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Chapter 16 – Going To Yin-Yang Sect

Towards these words, Yang Dingtian was not angered a single bit. He turned towards the her, faintly nodded his head and smiled: “Young Lady Ximen, take care of yourself.”

“Quickly go, quickly go! Every moment you stay here I feel uncomfortable, you even slept in my room! After you leave, I’m going to burn down the quilts and pillows……” Ximen Yanyan immediately twisted her delicate body and stopped paying attention to him, speaking while gnashing her teeth.

Yang Dingtian finally understood why she had been standing outside just a moment ago. It turned out that he was sleeping in Ximen Yanyan’s room. No wonder there had been an intoxicating fragrance. However, this lovable doll was full of unruliness, so this cabin wasn’t like other rich young lady’s boudoir. Instead, it was filled with various kinds of books and weapons. It was just that every spot was clean and fragrant; even every page of each book carried an enchanting delicate fragrance. After Yang Dingtian walked, she impatiently went to close the door.

“Young Lady Ximen, hope to see you again.” Yang Dingtian said.

“Let’s never meet again; the farther you roll, the better. It’s best if I never see you again in my lifetime.” Ximen Yanyan replied seethingly.

Yang Dingtian gave another smile and left this place. Then, he went up to the deck and took the small boat to depart.

Yang Dingtian was walking on the city streets of Eastern Cloud State.

Eastern Cloud State was was the largest city in the East Continent, having hundreds of thousands of people.

The entire city was bustling with activity. The architectural style of the buildings were somewhat similar to that of Ancient China’s with the same ancient and antique feeling, but some buildings also had the architectural style of Earth’s Ancient Western civilization, gorgeous and magnificent. Probably half of the buildings were made of wood while the other half was made out of stone.

Inside the city, there were wineries, restaurants, weapon stores, blacksmith shops, tailor shops, medicine stores, auction house, brothels and everything else that one could think of. However, the ones in greatest amounts were weapon stores, medicine stores, and brothels. Just speaking about the city path inside the city, it was made of azure slabs spread completely, no less than a full 10 meters wide with both sides of the street were lined with rows upon rows of houses.

Because of the once-every-ten-years grand ceremony of Yin-Yang Sect, the amount of people within Eastern Cloud State would suddenly increase exponentially as the result. Every street would be bustling with activity and one would need to rub shoulders with many people to go anywhere.

Yang Dingtian didn’t waste any unnecessary time by sightseeing this beautiful city. Rather, he directly left for Yin-Yang Sect.

Yin-Yang Sect is located on Vast Immeasurable Mountain, approximately 100 li away from Cloud State City. Yang Dingtian originally wanted to rent a cart by himself, but the amount of people going to Yin-Yang Sect now was too much. Therefore, he had no other choice but to crowd onto a large horse-drawn vehicle with other people.

Inside a large vehicle, there were seven other people with same intentions as Yang Dingtian. The vehicle wasn’t too big and having seven people had originally already been very crowded, so Yang Dingtian joining made it even more crowded.

Yang Dingtian got on and took a glance. There were two rows of seats made of wooden planks and the seats were practically filled. Five were young knights with swords with magnificent garments. One was a coarsely clothed old man that was small and short but sturdy, skin suntanned like an old farmer, yet also bringing along a sword.

And the last person was the only female in the vehicle. She was wrapped in red-colored clothes that weren’t bright or made of satin, merely ordinary fine cloth, but her looks were refined and pretty, able to move one’s heart. She had healthy wheat-colored skin and her tender body was plump, healthy, and beautiful. Her red-colored clothes were stretched taut and although it wasn’t like Ximen Yanyan, who was gaudy and absolutely decked in worldly pearls and gems, her youthfulness was attractive.

At first, the five knights were using a scorching and unbridled gaze to stare at this red-clothed girl. She didn’t do anything rash and only creased her brows, avoiding these knights’ uncourteous gazes.

