Chapter 27 – Victory!

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2279 words

 I arrived at the guild and accepted the gathering request for today. And then immediately left. I quickly made to exit the town.

 I was starting a bit earlier today than yesterday. After exiting through the gate, I gave a brief glance around for a while, there were children about gathering herbs just like yesterday. But it seemed the results weren’t too great. However, if they ventured too far from the town, there would be monsters, so it couldn’t be helped.

 I decided to head into the deeper parts of the forest for today. The southern part of the forest I explored yesterday had produced great results. Rather, the deeper parts were actually a place where intermediate and even some advanced level adventurers went to gather and hunt.

 Anyways, let’s begin the search inside the forest.

 But I will be doing the searching myself for today. To be honest, I still had quite a lot left to sell. So for today, I thought I would try to gain some experience for my skill instead.
 Although, I was constantly using it anyways, so there probably wouldn’t be too much of a difference.

 That aside, what should I do about the adventurers who have been following me?

 Apparently, after witnessing yesterday’s material sales, these adventurers thought that by following me they would be able to cash in on the untouched areas. But I was planning on staying in the more shallow areas of the forest today, so I guess I wouldn’t be able to meet their expectations?

 To begin with, if I was looking for an untouched area, I would’ve shaken them off and escaped.

 Hence, I was doing the searching myself today.

 My Detection skill didn’t pick up on anything, but due to my life in the forest for about a year, I was somehow able to tell where they grew. As such, due to my experience, I was able to find adequate spots to gather herbs in several areas. But the adventurers who followed me would also appear each time to gather all the herbs.

 There were a total of seven people, so about two parties? I think most of them were over 13 years old, but……they didn’t look too well-mannered, so it would be meaningless to say anything.

 I was a bit troubled, but as I thought about moving to a different location I noticed a familiar looking plant.

 Hm, is this a common camellia? So common camellia exists in this world. No, wait a minute! Isn’t this strange! The plants are totally blooming out of season! I thought this when I was living in the forest, but isn’t the vegetation in this world clearly off!? I get the feeling that it definitely goes against Earth’s seasons…….

 But I suppose it’s fine, right? It’s probably due to a law unique in this world, or something along those lines…….right, so it shouldn’t really matter. However, I’m somehow feeling a bit nostalgic from looking at the plants?

 But then I suddenly realized where that nostalgia was originating from. Common camellia, which means I can get oil? Or rather, vegetable oil.

 With vegetable oil, couldn’t I make the fried foods that I wasn’t able to make using the orc lard? Ah, I could make dressings too! I could also reduce the cost needed to make soap and shampoo! I must collect this!

 Thus, I started crazily gathering all the common camellia. I was gathering it with a single-minded drive. And gathering with the intention to take everything within the area.

 When I stopped gathering herbs and suddenly started gathering the seed pods of the common camellia, the adventurers who followed me became confused.

 It was a plant that wasn’t listed on the guild’s herb purchasing list. As such, even if I was gathering them, everyone was doubtful of whether they could even be sold.

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 But I didn’t care about that. I wasn’t trying to sell them in the first place. I just want the vegetable oil. Rather, I wanted to use the vegetable oil. There was bread so I could make bread crumbs. I also found eggs. And I have orc meat. Which means I can make tonkatsu! But there’s no rice? Alright, then bread! I can make cutlet sandwiches! This is a great find!

 Soon, I finished gathering all the seed pods of the common camellia within the area. No, I didn’t really mean that, did you really think I would eradicate everything? I actually left some of the seed pods alone.

 Now, I just need to extract the oil. Fry the seed pods and boil it…….well, I know the general procedure, so I’ll just save the explanation.

 Since I would need to use fire, I exited the forest and took out a tent, then started taking out the necessary tools such as a frying pan and a large pot. After that I started extracting oil repeatedly. That said, I actually only did about half the work.

 Since I already had all the necessary tools, I could just make the vegetable oil using Creation Magic without consuming too much MP. The adventurers who followed me watched me do all this for a while, but eventually returned back into the forest.

 And I continued extracting oil without stopping. During the process, I stopped to make and eat lunch, but otherwise I was just extracting oil the entire time. There were some people passing by who stopped to look, but they all left almost immediately.

 It seems I managed to finish extracting everything. I’ll use the leftovers as fertilizer later.

 I glanced up at the sky, it looked about 2 to 3 in the afternoon? If I head back now, I think I should be able to make it before evening.

 As such, I prepared to head back. I glanced back towards the tent to put it away, but there was a pile of dead monsters like before.

 Norn, would it be possible for you to be a bit more modest? And please stop gnawing at the goblin pretending like you don’t know anything. It was also in such an obvious place where anyone could see.

 For the time being, I decided to pretend I didn’t see anything and stored everything. I saw nothing, okay?

 After pretending nothing had happened, I returned back to town and headed towards the guild. It didn’t look like anyone was following me, so I decided to hurry on back and sell my materials. As such, I gave the same amount of herbs as yesterday.

 The guild staff’s complexion was as bad as yesterday too, but I ignored it. The adventurers waiting in line also started making a fuss, but I ignored them too. What happened to trying not to stand out? I need money for living expenses, so I guess it can’t be helped? And now, I have something more important in mind. Thus, I escaped back to the inn.

