Chapter 25 – First Request

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1728 words

 I overslept a bit due to my fatigue from traveling, but I got up after a while. After I finished changing clothes, I headed towards the dining room. Naturally, I had my hood on.

 The breakfast looked the same as yesterday’s dinner, with bread, salad, and soup, but there was boiled eggs this time. This was the first time I saw an egg. Apparently, eggs were considered high-class food. But with eggs, the portion of the food was less than last evening.

 Although upon closer inspection, the soup’s ingredients were different than yesterday’s soup, and it seemed to be very well-made. This was good. I decided to continue staying here.

 I paid for three additional days before leaving the inn, I was then given a wooden tag as proof that I was a consecutive customer. The wooden tag also had a number on it.

 I ended up arriving at the guild quite early considering I overslept, or at least, I think so. Since this will be a memorable first job, let’s do our best!

 ……Well, it is necessary. This world doesn’t have the Labor Standards Act or insurance available if you fall on hard times.

 Norn and Bell followed me into the building. Multiple eyes gathered on me, but I ignored them.

 I looked towards the bulletin board where the request forms were posted, the crowd surrounding it was quite amazing. But that was fine with me since I didn’t need to use it.

 I was taking on the always available gathering herbs request.

 There were various types of herbs. For example, there were types of herbs for wounds, or types used for making medicines. There were also types of herbs used to make antidotes, or types used as pain relievers. Various types of potions could be made depending on what materials are used.

 Naturally, potions weren’t made from a single type of herb. There were countless types of herbs and gathering all the various herbs was quite difficult.

 As such, I headed straight for the receptionist window without going to the bulletin board.

“I would like to take on the request for gathering herbs.”
“Ah, yes…….gathering herbs is it?”
“Yes, gathering herbs.”

 The guild staff listened while glancing back between me and Norn. It was a different person than the one I registered with yesterday.

“Um, what about subjugation……?”
“I’m still only eleven years old so I can’t accept those.”

 That’s right, I’m with such a big wolf, but I’m only eleven years old. As such, it’s impossible for me to take on subjugation requests. I was now used to this sort of reaction.

“The gathering herbs request, please.”
“Ah, yes.”

 She confirmed my acceptance of the request. Now time to leave. I wanted to avoid being drawn into anything troublesome. As such, I decided to immediately head out before any strange guy called out to me. I presented my guild card and was able to exit through the gate without any problems this time.

 I glanced around the surrounding area for a while. It seems there were also other children gathering herbs within the area. Numerous children were about on their knees looking for something.

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 It was quite crowded, so I probably wouldn’t be able to gather much around here…….but upon closer inspection, there seems to be a large forest towards the south. In that case, let’s go look over there.

 I walked around for about 40 minutes inside the forest. But since my Detection skill wasn’t high enough level it wasn’t responding to any herbs. However……

“Norn, do you know where the herbs I gathered back when we were living inside the forest would be at?

 It seems Norn knew. Norn had a higher leveled Detection skill than mine.

 After following Norn for about 40 minutes, we arrived at a location filled with herbs. I gave a quick look around, but it seemed there hadn’t been any people here before. And about 70-80% of the herbs growing within the area were placed into Storage as I looked around. I had gathered quite a bit. But it still wasn’t enough.

 I asked Norn for another place and she led me to it. We went to a total of four different places, besides collecting herbs, I also gathered various other plants and wild spices that could be used for cooking. There were also a few types I hadn’t seen before when I was living inside the forest. With this, I would be able to increase what I could cook.

 Next, I collected a lot of vines that were growing around the trees within the area and made them into strings. After that, I divided the various herbs I collected by type, and then bundled them together by tens. However, I was actually just doing it through Storage. Done with one bundle of ten, then another, and another…….

 I repeated the process countless times throughout the forest. To be honest, it was quite boring. It didn’t really take too long since I had already sorted them by type. But I had gathered too much.

