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Chapter 5 – The Storage Skill Seems to be a Cheat

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1695 words

 Several days later. I’ve verified the limits of the skills to what I could use at the moment.

 I haven’t moved from this spot. While traveling from the accident site, I didn’t come across any monsters or wild animals, so I think my vigilance is beginning to fade. I’ll reflect on this and take appropriate measures later.

 Anyways, I managed to find out more information regarding [Creation Magic].

 First, how to use it.

 When used, a circle of light would appear in the area I specified. Naturally, the circle of light was a magic formation. Truly, fantasy-like.

 In order to use it, materials had to be placed within the magic formation, or the skill could be activated using no materials.

 However, not everything could be made. So it’s most likely dependent on the user’s MP and level.

 If I also had knowledge about what was being created, the MP consumption could be reduced. But, if the object being created was complicated, the amount of MP used would increase.

 Next, if I was using materials that were used in the object being created, the amount of MP consumed would be significantly reduced. I noticed this when I tried creating salves for treating my wounds.

 Furthermore, if I used tools that were necessary for the process of making them, the amount of MP consumed would again be reduced. I noticed that when I completely prep the materials with a knife beforehand it would also reduce the MP consumption, as compared to when I didn’t prep the materials or only partial prep them. Although the comparisons were made based on the current equipment I had on hand, if I had better equipment it’s possible the MP consumption would be further reduced.

 I also tried making a sword for self-defense, but I didn’t have enough MP. My current MP was only 50. So I couldn’t make the blade very long.

 Also the salve I created wasn’t very effective for my injuries, so I used some potion ingredients I gathered to create the so called [potion].

 Which was super effective. Although the materials needed for creating the potion weren’t that different from the salve, the effects were completely different.

 Aside from that, I only vaguely knew about the materials needed for making potions, and I didn’t know the process to create them. Even so, I guess my skill assisted me in creating them despite my vague knowledge. Because I somehow ended up creating one.

 As a researcher and scientist I am rather skeptical of the process, but as of now I’ll just accept it since it’s helpful and leave the pondering for a later date. Well, my expertise was in rocks and minerals so I didn’t really know much about creating medicines.

 After that, I tried creating various types of potions. Ones for recovery, antidotes, ability enhancements, and such. Also as a countermeasure for monsters, I made monster-repellants.

 But I wasn’t able to create high quality items since my skill level was still low. All the items I created were low quality items.

 However, it seems the more I create the more my skill improves, my MP consumption gradually decreases, and I am able to create low quality recovery potions.

 And if I were to use the lower quality potions as a base, I could then create a better quality potion.

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 But when I tried making higher level ones I wasn’t able to due to my skill level not being high enough. I’m disappointed.

 But then I realized I had gained a new skill called “Compound”. It would seem if I leveled this I would be able to create higher grade items.

 And with that my source of income for when I reach a town was somehow established.

 All my injuries were also healed during my experimentations with potion making.

 My maximum MP even increased to 60 during the process.

 The MP increase might not seem like a huge difference, but to me 10MP equals one rice ball. Which is a huge difference.

 I tried making a seaweed-wrapped rice ball but I nearly collapsed. When I checked my status I had consumed 30MP. Quite cruel…

 I also made some clothing using the cloth I had obtained from the carriage. Even if I made too much there would be no problems since I could just put them into my unlimited [Storage]. And I could always sell them if necessary.

 [Creation Magic] was just too convenient. Although, the MP consumption rate was a bit bad and what I could create was limited. As long as I properly utilized the creation process it was still manageable.

 Next, my [Appraisal] also leveled up. It was currently LV4.

 Appraisal is supposed to be difficult to level up, but it didn’t really seem so here. I feel as if it has been leveling up nonstop.

 I wasn’t exactly sure why, but I assume it’s likely a racial trait. Celestials appear to be quite amazing.