 There were a few people who tried following me like yesterday, but I managed to shake them off.

 To be frank, even with all my efforts, I think the inn I’m living at will be leaked soon. But it was still better than doing nothing.

 I arrived at the inn and showed my wooden tag. I also paid lodging for several more days. For the time being, I was planning to continue staying here. Hence, I decided to pay in advance. With this, even if I ran out of money, I wouldn’t be forced out of the inn. One less thing to worry about.

 Now then, let’s take a bath later. I wanted to try cooking with the vegetable oil I just got.

 As such, I went to ask the waitress girl if I could borrow the kitchen. She was a young girl with blonde hair tied up in a ponytail. She also looked a bit familiar to me. I think she was the waitress girl who brought me the knife yesterday?

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 She asked me to wait a minute and then went inside the kitchen, after a while, she came back and gave me the OK. Thanks.

 I also asked her if I could have some bread, flour, and a few eggs. The bread was free but the eggs cost one silver coin.
 Expensive! I wonder if they’re raising chickens. As such, I decided to ask for two eggs for now.

 I headed inside the kitchen. There was only a single cook inside. He had a sort of arrogant atmosphere around him, but it would seem he was the chef here. As such, I gave him a slight bow, but he merely snorted at me.

 ……Well, I thought he was fine with it. Since he had agreed to lend me the kitchen.

 The waitress girl was watching me with a curious expression on her face. While the cook watched on from a distance away, but I ignored him because of his previous attitude.

 Thus, I started making tonkatsu. I took off my cloak so that it wouldn’t get in the way while I was frying. I was a bit anxious about the surrounding gazes, but I gave up and ignored them.

 I took out my usual kitchen knife and a small pan then used the cleaning skill on it.

 Next, I took out a piece of orc meat and started cutting them into appropriate sizes. I sliced along the tendons of the meat. Afterwards, I began applying salt and pepper on the meat to season it, then applied flour, and removed any excess pieces.

 I began mixing the eggs and started preparing the bread crumbs. Then, I added a bit of vegetable oil to the pan and started the fire. When the temperature of the vegetable oil was heated up enough, I started adding breadcrumbs to the meat that I had dipped in the eggs, then I began frying them. The trick was to fry by heating the oil to a low temperature.

 I allowed the flames to heat the meat up to a certain extent before flipping it over, then I brought it up and let the meat sit for a bit.

 After letting it sit for a while, I fried the meat again until it reached a deep gold color. By doing this, the outer layer would be crisp while the meat would be tender. I fried two pieces for the time being.

 After finishing, I cut open the bread that was given to me and filled it with chopped cabbage.

 I had cut it into smaller pieces so that it would be easier to eat, so it became a total of six pieces. It would have been better if I had some Worcester sauce, but it should hopefully still be fine since I also added seasoning to it.

 The waitress girl, the cook, and several other people were staring at me with really surprised looks, but I ignored them.1

 After cleaning up, I put my cloak back on, pulled up the hood, then gave a bow to express my thanks. And then left the kitchen with my food in hand before anyone could say anything.

 The cook was staring at me with quite an expression on his face, but I completely ignored him.

 I sat down with my freshly-made cutlet sandwich and started eating. Yep, it’s still delicious even without Worcester sauce due to the seasoning. Rather, the taste of the meat was amplified. The cabbage was good too. I was fully satisfied.

 I finished a portion of the sandwiches in no time. But as I was about to reach out for another piece, I noticed that the waitress girl was standing next to me.

“Ah, um……that.”

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 Her line of sight was fixed on the plate. Ah, I see, so she’s curious about the taste. Hmm, she was quite polite with me, in that case I guess a bit would be fine?

“Would you like to have some?”
“Is it really okay!?”

 She looked like she really wanted to eat some. So I silently gestured for her to have some. The waitress girl accepted a piece and brought it to her mouth with trembling hands. She started chewing and swallowed.

“Wow……what is this…….”

 A blissful expression crossed her face. Hmm, I see. It’s been a while since I’ve made one, but I would say I still did quite well.

 I continued on with my meal while watching the waitress girl slowly savor the food. After the waitress girl finished eating everything, she stared off into empty space with a dreamy expression on her face. It looked like she was reminiscing over the taste?

 When I also finished eating the rest of the cutlet sandwiches, the waitress girl finally returned to herself.

 When she saw that the plate was already empty she looked a bit sad, but then she immediately turned to me.

“That was really delicious! This is the first time I’ve ever eaten a dish like this!”
“No, it was a bit crudely made.”
“That…..that is, to actually ask the customer something like this, I……”

 She was blushing while looking at me. She didn’t mean something weird right? No, never mind. Girls are most welcomed. But I apologize to the guys.

 It would seem she was a bit embarrassed and wanted to thank me for my kindness. Yep, even in such a violent world like this, this girl is a good kid. I like her.

“If I ever want to borrow the kitchen again, at that time, I’ll be in your care.”
“Ah……yes! Definitely!

 Haah, her reactions were so cute. She looked about 15 year old? Let’s ask for her name next time.


  1. Silva: Stop ignoring people! Look over here, my face is up here!!

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