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Chapter 7 – I Want to Eat Meat

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1253 words

 It’s been three months since the expansion of the house. Almost half a year has passed since the carriage accident.

 My hair has grown quite a bit, and it was now long enough to reach my shoulders. The bangs were annoying though.

 It was summer now in this world. But the surroundings were quiet.

 My lifestyle was now stable, so next was the matter of clothing.

 Until recently, I was wearing the same clothes I had made when I was experimenting with my skills a few months ago.

 Since I had been wearing it for several months now, the fabric had become worn out, so I decided to make new clothes. What type of cloth did I use? Well, no, I used wood.

 Or rather, I used the cellulose extracted from the wood……no, never mind, forget about the details. It’s difficult to explain. Anyways, I managed to make them with [Creation Magic].

 While I was making clothes, I obtained the skill [Apparel] and became able to make somewhat elaborate designs. If I leveled this skill, would I be able to make more complex embroideries?

 Right now, I was planting vegetables in the garden. I used to have an indoor garden at my parent’s house, but since I couldn’t recall all the steps, I decided to plant easier to grow ones.

 What about the seeds? [Creation Magic] took care of that.1 Plus, the MP consumption was very low. But a fully grown plant would cost a lot of MP.

 I first started off with radishes, then expanded to cherry tomatoes, mitsuba, spinach, green beans, okra, shiso,2 and such. I’ve already harvested the fast growing vegetables multiple times. And they were absolutely delicious!

 After three months I’ve become familiarized with the process, and was now considering starting new projects. Earth magic sure is convenient. I also left fertilizers and pesticides to [Creation Magic]. If I ignore the MP cost, magic was quite an all-rounder. No, I will ignore it. It’s very useful.

 I also obtained fire and light attribute magic. Although the light was just used to light the house and the fire was just used for cooking purposes. No matter, there wasn’t any harm in obtaining them.

 I also went to investigate the site of the carriage accident once in the past three months.

 All the luggage I hadn’t taken was gone. It’s likely the bandits took them afterwards. The bodies were all rotten and smelled awful.

 ……Although I could’ve been discovered by the bandits, I decided to bury everything. Though the time was short, they were my travel partners. More than anything, the ethics of my past self were aching. I left the broken carriage alone for the time being.

 Due to the recent troubles I had more to think about.

“I want to eat meat.”

 That’s right, meat. Protein.

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 Didn’t I have supplements to make up for the nutritional balance? That’s unrelated! Meat is meat! But using [Creation Magic] to make it would cost too much.

 I knew how to cook. Since in my previous life, I lived alone and so I had to learn to cook for myself. If I have the ingredients, then cooking with [Creation Magic] would also cost less.

 So in other words, I’m saying that I need to hunt in order to get meat.

 Unfortunately, I was a bit lacking. My only weapon was a knife.

 The sharpness had been enhanced with [Creativity Magic], but even so the range is still too short. If I were to go against a wild boar or something, I would be dead with one hit. Rather, I don’t even think this body is physically capable of hunting.

 ……Should I set up traps? No, I’m not too familiar with how to build them. Even so, with magic I should be able to somehow manage, but then there’s the problem of where to set the traps up. I was unfamiliar with how to look for animal trails.

 As such, I could only search and attack.

 I would prefer to use a long-range weapon. So I head towards an open area.

 First up, a bow. I made one on the spot. The structure was simple. Since I used [Creation Magic] to make it, it should be fairly accurate. I tried pulling on it and……I found out I couldn’t. I was too weak.

 Next up, a crossbow. I should be able to figure out the structure.

 ……But unfortunately, not enough MP!

 It would seem the structure was still too complex. My max MP was only 80 at the moment.

 Then, some kind of projectile weapon. But I would need one that was capable of taking down large animals.

 If it was a small animal, I could just use a sling which I could make immediately with a cloth of the right length. It’s sometimes easy to forget, but I was living in a dangerous forest. It’s a place where dangerous monsters and animals would appear if it weren’t for the monster-repellants.

 A long-range weapon that could penetrate the thick hide of an animal.

 ……A gun? I understood the basic structure. I also shot one before. Well, in my previous life. But the structure is probably still too complex. In the first place, I couldn’t even make a crossbow. It might be possible to make the crossbow if I didn’t have to make the part that pulls the string. But then it wouldn’t work. Should I try making them separately then assemble it? Let’s try it out. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the drawstring component. I give up.

 Is there any other way?

 I placed my hand on my chin and began stroking it as I thought. It was a habit of my previous self. But the stubble… beard….wasn’t there. I’m a girl now, so of course I don’t have a beard!

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 Let’s just focus and think again. Hmm, in my previous life…..there was an anime I saw before. A king with golden armor that was able to summon forth flying swords.3

 Ah, but to begin with, how would you make the swords fly forwards after summoning them?

 Perhaps propel them forward with kinetic energy……

 ……Kinetic energy? Maybe that’s it.

 I knew those hobbies of mine would come in handy. Let’s test it out with [Creation Magic]

 But creating the weapons……right, it would cost too much. I did have a lot of leftover stones in storage from the time I was expanding my house.

 Next up, kinetic energy. It would be some form of intangible energy. I tried forming it and sent a stone flying forward. The MP cost was low. But it felt like the speed was a bit slow, so let’s try increasing the power.

 In order for it to penetrate the skin of an animal……it would have to be 200mph? If I remember correctly, the speed of a bullet from a handgun would be around 400mph? And a rifle should be about double, I think some guns can even go above 1400mph.

 ……It’s probably better not to overdo it. Even if I managed to hit it, I wouldn’t be able to eat if the prey explodes.

 For now, let’s just start with 200mph and 400mph. It flew without any problems at 200mph. The MP cost was small, at a mere 1MP. 400mph cost 5MP.

 Now like a rifle, let’s try 800mph. It cost 20MP. How painful…

“……Is this alright? Can I get meat now?”

 After finishing preparations, I decided to go hunting tomorrow.


  1. Silva: Wow, what an all-purpose magic… with no equivalent exchange but merely mana…
  2. Silva: Never heard of Okra and Shiso before… Heck… just Googled it and Okra looked like Ladies Finger, isn’t it just Ladies Finger?
  3. Silva: Gate of Babylon? What about copyright infringement?! Oh right, this is another world…

    Robinxen: Since technically he is summoning swords he created, isn’t his style more Unlimited Blade Works?

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