Chapter 49 – Making Various Things and Reflecting on Feeding

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1276 words

 I guess I’ll show my face to the children when I go gathering for herbs tomorrow? In that case, let’s just head back to the inn early today. There were also various things I wanted to make.

 When I returned back to the inn, Arisa came out to greet me. Normally, it would be Lily, where was she? She was visiting Salena during lunch so perhaps she had a break for today?

 But when I asked Arisa, it seems that she didn’t have a break today and was supposed to be working. Apparently, she had gone out for lunch in the afternoon and upon returning she was acting rather sluggish. I’m sorry, that would be my fault.

 It seemed that Arisa knew something had happened, or rather that it was related to me…….she was staring at with a light gaze, but I pretended not to notice and escaped to my room.

 I entered my room and took a break. I generally took a bath really early or late, but right now was still too early. And it still wasn’t time for dinner yet. But going to the dining hall too early would also bring various troubles. Should I just go later than usual for today? Right, let’s go with that.

 In that case, I had a lot of time. As such, I decided to spend the time making things.

 Since I had rice now, I decided to make sake and mirin first. Both of them were necessary for cooking. I had also used sake for the chili shrimp. Marinating shrimp inside it would also give it a tender taste. I took out the remaining koji I had made using the rice from before. I started the sake making process, but the smell started to make me dizzy. However, I was careful not to let the smell spread throughout the room since the smell was quite strong.

 Sake huh……I want to drink it. I really want to drink it.

 Because I loved drinking in my previous life! I loved it! I said it twice because it’s important.

 In this world, you were an adult once you reached 15. You were allowed to drink from that age, but I am only 11 years old right now, so it would be a bit too much to start drinking. As such, I would be patient, really patient.

 Even though I was a minor, it wasn’t like I would get in trouble for drinking. That said, if a child just started chugging alcohol, it would still be something that would be frowned upon.

 Although I did buy wine since I used it for cooking, I also made sake and even beer so that I could drink it in the future. I also sold common hop as stomach medicine to the apothecary. I also plan to make whiskey and brandy in the future. But that was still a long way off.

 Uhh, I want to drink……..but I will be patient. But since I was in the middle of preparing food with it, I have no choice but to taste it. Ahhhh!

 Now that I was re-energized, what should I do next? Udon? Ah, since I have buckwheat flour I could make soba then. So next would be noodles. I started kneading them.

 Speaking of noodles, I want to eat pasta. After I finished making long pasta, I made several kinds of short pasta. But since the sauces would have a strong smell, I didn’t make them inside the inn.

 Speaking of strong smells, I should test out making curry. I had a lot of spices, so I should be able to make it but it will definitely be hard.

 However, the balance in this world sure was strange.

 Even though there were soy sauce and miso, there weren’t many recipes for using them, and the cooking techniques were also skewed in various ways. No, it might be possible that these were all due to the influences of other reincarnators, maybe some kind of chef reincarnated in this world before?

 Considering that and the various matters regarding the cook at the inn, I suppose I shouldn’t let anyone eat the curry.

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 Consommé was also a highly acclaimed Western dish, but I don’t recall the inn ever serving it. But since it was a high-class dish, I highly doubt I would have a chance to eat it here anyways.

 I gave Lily and Salena a lot of food without thinking too much about it, and I taught the children various things too, but when I think calmly there could be various issues in doing so. It would seem I might’ve been too careless. I would have to be a bit more careful from now on.

 I was more mentally mature than my physical age due to my memories of my previous life. But as expected, there was still a difference between my previous self’s memories and the consciousness of my current body, this was something I realized at times.

 With all these complex thoughts in mind, I actually stopped cooking for a bit. While I continued preparing the ingredients and focusing on seasonings that didn’t have strong smells, it became just a bit past dinner time.

 Hmm, I guess it should be okay to go eat now? There shouldn’t be much people left since the rush hour should’ve already passed……

 But just as I was thinking this, there was a knock on my door. Who could that be?

 When I opened the door, Arisa was standing there. She had a tray in her hands with food on top of it. Apparently, she came to check up on me because I didn’t come down to the dining hall.

 I invited her to join me since it was boring to eat alone and because she had gone out of her way to come to my room.

“I thought you didn’t come down because you were sleeping~”
“Ah, I just thought there might be a fuss downstairs.”
“I see, it was something like that~ In fact, there were quite a few people waiting for Ren. It was the correct choice not to come down~”

 Apparently, they were still waiting for me down in the dining hall. I probably wouldn’t be able to eat in peace in this inn’s dining hall anymore.

“It should be fine if Lily and I are there, so don’t worry~.”

 I was glad to hear that. I gave her some jelly as thanks. She was overjoyed and said she would enjoy it after returning to her room. Yep, cute.

 Ah, I just decided to be more careful from now on, but I…….

 After that, I took a bath and went to bed. Additionally, I was using my own bed. I had replaced the other bed with my own before going to sleep.

 Or rather than calling it a bed, it was more like a berth. And a berth was hard.

 The first day I stayed at this inn I managed to fall asleep since I was tired, but on the second day my back was sore and I couldn’t sleep well. I probably shouldn’t get too accustomed to luxury……

 The bed I was using wasn’t the one from my bedroom in my house, but instead the one from the guest room. The one in my bedroom was king size and didn’t fit in this room. The room I was in was single-sized. I wonder why I chose to make something so big……well, it was comfortable though.

 It has been a while but I guess I will go gather herbs tomorrow? And so I fell asleep while thinking of such matters.

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