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Chapter 15 – Parting, Precious Gift

“Sect Master? It’s nothing more than an ordinary disciple scouting the road ahead, riding his Peng, serving as a warning for those ahead not to obstruct the Mysterious Sky Sect’s path.” Ximen Wuya said.

“This, this is too overbearing.” Yang Dingtian said.

“Yes, truly overbearing!” Ximen Wuya said, the corners of his mouth showing contempt and ridicule.

But this was not the end to the Mysterious Sky Sect’s dominance. Yang Dingtian discovered that the ships on the sea had not only left the path open for them, but had also started to line up deferentially on either side, as if they were waiting for inspection. Even the ships ahead that were on the verge on docking on the harbor came back and lined up with the others. The entire busy and bustling harbor was instantly cleared and waited upon the Mysterious Sky Sect’s ship to dock.

Even the noisy and clamorous sea surface quieted down.

Finally, after an entire hour had passed, and when Yang Dingtian’s eyes had just about gone sore from staring for so long, Mysterious Sky Sect’s enormous ships slowly came into view at a leisurely gait.

An entire ten vessels, with each being entirely white, mighty, and awe-inspiring, setting it among the other ships was entirely akin to putting a crane among a flock of chickens.

As the snow white ships passed, every ship that was perfectly aligned in formation to either side brandished their flag and waved in salute, however Mysterious Sky Sect’s snow white ships gave no acknowledgement or response to this. On every one of their ships there was a white-clothed disciple, indifferently staring at the ships on either side as they passed.

The ship belonging to Cloudsky City also sent people to wave their flag in salute, however they did not send every person on the ship to line up on deck, at this time a white clothed disciple from one the Mysterious Sky Sect’s ships noticed this and coldly glared their way.

Ximen Wuya disdainfully averted his gaze and even motioned for the flagbearers to stop waving the flag. This Cloudsky City Lord may appear soft, but he was still noble and arrogant deep down.
One of the disciples on the Mysterious Sky Sect’s ship saw Ximen Wuya’s disrespectful behavior and immediately went down to the lower cabins to notify his superiors. In response, Ximen Wuya only laughed in contempt.

“Father, with us acting like this, I’m afraid that we’ll only be further humiliated by the Mysterious Sky Sect at the great feast.” Ximen Yan walked over at this time and spoke in a low voice.

“There’s no harm, a couple of scolding remarks is nothing.” Ximen Wuya coldly stated: “Mysterious Sky Sect may be overbearing, but aside from those couple remarks, there’s nothing they can do to me.”

This speech was plain and ordinary, but it was filled with an indomitable air. At the same time, Ximen Yan’s eyes were filled with reverence and respect and even Yang Dingtian could not help but give approval and admiration. Ximen Wuya was cordial and filled with grace towards the weak, yet also fearless and indomitable towards the strong. This was truly the demeanor of an expert.

It took a full hour for the Mysterious Sky Sect’s ships to pass by and dock at harbor, only then did the other ships at sea raise anchor and set sail.

“Child, we are going to be parting ways very soon.” In the cabin assigned to Yang Dingtian, Ximen Wuya spoke, “Once you step into Yin-Yang Sect, it’ll be like we are separated by 10,000 miles. However, your aptitude and talent is top tier, so I believe that it won’t be long before Cloudsky City hears news of your stories and feats.

“But I must ask you one final time here.” Ximen Wuya spoke: “I truly wish to betroth Yanyan to you and for you to become the next Cloudsky City Lord, are you willing or not?”

“Peng…” Outside, it sounded as though someone had fallen to the floor.

Ximen Wuya paid no attention to it however, and instead went on: “I will put in all of my efforts into raising you, it’s still the same words, what the Yin Yang Sect is able to provide for you, I may not be unable to provide for you.”

“Daddy, I don’t want this…” Outside, Ximen Yanyan’s alarmed and indignant sound passed through, then with a pleasing fragrance the visage of a beautiful fiery red girl came rushing in.