 And as I kept creating water using life magic I ended up also gaining water attribute magic. Self-teaching yourself magic is supposed to be very difficult too.

 Nevertheless, since it’s convenient I won’t complain, I also managed to create hot water after some experimenting. Which just makes life even easier.

 Magic is way too convenient! The attacks and such are all too fantasy-like…..well, no, because of that there are drawbacks.

 Such as when creating potions, I had to be really specific with the process since only the potion itself would appear.

 As such, I had to make a container for the potion first. Initially, I tried creating glass containers, but it ended up consuming too much MP, so I went with an unglazed bottle made of soil instead. I was a little disheartened after realizing I should’ve first made a container to begin with.

 By the way, I ended up acquiring earth magic after trying to create a container using soil.

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 So, next would be the problem of self-defense.

 First, weapons. Since I didn’t have any armor I could only strengthen my weapon.

 Since I could improve potions into higher level ones, I thought that it would also be possible to do the same with my knife.

 Which turns out I was right. It was immediately confirmed after I used [Appraisal]. The low quality iron knife had become higher quality steel knife. However, it ended up costing me 50 MP, so I became completely exhausted and unable to do anything more for the day.

 Just changing the carbon distribution of a small knife ended up consuming this much MP. How much would it be for strengthening a sword? How about creating weapons from scratch? It seems I still have a long way to go.

 Anyways, since I am finished with self-defense, let’s move on to the next matter.

 Next up, would be to move to a water source.

 I am thinking about living in this forest. So a change of plans.

 What are my reasons for choosing to live here? There are several reasons, but first, would be due to my [Creation Magic] skill.

 It had greatly increase my chances of survival. I would have no problems with food. Out of clothing, food, and shelter, two were already satisfied. And once I master water magic, I could create a bath.

 Next, would be what might happen if I went to the towns. If I were to be discovered I might be sent back to the merchant.

 Currently, about two weeks have passed since the accident. It would be nearly impossible to get out of this forest with a child’s feet, but if I did manage to get out I would be placed into custody. Once under custody, my identity would be examined and I would probably be sent back to the merchant.

 Thus, I shouldn’t try to leave the forest immediately. Fortunately, I have the necessary skills to create a habitable environment.

 What am I saying? It’s simple. I could use the surrounding trees as wood and build a small hut. And then using my skills, I could slowly rebuild and improve the hut. Hooray for creation magic! All hail, creation magic! Putting aside the MP consumption rate.

 ……I just need some time. Sniffle

 After establishing my new goal I head east in search of a water source.

 I proceed along while being mindful of my surroundings. The herbs and wild plants that enter my sight disappear. A mysterious phenomenon. Nope. It is my doing.

 All of them have been placed into [Storage].

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 At first, I was gathering herbs and wild plants that I saw by hand and placing them into [Storage]. But now I am just directly placing them into storage.

 After finding it troublesome, I began looking at the plants and wishing they would just automatically go into [Storage]. And at that moment. The plants vanished right in front of me. In a panic, I quickly checked [Storage] and there it was. I was stunned.

 All my hard work from before…, I should think positively. Now the extra work would be reduced.

 After that, I just started using [Appraisal] without much thought.

 I used it on just about everything in my field of sight without really caring. Then, I stored any herbs I found right into [Storage]. After a while, I was basically doing subconsciously.

 As a scientist and researcher in my past life, being able to multitask and process several different thoughts were necessary skills to have. So being able to do this was naturally easy. Doesn’t this create stress on the mind? That depends.

 These sort of multi-tasking skills are often used in laboratory settings, so it can become convenient in those cases.

 Anyways, I digress. The only problem would be that I should take care not to accidentally store something in my surroundings when I go into a town. I had to be careful.

 But still make proper use of abilities that can be used. Although, that doesn’t mean it isn’t convenient. Yep, convenient is still convenient.

 Later that night, when I checked my status, my appraisal had become LV5.

 …….Yep, this is what happens when you use it like that. Right…


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