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Chapter 4 – It Seems I’m Actually Quite Amazing

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1226 words

Well then, my status menu was full of surprises. I’ll start in order from the top.

Name: Ren

Nothing wrong here. Next.

Race: Celestial

What is this? I am suppose to be from the human race.

Aren’t Celestials an amazing race granted various knowledge by the gods? Why am I one? Wait, ah….is it because I was reincarnated as a Celestial? Is it because of my past knowledge? ….Well, there wasn’t much I could go off of now so I should move on.

Next, occupation. Orphan. This counts as an occupation?

Nothing wrong with my age either.

Next, status. There wasn’t any changes in HP and MP.

My STR was as low as ever and my VIT was non-existent. No changes in DEX. AGI was also the same. But my INT was now 500.

I assume this is due to my previous life’s memories. But my MGC is 300? Is it because I became a Celestial? By the way, MGC is simply magic attack power. The higher a person’s MGC is, the easier it is to learn spells and the stronger the magic attack. MP? Would MP be mana power?

Even so, if I remember correctly, both my INT and MGC should have been 4. But now they were 500 and 300, respectively. The two were way too high! But my LUK hasn’t changed. If anything, I would have liked this to have gone up…..

Also my CHA was 12 from the beginning. I know this is coming from myself, but I have a well-developed face with nice features. My eyes are a bit sharp. Was my expression perhaps a bit stoic?

Since I was just 10 years old, I haven’t developed breasts yet, but I still grew rather quickly and I was much taller than the other malnourished orphans. I believe I am around 143cm. Maybe, 140cm…..? No, no, at least 142…..never mind, there’s no need to give myself a little boost. There’s nothing wrong with being 140cm. Absolutely, nothing wrong.

……Although if I could choose, I would prefer it if I could grow up to be a tall and slender beauty. And strong too.

Well, enough of that.

Now then, the last one, skills. It would seem they somehow increased.

Originally, I only had the skills [Appraisal] and [Life Magic]. Both were also LV1 and LV2, respectively. Also, my magic attribute aptitude was only light.

If I didn’t question it too much, then it was likely due to recalling my previous memories. Otherwise, nothing else really came to mind.

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I think it most likely has to do with being reincarnated as a “Celestial”. Celestials have high magic aptitude. I felt like I had heard something like that before in the past.

So in the end, I had reincarnated as a celestial and regained my memories. Which then led to my status changing. As for my skills increasing. I’ve heard that Celestials have numerous rare skills, so that was most likely the reason for my skills increasing.

I wasn’t exactly sure if this was the correct reason. Regardless, it did meant that I now had more means at my disposal for survival. But in order to properly use them, I had to figure out what the effects of each were.

……First [Creation Magic]. I feel like various things could happen with this one. So I’ll skip over this for now.

Next, [Storage].

This should be an advancement of the skill [Item Box]. Speaking from name recognition alone, it’s supposedly a rather famous skill.

The skill [Item Box] was used to store various items into a mysterious space. Along with [Appraisal], the two skills were considered very useful to merchants.

It was also useful among adventurers and highly sought after as it could be used to store food and supplies. As the skill level increases, the amount that could be stored would increase and the deterioration speed of the stored items would also be reduced.
Furthermore, just being able to acquire the skill is already immensely difficult, but leveling it up was practically impossible.

On the other hand, [Storage] was a cheat skill with unlimited storage and unaffected by time.

If that merchant were to ever find out about my sudden increase of skills, I would definitely be hunted down and restrained. How horrible…

Next up [Life Magic]. My Life Magic was initially LV2 but was now LV5.

Maybe, this is the reason why I was able to produce water earlier? Initially, I wasn’t able to summon forth water. But since I had leveled up. Probably, because I needed it, I ended up acquiring the ability to produce water. Perhaps, it was something like that?



After concentrating and invoking the spell, I was able to make water appear. I also tried testing out other types of life magic.

The end results were I became capable of using [Ignite], [Water], [Dry], and [Clean].

[Ignite] is a spell that creates a small flame at the fingertips, which was useful for starting fires. It was convenient to use when raining since using a flintstone would be difficult.

The spell [Dry] could be used to dry clothes or hair after washing them.

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But out of all of them, I was most pleased with the spell [Clean]. Although it’s because I am currently a girl, it was also due to my past life as a researcher, such as during lab experiments I was particularly concerned with hygiene. So the spell [Clean] was very appreciated.


It was already LV3. The skill is supposed to be fairly difficult to level up, but it likely leveled up because I was using it to identify various things.

Essentially, the more you use this skill, the higher the level. And I was constantly using it for the past few days.

The skill also appears to be able to offer more details on what was appraised depending on the level. Since it’s convenient, I would like to keep on leveling it.

Magic Attribute Aptitude: All Attributes.

This would mean that I became capable of using all attributes of magic but…..without having ever read a spellbook, or having other magicians to teach me, there was little meaning to this….magic was apparently quite difficult to learn. Isn’t this just a waste as it is now?

No, never mind. I was just in a bad state a moment ago…..adaptability is quite scary.

…..Now then, the last one. Creation Magic.

The rice balls were probably created using this.

“Rice ball, come forth.”

…..It really did appear. With this I won’t starve anymore, yay! No, no, no, wait, this is weird! When I think about it, this is definitely weird!

How is it possible to produce a rice ball from nothing…..what about the law of conservation of mass? Let’s check my status for now. I see, my MP has decreased by 10. One rice ball equals 10 MP. Would this be considered good or bad MP cost… MP recovers at a rate of 3 MP per hour. With this, are my food problems now solved? Ah, wait, there is still the issue of nutritional balance. Then I should try making other types of food.

But I only had 15 MP remaining. I couldn’t afford to test it out.

Well…..for now, I guess I will camp here today, and continue experimenting tomorrow?


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