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“Get out….” Ximen Wuya’s sudden and sharp rebuke cut Ximen Yanyan off.

Immediately, a violent surge of energy directly sent Ximen Yanyan flying out the cabin doors, before firmly closing it with a resounding noise.

Ximen Wuya looked at Yang Dingtian with a gaze full of anxious desire, wanting to know Yang Dingtian’s answer.

Yang Dingtian’s heart was a mess. It wasn’t that he didn’t know what to choose. He had long before made his decision, but when faced with Ximen Wuya’s expression of anxious expectation, the words of refusal were really somewhat hard to get out.

Regarding Ximen Wuya, Yang Dingtian was truly filled with admiration. Ximen Yanyan was truly beautiful and heartmoving, moreover, her personality and temperament was very similar to his girlfriend from Earth; both were like the burning flames of an inferno. However, Li Bijun was more mature and daring, while Ximen Yanyan was still pure and innocent.

“I’m sorry City Lord Ximen, I have already made prior promises.” Yang Dingtian deeply bowed to express his apologies.

“Hmph…” Immediately after, Ximen Yanyan’s indignant voice could be heard.

“Ai….” Ximen Wuya let out a light sigh before speaking: “I knew it was going to be this answer, yet I just couldn’t let it go.”

Afterwards, Ximen Wuya patted Yang Dingtian’s head and spoke: “Child, I believe that you will be able to shine brilliantly and endlessly in the Yin Yang Sect. When we meet again in the future, you’ll have to stay a merciful hand against me…”

Yang Dingtian was greatly embarrassed and spoke: “You’re very powerful; how could I possibly be your opponent? Moreover, I respect you very much, so how could I possibly raise my hand against you?”

“Haha…things in the future, hard to say what might happen.” Ximen Wuya spoke.

“Child, it would be inappropriate for me to pry into your secrets, but for you to come all this way to the Yin Yang Sect, I believe that you must be carrying some special purpose. But for this next period of time, the Yin Yang sect will be very busy and you probably will not be able to meet with those high ranking elders of the sect. In addition, you may not even be able to enter the sect.” Ximen Wuya spoke: “So for the next step, do you have a plan in mind?”

Although Yang Dingtian had sketched out a few plans in his mind, at this time, he still shook his head, indicating that he had no plans. Moreover, he truly was uncertain about where his next step would take him. He had originally thought it to be very simple, something along the lines of ‘Appear before madam sect mistress and hand over the fiery ornament’, but upon review, he could now see how naive this line of thinking was. Not to mention meeting the sect mistress, he wouldn’t even be able to step into the sect with his status right now. After all, he couldn’t just casually brandish the necklace to any disciple and assert that it was the Yin Yang Sect’s Sect Master’s token of love to his wife, then say that he was the Sect Master’s successor and direct disciple, as well as his or her future sect master and so, he had better be let in at once or else.

If he truly said that, it was guaranteed that Yang Dingtian would be beaten half dead. Furthermore, his Master, Dongfang Niemie, had stated before that he was prohibited from letting anyone know of his status other than the madam and her daughter. In addition, the news of his Master was a great secret, so it was all the more important that he not let anyone else besides the two of them be notified.

“I truly do have some very important matters that makes it so that I must enter the Yin Yang sect and meet with their higher ups as soon as possible.” Yang Dingtian spoke.

“If you go in like this, you definitely won’t be able to enter the main gates, not to mention meeting the higher ups.” Ximen Wuya spoke: “Originally, I could have brought you in, but you’ve seen my Cloudsky City’s complicated relationship with the other sects. If you stay in the Yin Yang Sect in the future, then bringing you in there with me would only be harming you.”

“I’ve thought about it and the only way to get into the Yin Yang Sect is to present them with a gift. However, the number of people offering gifts to the Yin Yang Sect will be around 70,000-80,000 people, if not 100,000. Thus, your gift would be thrown amongst a pile of other ordinary gifts and forgotten after two hours. That’s why your gift must be very extraordinary and grab their attention. That way you will be able to be noticed by the higher ups in the Yin Yang Sect.”