When Yang Dingtian got on, the gazes of the people inside the vehicle immediately looked at him simultaneously. He looked elegant and moreover, the clothes on his body was the brocaded gown that Ximen Wuya gifted him, so the five knights didn’t dare to look down on him in advance. But they also called to mind those ordinary influential family and large faction’s juniors who would ride in a large vehicle, so they showed disdain and continued to look at that red-clothed girl.

After the red-clothed girl gave Yang Dingtian a glance, she lowered her head and became silent. But that old middle-aged farmer person faced Yang Dingtian and gave a simple and honest smile, so Yang Dingtian returned the smile.

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“Little girl, give this noble son a bit of space to sit on.” The coarse clothed old man said to the red-clothed female.

The healthy and pretty girl moved her waist and buttocks to the side a bit, taking a little precaution as she looked towards Yang Dingtian.

“Thank you!” Yang Dingtian smiled towards her, then just sat down on the small corner of the wooden plank seat, trying hard not to touch the red-clothed girl’s tender body.

The red-clothed girl cheek slightly reddened and embarrassedly said towards to Yang Dingtian with a smile: “You’re welcome.”

“It was already this crowded, but someone insisted on stuffing themselves in.” One of the knights was jealous of Yang Dingtian sitting next to the girl, so he unhappily mumbled to himself. Then, he faced the cart drivers and yelled: “There are eight people but still not going? You guys are shameless when it comes to money!”

“Let’s go, let’s go!” The cart drivers said. Then they yelled and the two big horses immediately let loose their hooves and began running, pulling the large vehicle towards Vast Immeasurable Mountain’s Yin-Yang Sect.

“Brother, which sect or faction are you from? Which clan, which nationality?” Suddenly, the most magnificently clothed knight spoke towards Yang Dingtian.

Yang Dingtian replied: “No family, no faction, just a small clan, small household.”

He didn’t expect that when he spoke like this, the hostility on the magnificently clothed knight’s face lessened slightly. The magnificently clothed knight became a point more intimate and spoke without caring: “I am from the Northwest Qin Family and followed after my elders to experience the world. But I wasn’t willing to accept their restraint, so after arriving at Cloud State City I didn’t feel like staying together with the elders. I decided to travel by myself because it’s comfortable.”

The famous families and big factions in the world that were registered in the list were the Three Sects, Nine Families, and Twenty-Seven Factions. The Northwest Qin Family was ranked as the Ninth Family.

Yang Dingtian responded: “So it turns out that you’re a famous family’s junior. I’ve failed to respect, failed to respect!”

The magnificent knight’s face showed smugness. He waved his hand and replied: “I don’t like these empty covers. Elders have an elder’s prestige and I, this person1, like to rely on myself.”

Yang Dingtian spoke: “Brother Qin really isn’t like a mortal.”

The magnificently clothed knight immediately became happier and his look became more friendly towards Yang Dingtian. When he had just got on, he had also bragged several times but the other people responded very offhandedly. Only Yang Dingtian echoed him, immediately causing him to have a very good favorable impression towards Yang Dingtian. The hostility he held towards him2 had lessened a lot.

“Yin-Yang Sect is the number one under heaven’s Martial Dao Sacred Land. Their centennial big festive occasion is the grandest ceremony under heaven.” The magnificent knight said: “Brother, do you know what huge items to look out for there are at this grand ceremony?”

Yang Dingtian smiled: “I was just about to ask.”

“The first thing to look out for naturally is Dongfang Bingling, the number one beauty under heaven. The relations between my Northwest Qin Family and Yin-Yang Sect are very friendly, so I have certainly seen her before. But the other people in the world don’t have this kind of good fortune, so this time you all can be said to be blessed to be able to catch a glimpse of the fairy that descended from the heavens. Brother, that kind of beauty, that kind of nobility, that kind of not eating smoke and fire, there are truly no words that I can use to describe it. As long as a worldly person caught a glimpse of her, it’s guaranteed that it wouldn’t be forgotten for a lifetime. It’s like being struck by thunder, like an electric shock, but it’s guaranteed that you wouldn’t dare blaspheme her in your heart. This is because she is totally a celestial fairy, something you can only worship, not daydream about.”

