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Chapter 24 – Again? Really, Again?

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1245 words

“……For now, I understand. Usually, the purchase price would be lowered, but if you register immediately, we will buy the materials at the specified amount.”

 It seems that ordinary people can also bring in materials to sell, but it would be purchased at slightly cheaper prices. But this time, if I registered immediately, the materials would be bought at the adventurer’s price. Otherwise, it would cause inconveniences to adventurers who were registered with the guild. I didn’t really care about how much money I would receive, so I was fine with any amount.

 …..That aside, everyone wasn’t convinced about my age until I showed them my citizen card.
 When I asked if I looked older, I was told that they thought I was around 15-16 years old but just really short, but they kept staring at a certain part of my body as they said this.
 The thickness is because of my chest armor! Rather, this height is way too short for a 15-16 year old. No, wait, now’s not the time for this!

 I received the money for the materials and headed back towards the receptionist area. The guild master returned to his office. On a side note, I received 2 small gold coins for each orc. So a total of 12 small gold coins. I became rich in an instant.

“I would like to register as an adventurer.”
“Huh? Ah, what? Register?”

 She looked at me, looked towards Norn and Bell, and then back at me. The female guild staff member looked confused. Right, she probably thought I was already registered.

“Yes, register.”
“Ah, yes. Registration then.”

 It seems she finally managed to process the information.
 I gave her my citizen card for confirmation, and registered my magic power using the guild magic tool. Furthermore, Norn and Bell were also registered as my familiars. This would eliminate the hassle I would meet when entering and exiting towns. The registration for the Adventurer’s Guild was free. Since this area was dependent on the guild. I was then issued a guild card. And with that the registration process was over.

“Umm, you’re only eleven years old?”

 Again! Again with this! And would you please stop staring at that part!?

“I am eleven.”
“I’m sorry, but could you remove your hood?”
“……Do I have to take it off?”
“If possible……”

 I gave up and took off my hood. The female staff member stared silently at my face. Rather, she was staring too much. And the adventurers looking over here started raising their voices.

“Um, are you done yet?”
“Ah! Yes! I’m done. Yes, you’re eleven years old. I have finished confirming.”

 In the back I heard stuff like, “Eleven?” “……Wait, really!?” But I probably just misheard. I’ll just go with that. The female staff member was also red for some reason.

 Afterwards, the guild rules were explained to me.
 Such as the adventurer ranks. How to rank up. Information about material purchase. The criteria for requests being considered a success or failure. Age limit for subjugation requests. Punishment for problematic behaviors or criminal activities. And so on.

 I already knew most of the things she was explaining, so I stopped listening after a bit. Basically, it seems there won’t be any problems as long as I used some common sense.

 Also, the guild apparently also has a resource room. Which contained information and pictures about various monsters and plants. Apparently, there were even some material books regarding skills.

 Even upon learning a skill, you wouldn’t immediately know the information about it. As such, if you didn’t test out the skill first, you typically wouldn’t know the effect. The material books in the resource room were compiled from reports made by past adventurers. Information such as the effects of certain skills and the condition for acquiring them were all noted.

 As for me, I could find out the details of skills by using the Appraisal skill, but I don’t know about the conditions required for acquiring certain skills. So the resource room would be quite useful to me. Maybe I should go see it when I have time?

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 Apparently, there also weren’t many people that used the resource room. It would appear that they were muscle heads. The adventurers that is.

 After the explanation was over, I was finally given my guild card. Starting from today, I was now also a Rank F Adventurer.

 After finishing the registration, I exited the guild with Nicole who was waiting for me. The cliche newbie bullying also didn’t happen, which I was glad about. Well, I was with such a big wolf after all. Everyone probably didn’t want to get bitten.

“Nicole, thank you for going out of your way to wait for me.”
“Not at all, to begin with, I was the one who had asked you to testify for me, so just this much is nothing. By the way, what were you planning on doing after this?”

“Ah, that’s right, do you know of anywhere I could stay at? Somewhere, where Norn and Bell would be allowed, and if possible a place that has a bath and good food too.”
“That is, you are my lifesaver! Please come over to my house!”

 I politely declined Nicole’s offer to live at his house and had him direct me to a place I could stay. If I stayed at Nicole’s house I would be introduced to Nicole’s son and have to deal with Elsa, so it would be troublesome in various ways. As such, I had firmly declined. I wanted to live freely.

 I arrived at the inn that Nicole directed me to.
 It seemed quite expensive. One small gold coin for a night and meals. The meals were served in the morning and evening, but the price was the same regardless of whether you eat or not. When I arrived at this town, I didn’t have much money on me, but after selling the orcs I had enough money. So I had a bit of leeway.

 ……I’m not just saying that. I was charged an extra fee of 5 silver coins for Norn and Bell. The inn had a stable that could be used by monster familiars. With this, I should immediately start working hard starting tomorrow.

 After being guided to my room and resting for a while, I went to the dining room and had dinner. The dinner consisted of bread, sausages, a salad, and soup. The portion was a bit too much. I think the soup had rabbit meat inside? It also contained a lot of vegetables and there was some seasoning used, so it was quite delicious. I would have to thank Nicole for recommending this inn to me.

 Afterwards, I took a bath. The bathing area was shared, but it was quite wide and the tub was also very large. I was able to soak myself in a bath for the first time in about a week. As expected, it was different than using the Clean skill to clean myself. It felt really good.

 ……The other female customers were giving me weird looks, but I ignored them. When I used shampoo and body soap, the stares directed at me became much stronger, but I continued to ignore them.

 After I finished taking a bath, I dried my hair and immediately went to sleep in my room. Since I was a bit tired, I ended up sleeping a bit past the morning.


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