Speaking to this point, Ximen Wuya reached into his clothes and pulled out a fiery red jade pendant and handed it to Yang Dingtian: “This right here is the Li Fire Nine Hooped Pendant. This item is very famous; it was the Yin Yang Sect’s third headmaster’s personal pendant but was later lost. Yin Yang Sect once proclaimed that whoever was able to recover this pendant and deliver it to the sect, no matter what kind of request that person may have, they would be able to fulfill it, be it a martial weapon, precious medicines, precious treasures, or even joining the Yin Yang Sect itself.

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“Therefore, as long as you gift them this Li Fire Nine Hooped Pendant, even if it was the Yin Yang sect’s sect master, they would still have to personally greet you. Because in the end, this is something that belonged to their ancestor.” Speaking up to here, Ximen Wuya stroked the fiery red pendant one last time before placing it in Yang Dingtian palm.

“You can’t give that to him daddy! This is your most cherished item, you’ve always worn it at your side all these years.” Ximen Yanyan once again rushed into the room.

“Get out…” Ximen Wuya flicked his sleeve, and Ximen Yanyan was flung out of the room once again.

“City Lord Ximen, this item is truly too precious for me to take. I cannot accept it.” Yang Dingtian hurriedly took this jade pendant that shined like fire and returned it to Ximen Wuya.

“Take it. This thing is no more than something to fiddle and play with. Infatuation with materialistic objects will dull one’s character. Leaving it with me brings me no benefits, but it just so happens that it will be very useful to you.” Ximen Wuya said.

Yang Dingtian still didn’t dare to receive it.

At this time though Ximen Wuya furrowed his brows and said: “If I tell you to take it, then take it. No need to be so small minded, otherwise I will look down on you for it.”

“Thank you City Lord Ximen. I will definitely repay you back for this great favor one day.” Yang Dingtian had no choice but to accept this Li Fire Nine Hooped Pendant. Then, he deeply bowed towards Ximen Wuya once more. With this item in hand, he could truly go and directly meet with his master’s wife.

Ximen Wuya only waved his hand before taking out a bag of gold coins and saying: “This money is for you. It will more or less be become useful to you.”

“Yes!” Yang Dingtian did not stand on ceremony having learned his lesson and directly received the bag.

“All right, you should head up on deck now. I’ve already prepared a small boat for you.” Ximen Wuya waved his hands again, acting like all of this wasn’t much.

Yang Dingtian didn’t speak and only bowed deeply a third and final time to this great benefactor. Then, he turned around and left without a word.

“Wait a moment…” Ximen Wuya took out a thin book and handed it to Yang Dingtian: “This 《Birthing Yang Art》 is a compilation of the insights that my Cloudsky City’s predecessors have gathered. It’s not some high class martial treasure, but rather an introduction to the basics of transporting qi throughout your body. However, it’s on a higher level than your 《Heaven and Earth Art》. If you follow the practice described in this manual everyday, then you will achieve double the results with half the effort when training. Furthermore, it will not hinder you in learning any of Yin Yang Sect’s martial arts.”

Yang Dingtian’s arms were practically shaking as he reached out and received this manual. Although this manual was very light, to Yang Dingtian, it seemed to weigh a thousand pounds. Having refused Ximen Wuya’s good intentions of marrying his daughter twice, Ximen Wuya still showed Yang Dingtian such great favor and charity. Such deep kindness practically brought Yang Dingtian to tears.

“Great favors do not need thanks.” Yang Dingtian deeply bowed again, turned and exited the room.

Outside, the unparalleled beauty Ximen Yanyan stood outside the door, presently glaring at Yang Dingtian with her eyes open wide. She gazed upon the items in his hand and coldly spat out: “Such thick skin. You actually took all of the things my daddy offered you.”

Towards these words, Yang Dingtian was not angered a single bit. He turned towards the beautiful girl, faintly nodded his head and smiled: “Young Lady Ximen, take care of yourself.”

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