 I thought about bundling more than ten together. But when I checked inside Storage, I suddenly realized something.

 For starters, I had collected quite a bit of herbs in each spot as I traveled throughout the forest, but combine them all together and it became even worse.

“……It would be bad if I sold this much all at once.”

 Right, let’s go at this a different way. I should just split it all up across several days. I could handle it if I split the work up.
 Although, to begin with, I didn’t have much else to do……. Anyways, for now, I’ll just sell them in small quantities.

 While thinking over such matters, I looked up and realized that it was already noon.

 And now that I noticed, I was starting to get hungry. Should I make something to eat? Ahh, speaking of which, what about Norn and Bell……. when I looked back towards them, the two of them were doing something rather unexpected.

 An orc, a goblin, and is that a wolf? And some kind of really large bird. Also, is that……perhaps an ogre? It was the first time I saw one.

 Furthermore, there was even a horned rabbit, all of the monsters were piled up together forming a large mountain of dead corpses. Well, a mountain was a bit of an exaggeration, but it was still quite terrible. And the two of them were devouring a goblin next to the pile of monsters.

 Eh, what should I do about this?

 It seems the two of them were practicing hunting. The two of them had eaten the goblin, but left the other monsters as souvenirs for me because they looked delicious. To be honest, I was grateful for that, but wouldn’t this be bad if I tried to sell them at the guild? I’m not allowed to subjugate monsters, so this is……let’s just place them in Storage for now. That way, the monsters wouldn’t rot.

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 As such, I pretended like nothing happened and proceeded out of the forest merrily. I think it’s just past noon? Let’s leave the troublesome matter for a future date. It’s a bit late, but let’s just have lunch right here.

 I made a show of reaching into my bag and took out a tent and small frying pan out from Storage.

 Thanks to Norn and Bell, I had a freshly-caught horned rabbit, so I used it to make a pot-au-feu style soup. I also added in some vegetables that Nicole gave me. But I was missing potatoes. I wished I had potatoes. If I had something like tomatoes, I could make something like minestrone, but since I didn’t have any, there wasn’t much I could do. I should go check out the market later.

 After a while, the soup was finished cooking. I secretly made a rice ball inside my cloak and then ate it with the soup. As expected, a Japanese person needs their rice. I didn’t really like eating bread too much. It wasn’t like I dislike bread, just that I probably like it better as a side.

 As I ate my meal thinking about such stuff, I noticed that some nearby adventurers were staring at me. The adventurers appeared to be taking a break, and they were looking over at me enviously as they ate unappetizing-looking rations.

 ……Even if you look at me like that, I’m not giving any to you. It’s my lunch after all.

 After I finished eating, I tidied up and put away my tent.

 I could use the Storage skill in public by pretending I was using a magic storage item. There’s no way I wouldn’t be using something so convenient. A peaceful life was important, but a comfortable life was also just as important.

 The dummy bag I was using was one that you wear on your shoulders. Nicole had given it to me free of charge.

 Nicole also taught me how to use magic storage items.

 Even if the bag looked small, as long as the storage capacity was large enough, even large items could be stored and taken out of it.

 In that sort of case, you would take large items in and out of the bag by placing one hand into the bag, and keeping the other hand in the direction you wanted to place the item.

 Apparently, Nicole knew how to use them because he had several smaller capacity ones.

 After lunch, I followed the road back to town. It was still too early to get back? Nope, it should be rather crowded during the evenings, and I’m bad with crowds.

 When I arrived at the gate, unlike yesterday, I was able to pass through easily. Since Norn and Bell’s magic powers have already been registered.

 As I walked down the streets towards the Adventurer’s Guild, I started thinking about how much of the herbs I collected today should be sold.

 It would be bad if I ended up selling too much. However, life would be difficult if I also sold too little. The inn I was staying at provided three meals, so that alone was already quite expensive.

 I also wanted to eat out sometimes, or make my own food, so there was a lot to consider…….

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