“Brother, I don’t fear you laughing at me. Two years ago, I followed my elders to pay a visit to Yin-Yang Sect’s Scholar Gathering and happened to catch a glance of Dongfang Bingling. I stayed at the place I was standing for a full two hours before my soul came back. After I sobered up, my entire psyche seemed to have been washed in sacred water and my cultivation actually broke through two ranks.” The magnificent knight said.

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Yang Dingtian said in amazement: “Really so beautiful?”

“Of course, I, this person, don’t speak lies. The only words I can use to describe young lady Dongfang Bingling is ‘number one beautiful appearance out of innumerable’.” The magnificent knight said: “I really regret my clumsy vocabulary, not being able to use more clever language to describe her beauty. Brother, let’s make a more simple contrast. You see that beautiful girl sitting by your side?”

Although that red-clothed girl had lowered her head, she would always care about other girls’ appearances, so she stealthily moved her small ear to listen. Seeing that this magnificent knight had pulled the talk to her, her cheeks were immediately red and her look was full of unnaturalness.

Yang Dingtian gazed at the red-clothed girl and earnestly said: “She’s like a natural carving, very beautiful.

Hearing Yang Dingtian’s praise, that red-clothed girl big eyes couldn’t help but turn towards Yang Dingtian and glance at him. Her pretty face reddened and she hurriedly lowering her head.

The magnificent knight responded: “That’s because you haven’t seen Dongfang Bingling. After you see young lady Dongfang, this girl before your eyes will be like dust. In that year, I was a loose person that teased many beauties. But ever since I saw young lady Dongfang, gazing at any other beautiful woman seems tasteless now and I haven’t touched any woman. I am clear-hearted and have few desires like a sage. Towards young lady Dongfang, I am full of reverence and worship, so I probably spend the rest of my life as a solitary person.”

Yang Dingtian nearly laughed in ridicule. This knight’s eyes were basically piercing through the red-clothed girl, full of drool, but actually called himself ‘clear-hearted’ and ‘having few desires like a sage’, it was truly laughable. Moreover, this girl’s only clothing wasn’t gorgeous and her skin color wasn’t too white, but she was still an extremely rarely seen great beauty. If she were in modern times Earth, it was guaranteed that she would be the covergirl on every major fashion magazine.

But when this red-clothed girl heard this magnificent knight speak about how lowly she was, her eyelids immediately became red. She opened her small mouth, wanting to say something but nothing came out due to her tears that immediately threatened to fall down.

Yang Dingtian was a person who most showed protective feelings for females, so he pretended not to see the girl shed tears and hurriedly said: “Brother Qin, these words are wrong. That Dongfang Bingling is like a fairy, something unattainable to us, so she naturally has her own beauty. But this pure and natural girl by my side has her own beauty. Raising rare flowers and plants in an expensive flowerpot will definitely be gorgeous and have a compelling aura, but the ones in the wilderness, the fresh flowers on the hills, inside valleys, the ones that are nourished by heaven and earth, are actually just as precious and beautiful. It’s just that they don’t have expensive flower pots.

After the young girl listened to the entirety of Yang Dingtian’s words, she immediately forgot her sadness. Her pretty face became red to the point of almost dripping blood and was just like the red clothes on her body. Her pair of big eyes were intoxicated as if she had drunk liquor and couldn’t help but boldly and bashfully turn towards Yang Dingtian and give him a glance, seeming to want to remember his face.

When the magnificent knight saw the girl’s expression, he immediately cried out ‘not good’ in his heart. This guy before his eyes was actually “this way’s” expert. He unexpectedly stepped on my shoulder to pick up girls making this girl’s heart fall into enemy lines a small half. But he had employed an ‘aloof and remote desire in order to seize and push down reason’ strategy. Now, there wasn’t enough time to change strategies, so he could only continue to pretend and angrily say with disdain: “Then you really haven’t seen the world! Wait until you see young lady Dongfang, you will then understand the words that I have spoken.”

Yang Dingtian smiled: “Are there any other grand occasions?”


  1. TLN: May not sound good in English, but it’s basically just him puffing himself up by saying ‘this person’. 
  2. TLN: Yang Dingtian 
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