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Chapter 3 – I want to eat rice balls

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 791 words

I kept on walking for about five days.

I ran out of water and food two days ago.



I was starving.

“…..My feet hurt.”

My sprained ankle was worsening and really painful. I tried using [First Aid] already, but it didn’t help.

I slowly ate the herbs I had gathered as I continued on. It was bitter. My throat was completely dry. It became difficult to swallow and I started coughing. I wished I had water.

I started gathering wild plants around two days ago. Although I had some knowledge of edible wild plants, it was still difficult to differentiate between the various types of plants.

But it was then that I thought: wait, maybe it’s possible to identify them with [Appraisal]?

The end results were I was correct.

I became able to distinguish between the wild plants, such as what were edible, what could be used for wounds, and what could be used as ingredients for potions.

But there was a problem. If the wild plants weren’t cooked they would taste very bitter, which made them difficult to eat. But even so, I still ate them.

The next problem was water. Due to my thirst, I had a hard time swallowing the plants.

Although [Appraisal] had allowed me to gather a supply of edible plants and herbs, it was still difficult to eat the plants.

But I still continued forth slowly like a zombie, until I finally collapsed unable to walk any further.


Water… I want water… Water…


Water!! I need water! My throat!

If this continued on I would soon dehydrate and die. It was at that moment as I was thinking these thoughts.



Droplets of water landed on the ground right in front of me. When I raised my head the grass in front of me was wet. I looked up, but there was nothing there.


I reached my hands out towards the glistening grass and water fell down again.

Luckily, a bit of water managed to accumulate in my palms and I quickly brought it towards my mouth. I didn’t understand it, but somehow when I asked for water, it would fall.

I didn’t understand what was happening, but I didn’t care. I hastily grabbed the leather water canteen on my waist and refilled it. After it was full, I quickly gulped down the water.


I had continually drunk the water until my thirst was quenched. But…

“I’m hungry……”

It seems at some point, I dropped the bag containing all my edible plants and herbs somewhere. I didn’t have any energy left to go searching for it.

“…..I want to eat rice balls.”

When I said I wanted water, water had suddenly appeared. So I started thinking stupid thoughts like maybe the same would happen here to escape from reality.


But it really did appear. A rice ball.

What? Was I hallucinating? What was going on?

“…….Rice ball.”

But when I repeated the word again, another rice ball suddenly appeared in my other hand.

……There were rice balls in both my hands. I squeezed my hands a bit to confirm, but the rice balls were definitely there.


At that point, I just stopped caring about how they had appeared.

And started eating unrelentingly. Yes, these were definitely rice balls. Just plain salted rice balls. No seaweed, no other ingredients.

But it was delicious. I didn’t understand it, but tears began to uncontrollably spill forth from my eyes.

After I finished eating the rice balls, I laid down and gazed up towards the sky.

My stomach was filled and I had calmed down a bit. I felt full… those definitely weren’t hallucinations.

But how did the rice balls appear? Rather, to begin with, I don’t recall having ever seen rice during my ten years in this world. Did someone perhaps give the rice balls to me? But looking around there was no sign of anyone nearby. The rice balls had just magically appeared.

……So magic?

Right, magic exists in this world. Therefore, it was magic that made the rice balls appeared. It would make sense then….no, wait, would it? A spell that could produce rice balls? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Even so, it was a fact that rice balls had appeared. In that case, let’s confirm it.


When I said those words, my status menu appeared in front of me.

Ren 10 Year old
Race: Celestial Occupation: Orphan
HP: 20/50 MP: 30/50
STR: 3 VIT: 3
DEX: 5 AGI: 3
INT: 500 MGC: 300
CHA: 12 LUK: 4
• Creation Magic LV1 • Storage LV- • Life Magic LV5 • Appraisal LV3 • 
• Resistance: Hunger LV1 • Resistance: Fatigue LV1 • Resistance: Pain LV1 • 
• Magic Attribute Aptitude: All Attributes

……Yep, it was strange in various ways.


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