, eventually. But, until then, I would continue living here. I would continue on living peacefully until something happens. Yes, I will go with this plan.

 However, I will still continue leveling my skills. Since the skills would be a necessary countermeasure if anything were to happen.

 Plus, there were also various things I would like to make.

 Such as things I had planned to make or had failed at making in my previous life. Since there was magic in this world, I could probably make them here.

 I essentially still don’t have a goal or purpose for existing in this world? I suppose I should explore the world a bit once I become able to. Exploring the world? Hmm, sounds interesting, no, I am interested.

 I only knew about the town where the orphanage was located, so I basically knew nothing else. My knowledge regarding the common sense of the world was likely still lacking. Since the internet didn’t exist in this world, there wasn’t any convenient, world-wide information sharing network.

 Then, once I leave the forest, should I investigate these sort of things first?

 After deciding all these things, I exited the bath.

 Ah, I was able to enjoy a nice bath, but now that I think about it, wasn’t I still an orphan? These sort of thoughts drifted through my mind as I slept on a soft bed. The bed was also made using my previous life’s knowledge and [Creation Magic]. Cheats sure are terrible…….

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